Beauty Review: Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Forever Stay eye pencil

Okay seriously…the title of this post is like…way too long. Right? Don’t blame me, loves. Blame Sally Hansen for having a super long product name. But you know what? That’s the only thing I can complain about when it comes to this product.

Seriously, it’s pretty freakin’ awesome.

Need some quick pros? Okay, check this…

-It doesn’t have any parabens
-It’s affordable ($7.49? Holla!)
-It is waterproof and doesn’t budge. At all. No really. Not at all!

Oh, and did I mention that it is affordable? That’s reason enough to love it. This Natural Beauty collection by Carmindy is really wow-ing me.

Those that know me know well know that I swear by Urban Decay’s liners. And I will never stop loving them. The prices are a little steep but in terms of waterproof liners in a ton of colors that actually STAY put? They deliver! However (don’t you hate when teachers/professors say that? Blah!), these aren’t too bad.

Those are the stats of the liner. It being paraben free is HUGE in my book. If you don’t know about parabens, read this article. I can’t say that ALL of the beauty products I use are paraben-free but owning a liner like this is certainly a step in the right direction.

For $7.49, you get a nice size liner with a smooth tip.

It doesn’t require any special pencil sharpener either. What really impressed me about the pencil is how dark, rich and creamy it is…

Oh la la, right? There was absolutely no tugging on the water line. Check out how it compares to Urban Decay’s 24/7 liner in Zero.

And then we did a quick smudge test….

And a water test…

Sally Hansen holds up pretty good, uh?

It’s great, y’all. Great! As far as its availability, you should be able to find it your local CVS and Rite Aid stores. A lot of U.S. Clumps readers have been able to find it so yay to Sally Hansen for having it all over. I just hope that it doesn’t get discontinued like…tomorrow. That would suck. A lot.

Have you tried this liner yet? Have you tried any drugstore liners that rocked your world? Or not so much?

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  • SanTara

    hhhmmm, i think i might be inclined to buy one ofthese pencils. the smudge test won me! great review !!

  • Askmewhats

    do you know how intrigued I am with waterproof and budgeproof liners??? I am interested with this one!!! really pigmented!

  • Anonymous

    I love that more and more companies are trying to improve their formulation by making products without harsh ingredients. I swear parabens make me scared to try out a lot of things, lol.

    This looks cool since I love my liner but I have a dumb question since I am not that much of a cosmetics expert yet. I have bought pencils such as these on occasion that don't require a sharpener and I don't know how to use them. What do you do when you need it to have a sharp point after it wears down? Are these only good for a couple of uses and then you replace them?

    Bear with me, I warned you it was a dumb question. :-)

  • Gin

    I love UD Zero and Tarte EmphasEYES but I'm definitely going to try Sally Hansen's after seeing that side-by-side.

  • Polish Earthgirl

    Cool! I love hearing about great products with an itty-bitty price tag! Thanks B!

  • Mattea

    You are definitely making me want to buy this! I loooove my UD Zero for my waterline, but I feel like it doesn't always hold up through my 6-7+ school day. & That makes me wanna cry :( So I'll have to get one of these to try! Thanks for the review :)

  • Lisa

    You do the best reviews period! This is exactly what I need/want to know when I'm looking for eye pencils.

    Thanks for the wonderful post!

  • Anonymous

    I have these liners in blue and purple – they are amazing! They do not tug on your eyelid at all, plus the color you see is the color that shows up on your skin. The eyeliners are rich in color and stay on for quite a long time.

  • savvybrown

    Wow. I just found your blog and it's great! I've been looking for an eyeliner without parabens. I found one at Sephora, but this one's cheaper. thank you!

    – savvy

  • B

    Love y'all!

  • WooHoney

    How do you say "wow"! I truely hate it (not really) that the drugstore brand is better than the other brand. LOL

  • Anonymous

    I have the same question as Anonymous – so it's NOT a stupid question: how DO you keep or replace the point on a liners like this? I agree that the color and line are gorgeous – but I am afraid to keep using it because I don't know what I'll do when it's flat!

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  • Ithica

    This post is hecka old…almost a yr. I did find that has these in stock. They always run discounts too. I do hope you’ve already found it but just in case.

    • Brittany

      Thanks a TON for letting me know!

  • luna17

    They no longer make this product. I am beside myself.