Mascara Monday: Revlon Grow Luscious mascara

Well well, my darlings. Look what we have here. Another Revlon mascara review. After being highly disappointed with the Double Twist mascara, my hopes weren’t so high for Grow Luscious. Did Revlon win me back or are they still on my naughty list?

Revlon Grow Luscious by Fabulash


Price: 4 out of 5($9.99 from Walgreens)
Packaging (Brush Wand): 2 out of 5
Overall: 2.5 out of 5

What it claims:
Per packaging

The truth:
Uh…maybe Revlon should just retire from mascara making. I’m just sayin’…

What I loved about it: Why lie? I didn’t love anything about it.
What I didn’t like: The flaking was out of control.

Overall:  Okay, first things first. This is one mascara that makes A LOT of claims.  Let’s list them, shall we? Grow Luscious claims to:

-Give you longer and lusher lashes
-Give you stronger lashes with prolonged use
-Make those lashes waterproof
-Improve lashes overall appearance

As a mascara reviewer, I could not dedicate a month or so to see if this mascara improved my lashes’ overall appearance. Because of that, I will not judge that aspect of the mascara. But I will say this…a mascara has to be pretty darn good for me to want to have to use it regularly. If it is less than up to par, then I don’t care WHAT it promises, I’ll just stop using it.

And that’s the thing about Grow Luscious. It isn’t the kind of mascara that made me want to keep using it to see if my lashes would indeed get stronger. For one, I didn’t notice much length. Or volume. I mean, I got a little bit of both but I was looking for something more.

Waterproof? Not so much! In fact, I experienced nothing but flakes with this mascara. See…

And this was happening whether I rubbed my eyes a few minutes after applying or if I rubbed my eyes a few HOURS later. The mascara seemed to flake away by the end of the day. Which is NEVER a good thing with mascaras; especially for contact users and those with sensitive eyes. You risk a greater chance of eye irritation with flaky mascaras.

And then we run into the SAME packaging issues that Double Twist gave us. Like that HUGE hole.

Look familiar?

 I really don’t know HOW and why Revlon keeps getting this wrong. Don’t they realize that a larger wand entrance means that you end up pulling out (and wasting) a whooole bunch of mascara? And we won’t even talk about the kind of bacteria that has the chance of getting in your mascara when you wipe the excess mascara on the side of the tube. With my Double Twist review, many commenters said that they experienced the exact same thing. So I ruled out my having a bad tube. And if I DID have a bad tube, well so did other ladies in Michigan, Australia, the UK and Canada. LOL…I’m being sarcastic, y’all.

The wand is less than perfect too.

This is not my ideal mascara wand as I find it to be difficult to control; especially if you have smaller lids and lashes. And it doesn’t make it easy for separating as well. Notice the huge glob of mascara at the end of the wand? Hmm mmm…this means you can use the tip to get in those inner corners.

Lashes without mascara
(did not curl lashes)

Lashes with 2 coats of mascara

Would I recommend it?: Nope. Not at all.

I was very careful in reviewing this mascara. I didn’t want my experiences with Double Twist to sway my opinion for this one. But it looks like Revlon is making the SAME mistakes. Even if I loved what the actually mascara did, they still get a fail in the packaging department. And I’m not the only one saying this. Want to know the most popular Clumps of Mascara blog post EVER? It’s the Revlon Double Twist review. Many left comments in that post claiming that they had the same awful experiences with Double Twist. Fail and double fail. While Grow Luscious is nowhere near as bad and Double Twist, it’s just not good either. I don’t know. I don’t want to write off Revlon completely because I actually like their polishes and lippies. But maybe mascaras just ain’t they thang. I can deal with that.

What say you?

Until next time…..

A crazed mascara reviewer,

  • Anonymous

    Revlon just doesn't do a good job with mascara. I tried their 3-D lash 3 years ago and I hated it. There was nothing good about it at all

  • Meagan

    I should have waited for you to review this, because I bought it the other day and it is garbage. I'm not surprised, because I've only ever had disappointment with Revlon mascaras and I don't know why I expected this one to be any different.
    Long story short, I took it off right after I put it on. It made my lashes look like disgusting clumps.

