Clumps’ Hiatus 2010

Well, my loves…the time as come for me to bid farewell. I’m taking a bit of a break from Clumps. No no no, it’s not anything you’ve done, but sometimes I can get a wee bit overwhelmed. But from editing videos, to drafting posts, writing freelance pieces, taking photos, responding to emails and staying connected on Facebook and Twitter, I can honestly say that I enjoy it all. If it weren’t for you all’s support, Clumps wouldn’t exist. Your love and encouragement has meant the world to me. Did I ever tell you that Clumps is my passion? Seriously. It combines ALL of my loves; beauty, writing, helping others, new media, photography, web design, video production, entrepreneurship and traveling. Funny how one minute I’m a 23-year old trying to find my way in life and the next thing I know, I’m starting a blog with a funny title that has turned into a business. Your passion may be right in front of you, fam. It was for me.

This hiatus won’t be easy. I’m a bit “obsessed” with Clumps. But I’m looking forward to doing things I never have the time to do. Like read, work on the scrapbook for my goddaughter, go bike riding,  master some yoga stances, make phone calls (instead of text, HA!) and think of ways to make Clumps better. I’m learning that the best way to keep your passion a “passion” is to prevent it from becoming like work. To keep it enjoyable, sometimes you have to take a break.

I’ll be checking my email thirty-two times once day. If you need me…I’m there!

Oh! And Ying is the winner from the Snubbr giveaway. Speaking of giveaways, I’ve got a TON coming up for when I return. Excited yet?

See ya when I see ya!

  • Carolyn

    Oh I hate to see you go! But I know that change is good. I've picked up so many great tips from Clumps, girl you've got it going on in the best way. I will be looking forward to your return, well at least my wallet won't be as light..LOL.

    Take great care of yourself.


  • Askmewhats

    oh my B, I do feel a twinge of sadness but hey! I know what you mean about taking a bit of break to feel "recharged" I am sure all your readers (including myself) will be waiting for your return! Enjoy the "B" time and we'll be here when you're back!

  • prettyaspeaches

    I'll miss you!!!!!

  • Meagan

    Awww. And I just found and fell in love with this blog a couple weeks ago.
    Have fun!

  • Connie De Alwis

    I'll miss you and your posts, B, but I'll be right here waiting for you to be back :) Have fun enjoying life!

  • rmcandlelight


    Get some rest maybe I'll see you again at the CCO. Make sure you read my comment on how to remove glitter from your nubar post.

    Take care :)

  • Colette

    We'll miss you =) But I think spring is a perfect time for this kind of break, you can make a fresh start with the fresh season … enjoy your time off! So much of what you're planning are things I enjoy too (particularly the reading, biking & yoga) but I try to fit it all in at the same time as blogging & everything else … usually with mixed results LOL.

  • TamikaG

    So sad : (

  • kermitfrogfroggy

    You gotta take care of yourself first…it's the only way to be the best you can be. We'll all be eagerly awaiting your return.
    A faithful fan,

  • thedogismine

    A battery recharge is always good :) Take care!

  • gio

    We will miss you! take care and enjoy yourself, we'll be here when you return :)

  • Les’Nspired Expressions

    WAt? no mascara mondays??? (sniffle here) Just when I found such a great perfect blog!

    ah well! I understand there are bigger and better things…

    Take Care and come back soon!

  • MissFickle

    oh no! Just when I have fallen in love with Clumps, you go on break :-( Ahh well…such is life! Enjoy the break diva, you def deserve it! Can't wait for your return and more of the fabulousness (is that a word???)that is YOU 😀

  • Kizzy-online

    Enjoy your time off, sweety! (but don't forget to come back 😉 )


  • thisizkim

    awww! we will miss you. Enjoy your break! =]

  • The Home Spa Goddess

    Enjoy your break:)

  • Black Girls Run!

    Enjoy your break!

  • T.R.

    Ms. B. take your time and take care of you. I'm so glad to see that we as woman are starting to realize when we need a break. So many times we keep doing things for others without taking time to take care of self. You'll be missed but I'm sure when you come back it'll be better than ever. Enjoy yourself. :O)

  • Cooki

    You'll be missed, but we'll be here waiting.
    Take care of yourself.

  • Vanessa S

    Have an enjoyable break…You will be missed!!

  • Nicole

    I hope you have an absolutely wonderful break! You definitely deserve it. Everyone needs time for themselves! You will be missed of course :)

  • Danielle

    Awww…best to you, B! Enjoy some time off. Rest and recharge.

  • BrooklynShoeBabe

    I'll miss you but enjoy your break. I wish I could take one to catch up on some reading. :-)

  • Cheri V

    Hey B. I am so sad to see you go! You've been like the big sister I never had. I log onto your site every day just to hear your words of wisdom. I have been looking for a website like yours for years and now I have finally found it. I am sad to see you go and I will surely miss you and this website (esp. during those long boring hours of work) but hopefully we will both have grown, become healthier (no meds yay!) and be happier. Much love and luck and enjoy your sabbatical. :)

  • Athena

    I'm new to the blog (have only been reading it for a few weeks) so I guess I can use your hiatus to go back and look at some older entries. Enjoy your break. I'm looking forward to seeing what new things you will have up your sleeve when you return.

  • Ayana "TheHaiRazor"

    Awwww…. enjoy your break!

  • Danielle87

    Enjoy ur break. I nominated u for an award but u will see it when u get back.

  • MsFarrah

    i go away for a few days to Cali and not check into Clumps like i usually do daily and i'm hit with news:(

    well shuga, take a break but make sure you come back!!! already missing you:)

  • Lish

    *Tear I feel like the color purple when they took Cellie sister away! lol.

  • Lavendar

    Gonna miss you! Enjoy yourself, but come back soon!

  • kelliegonzo

    giiiiirrrlll please and JUST WHEN lash blast fusion comes out???? agggghhhhh what am i going to do??


    enjoy your break *pouts*

  • K / BihadaDiaries

    I'm so sad that you'll be on hiatus! I always check your mascara reviews, your nail polish reviews, everything! I hope you get the R&R you need and that you'll be back soon!!!

  • Stefanie

    I definitely understand. You put a LOT of time into this blog and I know it's very time consuming, which is why mine looks like crap lol!!!!! I will see you around on FB.