Beauty Review: Dial Nutriskin Body Wash

Boy, I tell ya…Dial is certainly steppin’ their games up in the body wash department. For quite some time, whenever I thought of Dial, I thought of a golden bar of soap. Who knew that they would start cranking out body washes that leave the skin cleansed and silky smooth?

The concept behind this body wash is that it is to leave your skin feeling moisturized AND light. And how do they do this, you ask? With Fruit Oil.

By using a combination of hydrating fruit oils and soothing extracts, these body washes give you that cleansed feeling without feeling greasy. You know what I’m talkin’ about, don’t you, girlfriend? After you rinse, some body washes just leave you with an icky and greasy feeling. No me gusta.

I’ve never experienced this kind of feeling with a body wash that was not creamy. Talk about beating a misconception! I only thought creamy body washes could do that!

And do you see those itty bitty micro-beads?

The kid in me had to mash it up to see what it would do.

They baby beads are made up of fruit oils that provide deep moisturization. I can dig it! And the price is a steal to. You can get a 16-ounce bottle of the Grapeseed and Lemongrass (shown) or the Cherry Seed and Mint for only $3.99. Not bad at all!

If you’re looking to try a new body wash, hang up and dial…Dial! Go ahead and laugh…you know my joke was funny. HA!

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  • KissyFace Artistry

    I love this review. I've been using Dial's bodywash line for some time now, and they are a keeper. What initially caught my attention was the price. I've been trying to cut corners on a lot of areas and body washes was one of them. I used to spend about $7 on a bodywash, only for it to literally go down the drain. But this is good on my wallet and good on my skin.

    Yep, Dial is officially on my keepers list. =)

  • SkinALicious

    I think I'm going to target and picking one up tonight. It sounds great.

    and p.s. the joke was funnt lol, it put a smile on my face here at work.

  • ummsultan

    So true I bought this 4 my 7 year old and when he got out of the bathroom I said did you put my lotion on…you smell good. it was just the dial WOW> I have to get some more!!

  • Natasha82

    I have this body wash in the Cherry Seed and Mint and I love it! It smells lightly of cherry popsicle and leaves my skin feeling very moisturized. I will definately repurchase this!