Brown & Blushin': Iman Cosmetics Sheer Finishing Bronzer

Boy boy boy…lemme tell y’all about bronzers. Wait, back in July ’08 I did on a post all about bronzers. Check it out if you’re one of those brown girls who are like, “Can Black girls event wear bronzers?” Talk about a gasp-worthy question.

For whatever reason, some of us STILL think that bronzers aren’t for us. Tisk tisk, teddy bears. Pull yourselves together and witness this bronze-y beaut…

Yep, it’s that bronzer that came in my swag back from the Iman Cosmetics event I went to. How stunning is that?

Here’s the thing about Iman Cosmetics’ products…they don’t their products feel like drugstore buys. Really! Although you can snag this for $13.99, when you hold on the palette in your hand, it feels like something you would have gotten at a department store. That’s a beautiful thang.

Don’t fear bronzers, ladies. It is amaziiiing what just a little bit can do to enhance those gorgeous cheekbones of yours. Check me out here…

Please disregard my, “Why you lookin’ at me like that?” look. I was probably heading to work. HA!  On days when I really want to rock a minimalist look, this bronzer is giving me life. Just a little concealer and a swipe of bronzer on the cheekbones and I’m ready to do.

There’s even a little brush at the bottom of the compartment for touch-ups.

Genius. If you’re looking for a bronzer in your life for Spring and Summer, go with this one. Or this one…

That baby is on my wishlist and I can’t get to have it in my possession. Bwahahaaa! Evil laughs make everything better. :)

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  • Park Avenue

    I'm so glad you did this post on bronzer. It really looks pretty on you!

    I have the 2nd Iman bronzer you featured in a color called "Afterglow" & I loooove it!

  • Donigirl

    I wear bronzer year 'round. I think we are the same complexion. I love that "sun kissed" look. When I don't wear it, my co-workers say that I look pale! ha! Me? Pale! ha!

  • Execumama

    I bought a bronzer from ELF late last year and I'm loving it! When it's done, I'll definitely go the Iman route because I love her foundation, and I'm sure this will be equally fantabulous. Thanks for sharing!

  • bakerchica

    I really get steamed when African-American women ask if we can wear bronzer…of course we can! I first use some cheek tint, then brush on the bronzer. It looks so pretty, a light flush highlights the bronzer.

  • tiff

    whats the shade name? i don't want to get anything too light. i cant wait to get Imans products.

  • B

    Hey Tiff, mine doesn't have a shade name. It's just a blush.