Beauty Review: NYX Milk jumbo pencil

I have found such a staple product in NYX’s Milk jumbo pencil. I mean…it’s amazing, y’all! I used it in a FOTD Friday and since then I’ve been experimenting with it. It works beautifully under mattes and chromes. It’s just…what is that Anita Baker song? “The Best Thing Yet”? Oh yeah, girl…it really is all that and then some.

Hit the jump to see what I’m talkin’ about.

Now don’t laugh at the condition of my pencil. I can’t find the top to save my life. The good news is that it hasn’t dried out yet. That’s 12 out of 10 points for NYX! For $4.00, you get this creamy but not too creamy pencil that can be used as a base or eye shadow color all on its own.

My lids are insanely oily so I usually have to wear this on top of Too Faced’s Shadow Insurance eye shadow primer. When I first swatched it, I was shocked.

It is REALLY white. I would have never thought that shadows over this white WHITE could compliment me. Wrong! Watch this!

With gentle strokes, I drew all over my eye lid from the lower lash line to the brow.

Would y’all still love me if I walked out of the house like that? HA! I’m jivin’. What comes next is blending with my fingers. Remember to be careful on the eyelids. Too much tugging can lead to crows feet overnight. Seriously.

Not blending enough can leave harsh white lines but blending too much can wipe off the entire application. A few seconds later and viola!

I like how the pencil is creamy enough with the gentle swipe of my finger but a few seconds later, it doesn’t budge. Perfect! I grabbed my 88 eye shadow palette and did a quick blue eye.

Insane how vibrant that is because of the Milk. I approve. And I love it. And I want more of these pencils. NYX has a bunch of them…

Clumps readers have told me to snag Black Bean and French Fries (mouth waters). I actually want ALL of them.

Have you used NYX’s jumbo pencils? Love ’em? Hate ’em? Has anyone tried that Hot Pink? It looks gorgeous!

  • christen

    I love them my favorites are the purple, cottage cheese and yogurt.

  • Kayotic

    those pencils are great

  • Miss Yaya

    black bean makes for the easiest waterline application but I hate it for eyelid because it creases way too fast. donde esta el race? lol

    will have to try it like you did though, maybe it will make my sheer colors pop

  • The Pretty Brown Girl

    I love all things NYX! I will be ordering this ASAP. I'm also going to get that 88 palette as well. I figure it's a worthwhile investment. Thanks for the tips, B!

  • Askmewhats

    I own strawberry milk and I love it dearly!!!!

  • Stefanie

    Yes girl, milk is one of my bases as well!

  • Anonymous

    Agreed! Love the milk Jumbo pencil. I have it in my stash. Overall the price and quality of NYX products are great. I have to get the pencil sharpener since the one I have wont sharpen the NYX pencils.

  • GirlyGirl313

    Love these! It seems that everyone in my area shares the same feelings though because every store in my area is ALWAYS sold out of Milk!

    Can't be mad at a great product though, right? LOL

    Enjoy your day ladies!

  • Anonymous

    The top post link is always broken and the read more is not clickable. When u click on the article title link, it goes to a philosphy review; done this like five times over the past week or so.

  • B

    Anon—> In the future, please email me with these kind of problems. Clumps of Mascara is best viewed using the most recent versions of Safari and Firefox. If you're using that crappy Internet Explorer, this may be why you are experiencing some problems. This is the first complaint I've had about this malfunction so um….yeah.

  • rmcandlelight

    I bought a bunch of them when Albertson's closed. I find I have to use very little or my eyeshadow will crease on me.

  • Stacy

    Yep, I love them. Try using some of the colors as well. I have found that the milk can makes us brown girls look kinda ashy sometimes though. Use it sparingly and you shouldn't have much problem though.

  • jessimae

    my all time favorite is french fries!! you have to get it it would look great on you, (we have similar skin tones) I suggest going on ebay and getting 10 for like $20 thats what i did. I love them!

    p.s. they are also good for drawing on your face for sporting events lol go terps!

  • Anonymous

    I have all of them and (even a few glitter sticks) I love them!!!

