Natural Beauty: ONE hits Target

I just love how natural products and brands are becoming more widely available. AND affordable. I mean, two years ago you couldn’t find eco-friendly lip balms in your neighborhood Target.

Say hello to ONE.

ONE is brand that not only believes in healthy and natural formulations, but they also package their products in eco-friendly housing.

From the products that I tried, the skin conditioning bar ($6.49) is my favorite. It is full of lavender oil goodness but the packaging is also made from recyclable material.

I’m impressed at the relatively small ingredients list! The bar is amazing. It slathers on like a regular body butter but it isn’t greasy. And I love the fact that the smell isn’t too overpowering.

ONE also has hair products including solid shampoo and conditioner bars ($6.99).

Don’t judge its size. One of these is equivalent to three 8 oz bottles of shampoo. I haven’t tried it on my locs just yet but I will do a formal review soon.

We’ve covered body and hair so what could we be missing? Ah! Cosmetics, of course. ONE has lip butter balms ($2.99).

While I’m not the biggest fan of the scent, this shea butter based balm feels great on the lips without drying them out. The ingredients list makes me smile.

I’m lovin’ it! You can find ONE at any Target location.

Have you seen ONE in your Target yet?

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  • Claudia

    ONE is very similar to LUSH, just a bit cheaper. Haven't seen them in person yet.

  • contests and such

    I bought that shampoo and it is great at clarifying. Don't do too many swipes b/c it does produce a lot of bubbles!
    I really want that conditioning bar! I was thinking about it last time, next time I go back I will probably get it :)

  • Makeup On A Budget

    Thanks for posting! I wanted to buy some shampoo bars in a store and not have to pay for shipping. Thanks!!

  • Chrissystina

    A conditioner BAR???!!! I have to try this and post about it.


  • Boogie

    Going to Target tomorrow!

  • DonnaRae

    I really like this line. I bought the shampoo bar and a soap. Not a big fan of the soap because it doesn't last long but the shampoo bar is incredible. Plus, if you do a survey on their site and send in a proof of purchase, they will send you a complimentary lip butter. :)

  • I have tried natural beauty products – the best for us and the environment –