Degree Women Natureffects collection

Degree has won my heart over with the launch of their Natureffects collection. A few weeks ago Degree reached out to a few bloggers and sent us on a hunt to discover the meaning behind this collection. They sent us goodies representing each of the senses.

For smell, we got…

A beautiful bouquet of flowers. And for sight…

A pair of chic Tory Burch shades.


A delicious orange and olive oil cake.

And for the sense of sound…

My girl Mary J’s newest album!

All of this led up to the Natureffects Collection

The fragrances Honeysuckle & Tea Tree Oil, Olive Leaf & Pink Pepper and Orange Flower and Cranberry are all inspired by nature and help heighten all of the body’s natural senses. Genius! Of course they all smell just divine. Orange Flower and Cranberry is my favorite.

And guess who performed at the FREE (!!!) launch party on March 22nd?

None other than Mary J. Blige in all of her fabulousness. I wasn’t able to attend the party so I played one of my favorite song by her and rocked out.

Kudos to Degree for not only releasing an awesome collection of deodorants and body mists but for connecting with bloggers. I also love their “daring to join forces with nature” theme. It’s true. Spending  some time nature does wonders for your mood. You can purchase the Natureffects collection anywhere deodorants are sold for $3.99.

Rock on, Degree!!

 Photo of Mary came from Degree Women’s Facebook fan page. Join it here!
This review contains a sample product sent for post consideration. I was contacted my Degree and participated in their blogger outreach. I did not purchase the following gifts nor was I paid to write this post. Read our disclosure policy here.
  • ShanSoPink

    Deodorant is something I am SOO picky about! The only deodorant I have used in like 8 years is Degree Ultra in Fresh Oxygen or Shower Clean! I hate the smell of deodorant and Degree is the only brand I've found with scents I can actually stand.

    Recently I was looking for a new Degree deodorant that wouldn't leave behind the white deodorant stains and I picked up the Ultra Clear in Pure Rain-ugh don't like it! The smell is nice but I don't want to smell it.

    I guess I think it's gross to catch a whiff of anything (good or bad) coming from your pits!

    hehe sorry for leaving a long boring comment about my deodorant preferences. Forgive me =)

  • Rachel

    I love the "Clinical" line. I'm here in Memphis and it gets hotter and more humid than Hades. I need the "anti-smell" in a big sort of way. Degree, Secret and Dove all have the "clinical" lines and all of them are fabulous!