Olay Complete’s New and not so Improved…

I’m not happy. I’m not. WHO told Olay to change their Olay Complete face moisturizer? I’m okay with packaging changes. But when you start dabbling in the ingredients, that’s when I get a little perturbed.

The old Olay Complete looked like this:

And the new one looks like this…

Packaging-wise, I can appreciate the new changes. But formula-wise? It gets an F from me. The new Olay Complete burns my skin, has a sunscreen-y smell and is a little oilier than its predecessor. My skin is left greasier and it’s just not pleasant. I feel better knowing that I’m not the only one hating the new Olay Complete.

Check out some of the reviews on the website:

Boo to Olay for disappointing so many customers. And then I saw a little note at the bottom of another bad review…

Talk about consumer power!

Have you had any new and not so improved products?

  • Polish Earthgirl

    Wow! It's good that they responded! Power to the people honey! :)

  • anhimals

    I stopped using Olay moisturizer and have been using Aveeno Ultra Calming. It sucks to know the changed the formula, but with the negative feedback, I am glad Olay is brining back the classic! Power to the People! :)

  • Dwana, (SME) Subject Matter Expert of S.O.S

    Kudos for Olay for listening. A LOT of companies wouldn't. My hat also goes off to those who voiced their opinions to Olay. Even I'm guilty of just turning the other check.

  • Tira

    I loved the old Olay, thanks for posting this!

  • Colette

    Not a recent change, but the polish remover I use (Target brand … Trade Secrets I think it's called?) added scent a few months ago, so now instead of just smelling like acetone, it's bubblegum-acetone. I actually couldn't identify the smell at first, but my mom said it was bubblegum (she's a sensory panelist … she gets paid for her nose LOL!).

  • What’s The Rage

    I still have the old one I bought from costco! Ugh I am on the search for a new sunscreen as we speak! I am testing a few out right now. Hopefully they won't break me out! Thanks for the advice!

  • What’s The Rage

    I don't think the sell the old sensitive skin formula at my cvs..

  • Bunni

    Oh wow. I'm running out of my bottle of original. I hope they get them back on the shelves before I do. T4P

  • Nells

    perfect!!!love your tips!!!


  • sel

    i used to use the oily/combo skin version (before the change) but i might have to try out the classic sensitive if its devoted users caused such an uproar :)

  • Suri

    I am glad to see that Olay they are going to bring back the original formula, I really love the way it works with my skin. I didn't even notice they changed it I still have a half full bottle in the cabinet! I also use the version without sunscreen and it's good as well. :)

  • Boogie

    I felt the same way when Neutrogena changed their Visibly Even moisturizer…I quickly had to find a new brand because the "new formula" was just too greasy for my skin!

  • Anonymous

    Goodness, I didn't realize they changed the formula. No wonder I was breaking out. I'm glad they are remaking the original.


  • D.

    i too was disappointed with this change. of course, i am just NOW reading this. trader joe's, however, has a face lotion very similar to the old oil of olay. the bottle even has a black top and looks like the olay bottle. reasonably priced too. i have super sensitive skin and sometimes gets patches of eczema on my face and this does not sting.

    Here's a link:

  • The Makeup Frugalista

    I didnt realize the formula had changed and trusted the OLAY brand. As you can imagine I was SHOCKED when I broke out with cystic acne all over my face! Out of fear i am steering clear of all moisturizers until my acne heals :(

  • Adjua

    I stopped using it months ago and let me tell you, I was sad Sad SAD! This was my perfect go to moisturizer. Now I'm left blowing in the wind and scrambling to find a new one *sad face*