FOTD Friday: How to Wear A Red Lip

Hmmm mmmm, so y’all thought I was done talking about red lips, uh? Nope! You see…there are STILL several brown girls who think they can’t rock a red lip. Seriously, y’all? I can understand not wanting to wear a red lip work or class as it tends to be a little bold in those surroundings. But haven’t you had some moments when you just felt…”bad”? Fearless? Powerful? Some days call for a red lip. And so, my sisters…we’re going to find some ways to ease into wearing one.

You red-y?

First, remember this…if you’re not used to wearing the color red in the first place, it’s going to be mega hard getting used to wearing it on your lips. Take baby steps with the color. If you can’t rock it on the lips just yet, try wearing a red flower.

Yes, I know it’s very Niecy Nash of me but it’s Spring in Florida and this is how we roll, son! Ha! Okay, so even if you’re not down with wearing a red flower in your hair, try red finger nail polish.

Orly’s Poison Apple and Zoya’s America look stunning on the nails and can make you feel a wee bit more comfortable about rocking a red lip.

When it comes to wearing red lips, I always like to have a pretty neutral eye look. For today’s look I only used Urban Decay’s Primer Potion in Sin on the lid and liner on the waterline and lower lash line.

See the difference the liner on the left (my right) eye makes? Oh yeah! The reds we will be using today are MAC’s Port Red and Maybelline’s Are You Red-dy.

Never eeeever judge a lipstick by how it looks on the outside. What looks to be scary and highly pigmented lipstick can really be a moderately build-able lipstick. Don’t be intimidated!

Check out the differences between Port Red and Are You Red-dy.

Do you see how Port Red has a bit of a blue undertone to it? If you’re not used to rocking reds, this may not be the kind of red you want to start off with. One light coat of Are You Red-dy gives the lip a little red tint. 

Rock this for a while and then head on other to step two. So you’re red-y (okay, I’ll stop…hehe) to get a little more red in, uh? Careful now. One swipe of Port Red is pretty heavy.


If the red is still TOO red for you, you can always tone it down with a lip liner. Take MAC’s Vino for example…

This liner has a little pink in it and will darken the red. But, my sisters…puhlease do NOT forget to blend. The following is not a good look.

Yes…blend blend blend!

So while this lip is slightly darker than the previous one, it’s still red. I LOVE red lipstick. I’m not the type to wear it all the time but I love it when I’m feelin’ like a bad mamma jamma. So again, I urge my brown girls out there…try a red lip. No, you’re lips aren’t too big and no, your complexion is NOT too dark. There are many ways to rock a red lip. Do what works for you and feel confident doing it.

Love y’all!

  • Askmewhats

    You are so rocking the red lipstick! The red flower is a perfect finishing touch! I love it!

  • Anonymous

    This is very nice. I love the idea of wearing a matching and brightly colored flower in the hair. Thanks! -JenB

  • Amina

    looove the lippie!!

  • Polish Earthgirl

    Lurve this post, B! And I am so red-y to try out this look myself (haha!)

  • gio

    Red lips look great on you! I love the flower too, it's a very nice touch.

  • Jourdana

    That looks simply amazing on you! Your style is always on point!

    I do have a question concerning the red lip. I purchased MAC – Rococo, I've worn it a couple of times but… it never seemed to look right. It always looked a tad garish, to orange aactually. Is there a way to tone that down so that it's more complimentary to my specific tone? I know you mention a lip liner, is there a specific color I should go for when trying to tone this particular lipstick down?
    Thank you so much!! :D!

  • Tee

    I rarely comment here but giiiiiiirrrllll you are ROCKING that lip and flower. I'm going to Miami in a week and THIS is just in time (my eyeshadow game isn't quite right lol). Gone stuff!!

  • Harlem Loves

    Oh I love it. I am so getting that colour… soon!

  • B

    Thank you, lovelies!!

    Jourdana—> You can play around with several lip liners to see what would work best. I recommend trying a brown, burgundy and a muted magenta-esque color. I think MAC's Vino is GREAT! Although Jordana in Walgreens has a great assortment of lip liners for hella cheap.

    Tee—> I know I be doin' (yep,!) somethin' good when the lurkers can come out. Yaaaay! And who needs eye shadow? Girl, get you some liner, mascara and a red lip and you'll be set for the MIA!

  • kermitfrogfroggy

    Love that MAC Port Red on you and especially the beautiful red flower in your hair.

  • Mz. More

    I love red lips and I love this look on you, so Dorothy Dandridge! One of my favorite red's is MAC Ruby Woo.

  • kukaberry

    I need to try this because I have a red lip gloss just sitting there waiting on me and red is definitely my color. I need to just go for it.

  • ~J

    I have recently acquired MAC's So Sacrlet and Dubonnet. I need to find an occasion for them. Red lips are a bit much for my current work environment. :(

  • Stefanie

    Lmbo @ the "do not do" unblended look! Girl you are a trip! You know the harsh lipliner line is the bomb!!!!! Lol

  • izumi

    "take baby steps with it" is sooo true!

  • τreciä

    I have been wanting to try red lips.. can you believe i just got on the lipstick wagon like umm now lol.. just can't decide on one though… its a cool post.

  • Bay Glamour Girl

    Great post!

  • Asia

    you look beautiful. You kinda look like Carmen, you know from the musical Carmen, very classic! I love the tip you give about the black liner paired with red lips. It looks chic and sexy and not over done. Keep doing your thing B! We love it!

  • kateypie35

    looks wonderful, I love the red flower too! Hot Momma!

    You need to try Private Red by DuWop – it supposedly reacts to your skin for a perfect red for your tone…I don't know how it works, but I LOVE it, and normally I don't do red.

  • Connie De Alwis

    dang! you totally rocked the RED! Loving the color on you :)

  • Milan

    I love a red lip and feel quite divalicious wearing them! I go all in…keep the eye neutral with just liner. And I opt for the blue-based reds because they complement my skin the best (no orangey reds here)! I think they look great and you look wonderful!

  • Anonymous

    LOVE it too B!! That's why I had to rock Mattese red lipstick with glitter last week!! LOL…

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