Clinique’s Even Better Dark Spot Corrector

When I was in Clinique’s Beauty Insider Club last year, we received the original Even Better Skin Tone to review. I fell in love with it, y’all. I mean, IN. LOVE. To see dark spots literally vanish after months of using a serum is amazing.

And it’s not like I’m exagerrating. Just look at the dark spots on my forehead a good two years ago.

And my forehead now…

Clear, kids…clear! All because of skin tone correctors. I love Clinique’s so much that I even sell it in my store. Clinique recently came out with another one and I can not wait to try it out.

It is different than the original Skin Tone Corrector in that it has additional powerful ingredients that will get rid of discoloration and that awful AWFUL hyperpigmentation. Clinique says that the Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector is not only effective for all ethnicities but that it will improve skin tone by 53% in just 12 weeks.

That’s a major claim but I believe it since I found such success with the previous Skin Tone Corrector.

Yours truly will be giving this one a try again. Stay tuned for a formal review.

Have you tried any skin tone correctors?

  • antithesis

    i used the first even better skin tone corrector. i think i bought two bottles. cant remember but i do remember it making a big difference. i credit differin gel with the rest of my success. i still have dark spots but not nearly as bad as before.


    I am so glad you posted this. I've been looking for something for this exact problem. I've been using Ambi, but it really dries my skin.

  • Rai

    I saw improvement, too! But you definitely need to use it twice a day. It's pricey though, so I'll be sad once it runs out. lol

  • Danielle

    but, you have makeup on in the second pic versus none on the first one, can we get two comparable pics?

  • B

    antithesis—> You ain't lyin'! Differn realllllly got rid of those pimples for me.

    I Bleed Pink—> Give Clinique's a try! Hmm, haven't tried Ambi's.

    Rai—> Oh yes ma'am, I did use it twice a day but it lasts forever…I'm talkin' a good 5-6 months or so.

    Danielle—> Uh, no ma'am. I am not wearing make-up on my forehead in the second picture. I typically do not apply anything on my forehead.

  • indigo.

    I use the Even Better & I'm on my second bottle now. This stuff is AWESOME, & it takes forever to use up. I even love the way it makes my skin feel when I put it on.

  • Askmewhats

    girl girl girl, you still look gorgeous! swear! but hate those pimples! I use The Body Shop's tea tree oil! but if it grew huge, I got nothing to do but wait!

  • CurvyGurl ♥

    Right on time, B! I've been using the other Clinique tone corrector and am pleasantly surprised at how good it works. Those doggone dark spots are my nemesis though…ugh! Gonna pick up this new stuff. Thanks for suggesting it!

  • Anonymous

    Did u wear a moisturizer? If yes before or after..I tried it and mine was gone so quick, so do u only use it on the dark spots or all over your entire face?

  • FabDiva20

    I shall try that! I've been looking for a really good Skin Tone Corrector to fade my dark spots on my forehead! I've been wanting to clear it up for years!

  • Kizzy-online

    I want to get it, but my wallet isn't letting me :-( *sob*

  • jacqueline

    I've been using this for a month, and it's made a huge difference already! I did it 2x per day for about a week (then I remembered how much I paid!) Now I use it once a day, and my few dark marks are going away quickly. The lady at Sephora told me this has been highly praised by AA women and has many repeat buyers over any other line for dark mark fading.

    I also use Paula's Choice AHA gel and BHA gel, and the bottles have lasted me over a year. They exfoliate & turn over new skin w/out scrubbing or burning your face.

  • B

    Anon—> Yes ma'am, you definitely have to wear a moisturizer over the serum. So I apply the serum first and THEN a moisturizer. And I only use it on the dark spots—not all over.

  • So Divine!

    I've been using the new one (Even Better Clinical) for about 2 months now…..and it is amazing! I have got another bottle to start when this runs out shortly.
    It seriously beats the Even Better. Combined with the Even Better Moisturiser which I ♥♥♥….my skin looks amazing!
    DEF worth the spend. Go and get this when it comes out!

  • Aleksandra

    It's good for interim time between peelings, but it gives so tiny result in compared with peeling I did (the very first time I did three peelings with 10 days interval with further once-in-half-a-year procedures. The last time I miss a year and did 2 procedures in a row with 10 days interval and result was amazing (recovery period is 4 days for me, and, yes, it's a little bit painful for the first 6 hours,but it's worth!)
    I had so bad dark spots on my face so yours in the pictute are nothing in compared with that I had.

  • Jennie

    I have been searching something for the dark spots on my forehead for a year. I was recommended Clinique’s product by considering its suitability to my skin type and its worked well for my skin.

  • Anonymous

    Try "Mario Badescu Drying Lotion" for pimples, especially white heads. For cystical, painful ones, use "Mario Badescu Buffering Lotion". To get rid of acne marks use "Whitening mask" and "Glycolic Foaming Cleanser" from the Mario Badescu range.

    My skin had always been flawless until I reached the age of 18 and for some reason acne started popping here and there. Tried expensive and cheap products to no avail. It was very disappointing, even nearly took "THE PILL" but was afraid of the side effects.

    So decided to make peace with the pimples and the scars it left behind, since microdermabrassion, peels etc didn't help me either…

    ONE FINE DAY, i went to myer and wanted to return my skii product coz it disappointed me sooo much ..and discovered KIT. Erin introduced me to Mario Badescu. The best products ever!! I am now a total MB fan. Would never use anything else. Now my skin is flawless again, yep like those celebrities who uses it as well. Totally love my skin now.. <3

  • shalinigirl

    this is the best product out there…i am originally from india and had terrible dark pigmentation and pimples. i have been using this since 4 weeks now and has made huge defference.

  • Anonymous

    I've just started using this product for two days and it gives me a burning feeling in my face. Anyone has the same problem?