  • C.J.

    OOOOO YESSS!!!! I just purchased Milk, French Fries and a Dark Steel Gray Pencil the other day! I was just going in to get Milk but b/c the price of the pencil is so dang on cheap I said, "Why Not?"! I plan on getting a few of these to be bases for my eye looks or just for a quick eye out the door but they are AWESOME!!!

    Oh Yeah…NYX also makes 3 Eye Shadow bases : Matte, Frosted, and Skin Tone…Could those be possible products you wanna try? Hmmmm?

  • Milan

    Just ordered Milk, French Fries and Purple. Thanks, B. You're bad for my wallet. LOL

  • that Dayum Renegade

    I love the Milk jumbo pencil its the bees knees
    i have a couple of other colors i want them all they are great and the price is great too lol

  • Niika

    i have yet to buy and try it..

  • LipGlossGossip

    I have four of them but I rarely use them because I forget I even have them. I have the hot pink and used it once. It is really bright and it stained my eye lid a little. It's a really pretty color though! :-)

  • S.L.I.M.

    I second ebay, that's where I've purchased all of mine from. I have purchased from joy017 & mssskel on several occassions and have nothing but excellent customer service. mssskel offers $3 Flat Rate Shipping anywhere in the USA.
    Additional purchases made the SAME DAY ship for FREE, when one payment is made for the entire order.No limit !!

  • MalcaJ

    I purchased milk, strawberry milk, french fries, pots & pans, yogurt and black bean last week on ebay. I paid $13.58 total with shipping for them! I'm excited!! not sure how to use them yet but with your help I'll figure it out lol.

    And which colors from the 88 palette did you use? and was it the coastal scents matte palette?

  • GS

    I LOVE NYX in general… it's like my MAC (since there's no MAC stores in DR :( )and jumbo pencils are some of their best product, from my experience I can tell you that yes, milk is the best base, black bean can be hard to work with (I've barely touched mine) it's greasy and messy, don't bother buying yellow it's kinda cr*ppy and yogurt another one that's very popular it's a nice base but gives e/s a weird finish and I wanna get slate which is a great substitute to black bean as it isn't as oily and messy as bb… just my two cents.

    Hugs and kisses miss B.

  • GS

    Oh and for those of you who find it hard to sharpen the JEPs, you can try and "depot" them…search for that in Youtube there are some videos, apparently it's super easy and it only takes a hair dryer and a small pot

  • B

    Thanks you guys for the Ebay info! Y'all are such enablers. LOL!

    MalcaJ—> Yes ma'am…it was the Coastal Scents palette that I used. I can't remember which colors I used exactly. I used a teal/blue on the lid, a navy blue in the outer-V/crease, a brown right above my crease and a matte white for the highlight.

  • Leah

    I love these pencils! If you lost your lid you should depot, it's very quick and very easy :)

  • j_goodness

    the hot pink is great but it does stain those eyelids but after you shower you should be fine…just got black bean and i'm lovin it…da-da-da-daaaa-da! LOL
    bronze is heavenly, cop dat :)

  • Anonymous

    I love NYX Jumbo pencils. Milk and Black Bean are my staple base for my eye "looks". Bright and Light colors looks bright when you use Milka as a Base. Blue's and Greens, purples, even pinks looks great when Black Bean is applied as a Base. yes Black Bean is pretty hard to work with, it took me a while before mastering it but u have to use it sparsely. Try lining close to your eyelid or lash then feather it out by using your finger. NYX is def a good investment, I also love there lip gloss

  • Abby

    French Fries is not at all like it is in the picture above. Its actually a gorgeous gold/copper/brown. I absolutely love it. to prevent creasing i just put some translucent powder over it and done! love it.

  • Ashwini

    I have French Fries and Milk and love both very much. This is one item I would collect to the max just to own every precious one. I never collect for the heck of it, but I would for these!

  • Marie.

    I LOVE NYX Jumbo Pencil's! I use "Cherry", "Lavender", "Purple" and "Horseradish" the most. They came out with 4 new colors recently!

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