  • Askmewhats

    aww thanks for sharing your thoughts on this mascara, help me save the bucks!!!

  • prettyaspeaches

    Dang, too bad. You definitely saved me some money!

  • foureyedgirl

    I disagree. I actually like this mascara especially compared to the horrific double twist. This mascara is a bit flaky but I still liked it and how it made my lashes look.

  • Audrey-Love

    Thanks a bunch, I agree Revlon has never had a good mascara. But Walgreens and Rite Aid have an amazing 100% money-back guarantee on make-up. If you don't like the product for any reason you can return it within 30 days with the receipt and get every penny back. I just returned the Maybelline Dream Mousse Concealer, pretty awful stuff. Love your blog by the way :)

  • Polish Earthgirl

    Good thing decided not to get this one. I'll just stick to my normal lash blast :)

  • gio

    This looks really bad! Thanks for the review, you helped me save some money.

  • thedogismine

    I just knew this mascara would suck. Thank you for reviewing it.

  • Connie De Alwis

    I don't think I've ever tried a revlon mascara that I liked. the formula's always so dry and flaky.
    thanks for the heads up on this one!

  • Milan

    I definitely won't be trying this one! Those flakes have me running scared!! I'm a contact wearer. Thanks you the review sis. 😉

  • Natasha82

    Ugh, the last time I tried a Revlon mascara was about 2 years ago. I swore never again. They're junk! You're right though, they do make some good polishes and lip products.

  • Trisha

    Wow. That was disappointing. Flaking is the worst. Well, one of the worst anyway. Blech.

  • SJG

    I've tried so many Revlon mascaras because they're so good at so many other things…but after the one in the silver tube (I can't even remember the name) I just gave up. This is NOT their forte…much like Cover Girl and lipsticks.

  • Jen

    Saved me some $$$ and flakes too, thanks! BTW, what beautiful eyes you have – you don't even need mascara!

  • Lynn6

    I agree with your review wholeheartedly. Plus, we seem to be some kind of weird phase in the mascara industry … no one seems to know how to make mascara anymore that doesn't smudge, run or flake. (And, I speak from a wealth of experience — about 45 years worth of using mascara.) Great site. Thanks.

  • Michelle

    wow! I disagree…totally. my eyelashes look awesome. I love this mascara <3

  • Anonymous

    I also disagree. I have super short, thin eyelashes and after using this mascara for about a month they have definitely gotten longer. I used to clump on multiple coats of whatever mascara I was using to try to make them look longer. After using this mascara I only need a couple coats to get that length and it looks much more natural and clump free. The brush took a little while to get used to, and I honestly wasn't sure whether or not I liked the mascara at first. But I can say now, it is probably one of my favorites and I will definitely keep using it.

    • Gayle

      I love this mascara. About 2 months ago I decided to get eyelash extensions and hated them. I ended up pulling most of them out along with my own eyelashes. (They couldnt be removed with oil – dodgy technician told me after I tried everything). Anyway, I was left with barely an eyelash.I saw Revlons grow lucious mascara and bought it. I wasnt so sure at first as it made the few lashes I had really stand out. I persisted to use it every day.In the past few weeks i am truly amazed at how my eyelashes have grown back. They are still not full length but what I do have is thick gorgeous lashes like I have never had before. I cannot wait till they are fully grown.I will probably wear a colourless mascara just to give the lashes a lift when they are fully grown and just use the revlon mascara a few times a week to keep the condition and growth strong. I have had no irriatation at all with this mascara and I have extremely sensitive eyes and allergic to some eye products so I have been lucky. For me it doesnt flake but will run if I am a little teary. I guess thats the only draw back but I can live with that. I will definately keep using this.

  • Anonymous

    The brush does suck and the mascara can also be flaky. The bottle design is also not ideal. However the last few days I've been using the mascara I've enjoyed the effect it has. It does lengthen and makes my lashes look great. I didn't mind paying the 7 dollars for this since its giving me the effects that a 20 dollar mascara would.

