My Most Expensive Lipstick ever!

Ohmigoodness! I can not believe I am just now getting around to showing y’all this beautiiiiful lippy. I snagged this some time ago in New York City. Yana from My Own Judge and I attended a Dolce & Gabanna Cosmetics event. We received fabulous make-overs and played around with the brands’ goodies. The amazing make-up artist Pat McGrath was there but we didn’t get a chance to meet her. Spam it, man!

Ah well…the next best thing to meeting a legend is indulging in a product that they love, right? Pat McGrath loves Dahlia.

I LOVE this lipstick. It is one of the  few that I can wear without touching up with a lip liner or gloss. It is sheer perfection. And it really works well on my skin tone.

And on the lippies…

I think this is the lipstick I will wear when I have to get my wisdom teeth pulled in a few weeks. Don’t laugh…a girl has to feel beautiful before she gets 4 teeth yanked out of her mouth. Sometimes I can’t believe I spent $30 on a friggin’ lipstick. It’s one huge buy for a cheap-o gal like myself. But every few days after the bills are paid I think it’s okay to treat yourself to something luxurious.

Do you splurge on any higher end brands? Dior? Chanel? What’s your favorite?

  • kateypie35

    It looks lovely on you, and you deserve a splurge here and there!!

    I have 2 Dior lip glosses, and I adore them, and feel special when I wear them – and that is worth the ridiculously hefty price.

  • CeeCee

    OMG…Yes! I just bought Dior Iconic Mascara and Korres Abyssinia Oil Mascara…I LOVE them both! I don't wear make-up everyday, but I always put at least a coat of mascara on when I get up for the day. I figured I can splurge a little since I don't go through make-up crazy style and I LOVE mascara! XXXXXXXO

  • Jazz

    GORGE! I just spent 22 bucks on a blush from bobbi brown , definitely dont even wear blush like that . But it looked so pretty against my skin. and for your wisdom teeth : you are braver than I. I had two of them taken out while I was wide awake – I think I was slightly crazy for that one

  • Crystal

    wow that's a really pretty lipstick! i've never spent any money on something more expensive than MAC, MUFE or NARS.

  • Askmewhats

    worth it! you look gorgeous! and I hope you won't feel the pain after the wisdom teeth being pulled off! you rock the gorgeous lipstick !

  • NewRibena

    I recently had a moment of temporary insanity and bought a Chanel lipstick but I absolutely love it. That D&G looks great on you.

  • Mocha Mish Mash

    That a gorgeous plum lippie!! Looks pretty on you! I've started to dabble into Nars, but that's about it. I would indulge in some other higher end brands (Chanel)–if they weren't soo dang expensive, lol! Oh, well….

  • Asia

    You look beautiful, as always :) I love that shade on you! I would love to find a lipstick that doesn't make my small lips look even smaller by being too dry and I would like a lipstick that can last a little while (and that is in a hot color)I think I'm asking too much, LOL. Does anyone know any good brands?

  • T.R.

    I haven't done it yet but I'm really thinking about splurging on some Shu Umero.

  • Amina

    I loove that lippie on you!
    I once splurged on a chanel lippie and it was so pretty!

  • LipGlossGossip

    That color looks beautiful on you! :-)

  • Athena

    If I could I would splurge on some Chanel polish (I have a thing going with nail polish) or on this really great enzyme peel that I had gotten a sample of from Sephora a while back.

  • What’s The Rage

    ooh i have been looking for perfect berry shade lipstick this looks great on you!

  • Vanessa S

    Loves it!!

  • Anonymous

    The color is pretty on you, good buy! Lol. I spent $40 on a Rock & Republic blush and $34 on a YSL Rouge lipsticks, 34 each :-0 Yes, expensive, but well worth it. LOL.

  • ak

    No not at all expensive, not yet. The most expensive lipstick will be the Tom Ford Private Blend collection of lipsticks, about ten of them (?) coming out in Britain at the end of April 2010 and in the USA at the end of May 2010 or something like that. But Tom Forn has included dark, brights, and light/nudes in these lipsticks and none of them are shimmery or too glossy, they're all probably semi-matte (?)

  • Anonymous

    This lippie looks pink on you, why are they describing Dahlia as a red? Did it change a bit? It looks great on you!

  • Andrea

    Confession: Ok, I bought a lipstick and lipgloss from D&G. I loved them. I got home and was like, "I have lost my friggin mind. I am not the one to spend $60 on lipstick." I returned them unopened. Again, I must say they were beautiful.

  • FabDiva20

    I remember I first bought a Dior lipgloss in clear a long time ago and I loved it. I would like to buy another Dior lipgloss and maybe their lipstick one day. Most of the time I buy MAC lipsticks since they have a wide range of colors.