Amor de Lacquer: Diamond Cosmetics Spring 2010 collection

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La la la la laaaaah! Spring is in the air. At least it is here in Florida. For my ladies who are still in areas where it is a tad bit chilly, sometimes wearing Spring colors brings on Spring-like attitude. 

Wait…does that make sense? No? Okay…well, let’s just check on Diamond Cosmetics’ Spring collection!


Razzmatazz is described as a dainty pink. It has pink and purple shimmer and is the quintessential Spring color. I like it!

Orange Blush

What a yummy orange! It almost reminds me of an orange pop. It’s a cream with a jelly finish that applies beautifully.

Hot Lips

Total hotness, right?  This almost neon magenta are my favorite kind of red-esque colors. They are loud and perfect pedicure colors. This is totally off topic but I would love a lipstick this color too!


 We’ve got a winner! What a gorgeous blue cream.
Gypsy Pink

It’s a color we’ve seen before but this soft red with white/pink shimmer is just screaming to be konad-ed or topped off with some design.


I can’t remember if I have a color like this or not. It is rather reminiscent of another color in time and for that reason, I love it. Everyone needs a pale blue-grey shimmer polish in their collection.


It’s another great collection from Diamond Cosmetics! I applied 2 coats for each polish and didn’t have any problems. Like with most creams, Tranquility dragged at the cuticles a bit. But is it not worth the out coming?

Hit the image below to snag the entire collection for only $25!

Your fellow nail polish junkie,

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  • Nicole

    I love your Amor de Lacquer posts…maybe because I'm a total lacquerhead? Haha. I really loved this collection, it was a good one for spring! These all look wonderful on you.

  • Natalie

    lol I agree with Nicole I love these posts too! The collection looks good, I'm gonna have to buy a couple if I can find a UK retailer…


  • rmcandlelight

    My favorites of the bunch is tranquility and serendipity :)

  • Apaige2u

    OH MY GAWD!! Gurl – you made all of these look fabulous!!! Thank goodness my no buy is over – I'm about to get all of these just because you made them look so good!! fabulousness on the cheap! I love it!!

  • LipGlossGossip

    These look great! I'm really lovin Serendipity! :-)

  • Danielle

    Orange blush is the hotness! I wish I could buy it :(

  • SeeingSunshine

    When I saw these colors in the bottle I wasn't too thrilled.

    Then I saw them on your nails and now I must have them!

  • sel

    serendipity looks beautiful on you! i think i need the $25 kit….