  • Anonymous

    I actually didn't have any of the flaking issues and thought this review was not a good one. You shouldn't rub your eyes when you have mascara on. It will pull out delicate eyelashes. And waterproof mascara should be a no-no to everyone. Again, they have been known to pull out eyelashes upon removal.

    I personally have long, thick, luscious eyelashes and this mascara made it look like I was wearing fake eyelashes and lasted all day without flaking…and I am a contact wearer. I LOVED it. If you have sparse eyelashes like the blogger than you probably will hate the majority of mascaras…so your better off getting fake eyelashes then following with mascara.

  • N. Sampson

    If you have sensitive eyes, DO NOT USE THIS MASCARA. Since i have been using this product I have developed a clogged gland underneath my eye lid. It is a brown circular scab like sore and can become very itchy when irritated. Today I finally when to my family physician who has now referred me to an ophthalmolgist. I sure hope that this can be corrected. If anyone has experienced this same type of problem, please let me know. Thanks.

  • Anonymous

    I stopped using this mascara. I wear contact lenses. Didn't like the clumps, but the worst part was my eyes hurt and were very sensitive. I constantly found little flakes in my eyes! Haven't used it for 2 days and my eyes feel so much better. Contact lense wearers beware! I'm using my old mascara again!

  • Rachelle

    I love this mascara. I have nice long lashes that curl with no help. This mascara made my lashes look even longer and so thick. I didn’t have any clumps & no flaking.

  • Hi Brittany-

    Ii have also put this mascara under bullshit arrest in my latest post!



  • Markeshia

    I have a love hate relationship with this mascara. I bought some when it first came out and recently bought two in a buy one, get one at Ulta, so I’ve been using it for some time.

    I agree that it is crazy flaky and probably worse if you have super oily skin like I do. You will have a serious case of the raccon eye at the end of the day. Not cool. I also agree that the tube is a bust.

    But having said all that, I have noticed that my eyelashes appear longer and thicker when I’m sans mascara. I’ll keep using it until it’s gone, but won’t buy anymore.

    Thanks for the review.


  • Rachel

    i just wanted a nice, natural-yet-defined-looking mascara so i got this (before reading your review–STUPID!) and it is soooooo awful. it does clump and flake. it doesn’t really clump my lashes together, though, it just sticks a gob onto my lashes. also, srsly, the wand is SO FREAKIN’ HUGE it’s outta control. i like a big wand (ex: lash blast), but i’m a wand wiggler, and i cannot put on this mascara without looking insane because wiggling at the base leaves me with product all over my eyelids!

  • I absolutely love this mascara. I have huge eyes and I love to emphasis how big they are. I started using this mascara and after about a week i notice a difference. I even got the best compliment of all.. “Are your eyelashes fake?” I think anyone who is willing to wait to see the result will be happy. I’m not going to lie it does flake..but if you really want to grow long full eyelashes this is the mascara for you.

    • Tracy

      It took a month but i did get results of longer lashes!. I dont like the mascara dont get me wrong. i agree with most every post. I thought this is crappy mascara but didnt have another. i used it for a month and now have longer fuller lashes. I have since purchased a new mascara and am just going to try using this a few days a week to see if results will stay.

  • Jane

    I totally disaggree. I bought this mascara and I LOVE it. It is definitely a mascara for fuller lashes, unlike the reviewer’s. I also don’t pack this mascara on, as I only use 2 or 3 coats, so it doesn’t have the chance to flake.

    And yes, of course it’s going to flake if you rube it, are you dumb!? ANY mascara will flake off if you rube it enough. I honestly did not think anyone was that thick…

    Good luck finding a mascara you like, and I give this a 5/5

  • Andree

    Got a horrible allergic reaction to this mascara, although I don’t react to other brands. I’ve notified Revlon.

  • Rose Cochran

    The Revlon Mascara that I bought is the one with the primer on one end and mascara on the other. I’ve used it twice and the skin around my eyes is red and it hurts. I’ve never had an allergic reaction to make-up before so rather concerned.

  • genesis

    Hi.. I jus got it today but imma start using it tmmorow.. I jus was wondering ouut of all the good expirience commenters how long did u see results in? One week?

  • jennavee

    I like this product…I had medium lashes and now affter a month they look like all the hollywood ladies lol I guess its just like any product…works for some but not others

  • Sammy

    I completely disagree this mascara actually, for realisies, grew my lashes…noticeably. I used to have barely any eyelashes so imagine my surprise when i actually take a look in the mirror and realize my lashes were long…. I mean i even rubbed my eyes like crazy thinking i had mascara on! The long term effects of this mascara (for me) were well worth the month wait.

  • nina

    No clue what your using, but that’s definitely what i didn’t get! it doesn’t flake, separates my lashes and grows them! it’s a great mascara my second favorite! I would recommend this to anyone, as long as they know how to put on mascara, not like you.

    • Brittany

      Perhaps, you can start a blog and show us pictures of how to correctly put on mascara. And when you do start that blog, be sure to use correct grammar, okay? Your=personal ownership. You’re=you are. :)

  • Mady

    Omg!!! Thx soooo much for sharing! I almost bought it! I have probably (well it feels like) the smallest eyelashes on the planet! I just want them the grow more than anything. I heard Vaseline helps and I just started putting it on a few nights ago so I’m waiting for the results:) I want a mascara to help with the growth but not a ton of money! Does anyone have any ideas or tips???

    • Brittany

      I’ve heard of applying Vaseline too but I’m not sure if that helps or not.

      • kayley

        l’oreal has a wonderful overnight serum.about fifteen dollars at drugstores.also try researching revitalash the prices have dropped since I’ve bought worked wonders for me

  • Personally I think Fabulash is the best mascara on the market and I was banking on that when I tried the new Grow Luscious by Fabulash. I was, however, disappointed, and will have to agree with you on all points in regard to Grow Luscious.

  • Yani

    Thanx, dear. You saved my money.. :-) Any mascara you think that worth to buy?

    • Brittany

      Check out the Best Mascaras under the Mascara Bin.

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  • meredith

    i actually love one of revlons mascaras
    its lash fantacy

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  • I love the regular version of this, but I’ve heard horrible things of the waterproof version. If you don’t mind the non-waterproof formula, you may like it. Maybe not though. Just a thought.

  • Emma

    I used the non waterproof mascara and had no problems with flaking. I think it would be helpful if you more clearly specified that the version you tested was waterproof.

    I did find that I perpetually had to wipe a lump of mascara off the tip of the wand, but otherwise I found the wand and formulation fine.

    Not a repurchase, but not for the trash either.

  • Debra

    I did try this mascara in the none waterproof version…I was excited that it would condition my lashes but it was so very very flaky I just could not continue using it. I would use waterproof if I wasn’t so allergic to eye makeup removers….Since I have discovered Mary Kay is no longer cruelty free I’m searching for new cosmetics and I’m very sad about having to do so. Finding the right mascara is a nightmare!

    • Jacqy

      I used the non-waterproof one too. I actually liked how it made my lashes look, it wasn’t too dramatic. But it does flake A LOT :/

  • Elizabeth

    I got this to try, not reading the back of the package. I have never had a problem with mascara ever, until I used this. I am a contact lens wearer & noticed the package above said opthalmologist tested. My contacts are cloudy & have residue on them. It’s disgusting. I’m highly disappointed with this product. I haven’t used it in a few days & I’m still having problems.

  • Coco

    Wow, glad to see this review. I just bought the Grow Luscious (I admit it…it’s because it was so cheap. Only 7.00 at my drugstore!). I used it for a day and my eyelids started feeling really itchy. I’ve never had allergy problems with ANYTHING before, so I didn’t think much about it until a few days later when I still had itchy eyelids and put the pieces together.

    For all the suffering, definitely not worth it. Didn’t get much length or volume, very flaky. I had been using Lash Stilleto prior to this and I think I might go back.

  • Jerri

    Wish I had seen this blog before I wasted my money on this. It is truly the worst mascara I have ever used! It flaked and smudged immediately….For the few days I wore it, I was constantly checking my eyes for smudges and today someone thought I had two black eyes!