Beauty Bee-haviors: Do you have a dream job?

Welcome to another post from the Beauty Bee-haviors series. In this series we have open discussions about any and everything in the beauty world.

Fact about me: I’m not a fan of reality TV shows unless it has to do with beauty or someone getting helped. Shows like Ru Paul’s Drag Race, Blush (who remembers that?), Intervention or Obsessed always have me on the edge of my seat. WHEN I actually watch TV which is like three hours a week, but I digress. HA!

MTV has got this super cool show airing on June 3rd and I’m thinking I’ll be tuning it.

Picture this, “With the job market harder to crack than ever, MTV recently launched their new hit reality show “Hired,” a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to prepare for and (hopefully) land your first dream job at a fashion, beauty, or lifestyle company. Sometimes the criticism is harsh and sometimes it’s hilarious, but it’s always constructive. And you’ll be amazed at how unprepared most of these college grads are, especially after spending years in school preparing for their career. “

Um, hello!! Where was I when they were casting for this show? Not in NYC? Oh…yeah. *insert geographically misplaced sad face*

On June 3rd at 6:30 pm, TheBalm (LOVE this brand) will be looking for an office assistant and we’ll get to see the behind the scenes ups and downs of working for a major beauty brand. I can’t wait to see what other brands are on the show. And I hope these applicants bring it!

My question to you..

What’s your dream job? 
Would you want to work for your favorite beauty brand?

My answer would be more like a 4 page dissertation so uh…let’s hear yours! And who is will be tuning in to watch Hired? I say we have a Twitter party and tweet our thoughts. I’ll bring the hummus and pita chips!

  • SanTara

    My dream job would be to work as a trainer or on a product developement team for a brand. I will check this show out and join you in the twitter party (i'll bring smoked gouda & fruit)lol

  • FabDiva20

    My dream job is to work with MAC and I've been wanting to work at a MAC store for awhile after my addiction to it lol That show sounds very interesting and cannot wait to watch it. In case I forget, DM me on Twitter to remind me when it's coming on and will join you in the Twitter party. I'll bring the Roasted Pink Nut Hummus and White Corn Tortilla Chips!

  • hsiek

    this is soooo funny! Just yesterday I said my dream job was to be a food critic, then today, B posts this! (great minds think alike. Ha!) Aside from being a food critic, I would lovvvve to own/operate my own little bistro-like restaurant.

  • Amina

    My dream job is to be a full time writer. I'll be at the twitter party :) I'll bring coke

  • *Coop*

    My dream job is a full professorship with security at a university where the students come to learn. I think that's on Mars. :-/

    Yeah, I'd work for my fave beauty brand. Don't know what that is, but…yeah, I'd do it.

  • Ethnic Beauty Fair

    I am living my dream job right now. I am organizing a consumer show for ethnic beauties, Ethnic Hair and Beauty Fair for the first time. I never in a million years thought I would be doing something like this, should you have asked me 5 years ago. I am constantly learning and coming across new people everyday.It is great to be able to share this with others.

  • Cheri

    My dream job is to work for the government to help the United States change their image abroad. I would loooove to work in the Middle East.

  • BeautyMaven

    STILA STILA!!!! =D
    Or Allure.. I'd take that, too 😉