Sally Hansen’s Diamonds and Hidden Treasure

Happy Saturday, darlings!

I just HAD to tell you about the awesomeness that is Sally Hansen.

They’ve partnered with Brides Magazine and The Diamond Vault Collection and one lucky winner will win a custom diamond eternity band valued at $3,000, and a collection of Sally Hansen® wedding-worthy products, including Diamond Strength® Nail Color for brilliant nails and Diamond 12 Hour Lip Treatment for lavish lips and lasting moisture. The contest is here.

What an awesome gift for my brides or brides-to-be! And since we’re talkin’ about Lady SH, the beauty/nail blogosphere is going nuts over the polish Hidden Treasure.

 The polish was released with the 2010 Tracey Reese Spring collection and it is like THEE hardest polish to find ever. In fact, I tweeted my whereabouts on Four Square. And was elated when I found Hidden Treasure!

Sally Hansen is buy 1, get 1 50% of this week so I snagged Thinking of Blue and layered the hard to find Hidden Treasure on top.

Is it not faint worthy or what? Brooke from Getcha Nails Did the BEST layering with this polish. And my girl Scrangie reviews the entire collection. If you’ve seen this polish anywhere, snag it with the quickness! But then again, it is rather hidden so good luck with that.

Happy Mother’s Day weekend to all of my Mommies!

  • StardustStephanie

    You found it at the same exact location I found it at over a week ago. I wish I had of known you were on the hunt for it so I could of told you sooner! 😛 I'm glad you found it though!

  • Anonymous

    Hi, glad to hear of the contest! Um.. the link to the contest doesn't work.. Have a good weekend! -Jen

  • B

    SS—> Reallllly? I didn't even know about the awesomeness of Hidden Treasure until earlier this week. I'm SO behind.

    Anon—> Noted and fixed. Thanks.

  • StardustStephanie

    Yeah! I have a bad nail polish addiction so it's been swirling around a lot of nail blogs for the past few weeks. I drove all around Orlando for over week trying to find it!

  • Tai

    OMG! this morning, I got up at 8am and made my way to Walgreens because I HAD to have this polish. I braced the rain and ALL!

    I spent the day before searching all over Manhattan and Brooklyn for this polish, and I FINALLY GOT IT TODAY!!!!!!

    I layered it over China Glaze Grape Pop…..GORGEOUS!

    *contemplates buying a backup* I'm going to put a dent on this polish…

  • Jennifer

    I have spent the last week searching all of Salt Lake looking for it, and I can't find it any where. What do you think the chances of Sally coming out with it again?

  • Park Avenue

    Your nails look amazing!!! The layered look it TOO hot!

    I've heard soooo much about Hidden Treasure & I love the way it looks. I'm definitely going to try to find it today!

    *crossing fingers*

  • CandyPaint

    Yeah Buddy!!! I found this baby at Wal-Mart today. I was looking all over Atl and on my final stop of the day….behold there she was. I got a couple more in the collection too because I couldn't resist. I think I will get an extra bottle for frankens…Oh yeah!

  • B

    Stardust—> Between the both of us, we shouldn't have any problems finding "hard to find" polishes anymore. LOL!

    Tai—> Okay, tell me where you got it! I'll be in NYC and BK next week and need a back-up!

    Jennifer—> Giiiiirl, I don't even want to lie to you but slim to none. Keep looking though. IF you can't find it, email me!

    Park Avenue—> Good luck!

    CandyPaint—> Wally World, uh? I HAAATE the Wal-Marts around me but I'd risk going in them to find a back-up of this.

  • wittydreamer

    I ran to Rite Aid and picked up in Ohio. I dont think there are a lot of polishes lovers out this way. I was so glad i found it and im totally in love!! Thanks for lettin a girl know! I just finished painting my nails blazen blue and layered this baby on top! Its pure hottness!

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  • Melody

    I had to come on here and tell you this because YOU are the reason I heard about hidden treasure in the first place. Yesterday, i was at Walmart, ya know, walking around. Then I saw this clearance bucket (yeah, bucket) of cosmetics and stuff. One of the bucket has a bunch of nail polish in it and I just look through it then…..drum roll PLEASE

    Like, omg, what are the chances?!

    Holy crap!

    • Brittany

      OMG, how lucky are you!!!!!!! It was soooo meant to be!

      • Melody

        I know right?! I did my nails last night with base color lagoon and hidden treasure over it. Not too impressive. Waiting to do black. But OMG!
        I’d also like to tell you that you are amazing! You’re doing such a great job and I appreciate your reviews! