Black Opal Mineral Mosaic eyeshadow palettes

Okay my darlings…what you are about to see may leave you with your mouth open. And so with that said, don’t scroll down any further unless you are prepared to support your jaw. Ready?

I mean…wow.

Have y’all seen these in your drugstores yet? Black Opal is SO impressing me with these palettes. I am going to be reviewing each palette individually. Here’s what you should know about them.

-You can get them from drugstores (I’ve seen them at Target stores too)
-They are hypoallergenic
-Oil free
-Talc free
-Paraben free
-Fragrance free
-Retailed at $8.95

Not bad for a drugstore buy, uh? Let me introduce you to Gold Galaxy!

I wore a look from this palette in this video. Gold Galaxy is perfect for summer. Just look at that orange and gold!

And here’s what I’m thinking as far as shadow placement:

And of course you can switch it up, if you like. Like 4 on the lid with 3 blended up into the crease and 5 as a highlight. Yes girl! The options can go on forever!

A few swatches…

The texture of the shadows in this palette are on the frosty side and require a bit of a creamy base if you have issues with frost. Still a functional and diverse palette for super cheap. I love it!

Stay tuned for up close shots of the other 3 kiddies.

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  • StardustStephanie

    These look great! I especially love the one at the top left in second picture.

  • Niika

    nice.. i can't wait to see looks done with them

  • Sheryl

    Hurry Pics Please!!! I'm such a beast…I can't wait to see.

  • Stacy

    WOW!!! Those shadows are beautiful. I've never seen much Black Opal here in KY except the facial soap. Please post pics with the looks you've created.

  • Tysh

    These look really nice, I doubt they are in NY yet I haven't seen them.

  • Lisa

    These new Black Opal shadows look gorgeous! EVERYONE sells BO in Baltimore so I shouldn't have any trouble finding them.

    My sis recommended I buy some MAC Woodwinked eye shadow. Are you familiar with this color and would the brown shade in the palette you reviewed be a close-enough match? or should I shell out the $$ for the MAC?

    Thanks as always!

  • B

    Lisa—> Definitely search for these! I have MAC's Woodwinked and I think it's a great gold but this palette is great as well.

  • Keva

    Hello! I'm new to your blog and I'm so glad for your review on the Black Opal Mineral Mosaic eye shadow palette. I think I'll pick up one and try it. I also like your shadow 'placement' illustration. That will help me.

  • Nikki

    Thank you so much for this review. I bought two of these palettes and loved the color pay off but was a bit stumped on how to use all the colors.

    • Brittany

      Glad I could help!

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