Inside my medicine cabinet

This was so not my idea! I got a good 3 emails in the past 2 weeks asking me to do a post about what’s inside my medicine cabinet. Are you ready for this? Promise me you won’t judge me. You may see some things that may disturb you but remember you love me and I’m human, okay?

I’m jivin’ y’all, but you really never know what you’ll find when you open people’s medicine cabinets. Which I do when I visit new homes. And don’t even give me that look because you know you’ve opened someone’s medicine cabinet before. HA!

Mine is pretty normal. And boring.

Everything I’ve reviewed has a star next to it. The products usually don’t change. When it comes to skincare, I stay faithful to the same stuff. Otherwise my skin will turn against me. Literally.

Basement level…

(from left to right)
(*)Olay Complete face moisturizer. Was my BFF moisturizer until the formula changed. #megafail
(*)Clinique Even Better Dark Spot remover. A must HAVE!
Differin Acne gel. My dermatologist prescribed this and my skin is 10x better.
(*)Mario Badescu Drying Lotion. Has reduced my chin hair bumps tremendously. And yes, I get chin hairs. I ain’t shame! *strokes beard*
(*) Clarisonic Mia *moment of silence for the greatness that is this brush*
Mario Badescu Oil Free moisturizer. Currently testing and absolutely loving!

Second Flo…

(from left to right)
Shu Uemura eye lash curlers, tweezers and a (*)pimple extractor.
Clarisonic brush head. I think it’s time for a new one.
(*)Oyin Handmade Honey Stick. Yummy!
Floss. I do it everyday! Or every other day. Okay…at least 3 times a week!
Natural fragrance oils that I purchase from some vendor in some city. *shrugs*

Top Shelf, baby!

(from left to right)
Those 4 kids to the right are essential oils. I use them to make hair products. Check
Clinique Sunblock SPF 50. A must have for when I run outside or swim.
Lancôme Bi Facil eye make-up remover. I just can’t use anything else.
(*)Castile soap. And that’s just ONE bottle. I’ve got 3 more under the cabinet.
A sample of Carol’s Daughter’s Rosemary Clarifying shampoo. Will be reviewing soon!
Lancôme’s award winning Genifique serum. Currently testing.

And the head cleaner in charge gets to stand by the sink!

That’s the Skincare Starting Lineup, darlings! If I opened your medicine cabinet, what would I find? I mean..the items that are Rated PG. 😉

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    Hi B,
    I first found you on youtube w/your best 10 products (the one you did in your bathroom) and you had each number written on a piece of paper. You dropped each one as you were to about to introduce them and I thought, this girl is funny! She has a lot of personality and spunk! =) Your video was pretty memorable considering I saw it 4 or 5 months ago, but at the time, I didn't know you are pretty popular in the makeup/blogging world.

    I enjoy reading your posts because they are short and sweet and that's how I should mine too ! :)

    Thanks for bringing the personality.

  • Malca J

    Omg Differin is magical! I can put it on a bump overnight and it is literally gone the next morning! Luv luv luv Differin! I want to try the Clinique Spot Remover but I'm a little nervous about it because I had a Clinique acne system years back and the products were very harsh for my skin and I didn't see much results from it..also the price is a little high.

    Lol I don't have a makeup cabinet I have a bunch of containers under my sink full of a lot of different products..a few I need to get rid of. That reminds me I need to tackle that task this weekend lol.

  • L. Michelle…..

    You wouldn't find anything in my medicine cabinet….because I don't have one!!! For some reason my house came without medicine cabinets…now that I think about it..most houses come without them these days…boo!!! :)

  • FabDiva20

    I used to use Differin gel when I had severe acne about three years ago and now my skin has got better. Also, I do need to purchase the Clinique Dark Spot Corrector since I've had my eyes on it so I can abandon Ambi Fade Cream.

  • Connie De Alwis

    everything's kept so neatly! Love the array of products that you're using. I have all my cleaning products in a little basket because I'm sharing my bathroom with 5 other people

  • Kelly :)

    Omg I know I look in people's medicine cabinets. I always feel kinda guilty though, and I try to be quiet when i do it. Like I'd be embarrassed if they saw me lol. I wonder if my friends do that to me….? Probably…

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  • Love your collection and nicely organized too. Mine is a mess!