Mascara Monday: Chanel Inimitable Waterproof mascara

Finally! I am reviewing another mascara that has been on my “To Be Reviewed” list for a little over a year. I know, I know. I am certainly late with this one but let’s go ahead and get this party started!

Chanel Inimitable Waterproof mascara


Price: 1 out of 5($30…yowzers!)
Packaging (Brush Wand): 5 out of 5
Overall: 5 out of 5

What it claims: 
“Exceptionally gorgeous lashes that stay that way, even through inclement weather or time in the pool, are now yours. The mascara that delivers it all — volume, length, curl and precise separation — does it with a long-wearing, waterproof formula that won’t flake or smudge. Pro-Vitamin B5 hydrates and conditions lashes to keep them supple and healthy-looking. A unique brush design provides precise definition and separation of lashes, even the finest.” (source)

The truth:
Um, yeah…this is a $30 winner!
What I loved about it: It feels light on the lashes and gives GREAT volume!
What I didn’t like:Well, because I’m cheap and don’t like spending this much on a mascara, I wasn’t a fan of the price.

Overall:  I’m not much of a shopper. Never have been. I shop only when I need to (which is usually the day or night before a big event) and I’m in and out within an hour. But there’s something about strolling through department stores like Bloomingdale’s. I could have $6.49 to my name and I would still want to try on shoes, glide my fingers over purses and play in luxury make-up lines. Including Chanel; a brand that I have never tried before.

This mascara REALLY surprised me. I’ve heard both good and bad about it but…wow! It really exceeded my expectations. Yes, it has a ridiculously high price tag and true, it’s a mascara that I would never purchase without y’all requesting it but it is phenomenal! This mascara gave me such thick lashes. It is build-able so you can apply one coat or three coats without running into clump issues. Score! Inimitable leaves the lashes light weight and that eliminates flaking. My least favorite thing about it is that it burns! Perhaps it’s just me but I noticed my eyes burning just a wee bit when the first coat. Not sure what that’s about. I don’t think it’s a deal breaker because it wasn’t painful or uncomfortable, just…odd.

The wand reminds me a lot of Maybelline’s Pulse Perfection‘s wand.

Which is a good thing because it makes for great separation. Are you a fan of waterproof mascaras? Oh yeah…this baby holds up!

Lashes without mascara
(curled lashes)

Lashes with 2 coats of mascara

Would I recommend it?: I do! While I think there are drugstore mascaras that can give you the same results, it’s great to know that you can get what you paid for with this Chanel mascara.

Until next time…..

A crazed mascara reviewer,

  • Stephanie

    Oh yes! I'm so happy you reviewed this mascara! This is my HG mascara of all time!! 😀 Great post!

  • Polish Earthgirl

    Aww! Too bad this baby is 30 bucks or else I'd be running out the store right now! Great results, I'll add it to my wishlist/

  • kermitfrogfroggy

    For $30 this mascara better wash my dishes, scrub the floors and cook a meal or two. So, unless I win the lottery, I'll just stick with CG LashBlast for $7.

  • Connie De Alwis

    gah! It's certainly very painful to pay for a good high end mascara. I LOVE MUFE's Smoky Lash but omg… the price. And this Chanel one's even pricier!

    Your lashes look great nonetheless :)

  • Askmewhats

    this mascara makes your lashes look great! but too bad, its quite pricey..I just can't purchase pricey mascara because drugstore ones work for me 😀

  • TamikaG

    Britt–can you give us a comparable drug store brand? BTW thanks for the review!!

  • B

    TamikaG—> Hey mama…think Maybelline Pulse Perfection minus the vibrating wand. :)

  • Puffy Eyes

    Brush don't look smooth.
    But photos of your eyes look good after mascara. But I give 70 out of 100 of that.

  • victoria

    Wow, amazing lashes! Frankly I think it’s worth the price tag. I would probably try the non-waterproof version in the hopes that it wouldn’t sting on my eyes.

  • supermoshiiball

    Oh DAYUM that is some intense length!!! I just bought Lancome Hypnose so that’s my expensive mascara for now 😛 But maybe I’ll try this next..!

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