My Foundation…

Yo yo yo, lady friends, let’s rap on foundation.

Wait…I’m not talking about the foundation we put on our faces. I’m talking about support systems. The people that hold you down. The things that inspire you do go where you want to go.

When I think about “The Makings of B” (sounds like a dope album title, uh?), I think of myself like a house.

See! There I am. I’m a brick….houuuse!

Now don’t y’all go laughing at me. Writer, I am. Artist, I am not. Hehe!

Without a foundation, I may stand up for a bit. But eventually I would sink.

No bueno, right? My foundation is a strong faith in God. Now I know everyone isn’t “religious” or “spiritual” and I respect that. But mannnn, I’m not sure WHERE I would be without my belief. Actually, I’d be in jail for having knocked someone out. Seriously. My faith in God keeps me going when I feel like stopping. It’s what gives me a sense of purpose. It gives me that extra “umph”. My foundation is really enough to keep me up, but I also need the flowers in my life.

 Don’t know where I would be without them. My house looks better because of the flowers. It is because of them that I stand stronger. And they bring me a ton of happiness.

Am I making sense or are y’all falling asleep?

Okay, your turn…what’s your foundation?

  • MsFarrah

    My foundation is My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ without him I would literally lose my mind he is my everything, after Jesus it all goes to my hubbie who keeps me straight and level he makes me laugh when I have nothing to laugh about, his very prescence just lights up my day I just love me some him!! then my girlfriends and family.

  • Stacy

    Of course my Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ is #1, then my daughter and a few very close friends who have become family over the years.

  • Moni

    My faith in God is definitely my greatest foundation. Without it I would be losing my mind as I face a lot of uncertainty right now. Next is my family and my boyfriend, who have been my rocks through times of stress and uncertainty. Next is my friends, especially my girls from undergrad. Even when we're in different countries and timezones, I know that they always have my back.

  • Carmen Y

    Well, said Brit! I never thought about my life that way. God is everything…also, without my family and friends I would fall. Prayer and encouragement from friends and family makes it so much easier to go through life and deal with the trials and tribulations of life. Thanks friend for the post!

  • Sunny

    Amen, and Amen! God is my foundation, then my family and friends… Basically anything that gives me happiness and peace!