Amor de Lacquer: Nubar Risqué Reds collection

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Nubar really knows how to release collections that make your heard turn. I love how most of their collections have color or formula themes. We’ve seen a collection of greens, mattes, browns (mega rare and unique!) and glitters. When it comes to themed collections, Nubar raises the bar and takes it to a whole ‘notha level.

Now they are bringing us a collection of colors that goes back to home.


Enchanting Red is nice. I don’t think I’ve ever worn a red like this but I can dig it.

Fiery Red is more up my alley. It’s one of those “Look at my red nails!” colors. Loves it!

Torrid Red is described as a dark red with pronounced shimmer. It’s not my favorite in the bunch but it’s an awesome fall color.

Seductive Red is a winner in my book. What a flawless magenta-esque red. I love it! Even if it did drag on the cuticles a bit.

Sultry Red is another polish that drags to the cuticles. The formula is a wee bit watery on this baby. Still a nice subdued fire engine red with shimmer.

Sensual Red is my favorite because it is a stunning cream and applied beautifully.

Cabaret Red and Lustful Red are missing but not because I didn’t swatch them but because I got all mixed up when I organized this post. I couldn’t remember which polish was which! It frustrated me to no end. I mean, look at this…

These polishes look so much alike. Sure, one has more magenta in it than the other, but they are so close in color. I would have liked to see red glitter for layering. While I like this collection, I don’t think that all 8 of the polishes are must haves. A good one or two should be just fine.

I did have a few application problems with some of these babies. Some were a little watery; hence the dragging on the cuticles. While it’s not my favorite Nubar collection, I still give mad props to the company for releasing another cool themed collection.

You can buy the collection for $49.95 or purchase them individually for $7.49 here.

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  • Dylana Suarez

    Just came across your blog!
    It is lovely!

  • susies1955

    Beautiful. I don't own a singe Nubar. They are so pretty.

  • rmcandlelight

    Those are some pretty reds…I prefer the burgundy type reds :)

  • Kim

    Have you tried the American Apparel nail laquer? I really want to splurge on all of them. They're gorgeous.

  • Polish Earthgirl

    I was about to post the names of my faves but, HA! I like em all!! :)

  • Sheena @ Sophistishe

    You bought them all?! I wish I could afford to buy a set of polishes once, lol.

  • susies1955

    Jane sure likes to SPAM. :)

  • B

    Ugh! Doesn't she? So annoying.

  • Sheena
  • Shmolly

    I recently learned a trick to prevent nail polish from getting on your cuticles: put vaseline where you don't want nail polish and wipe if off after the polish on your nails have dried. The polish won't stick to the parts of your finger that are coated in vaseline!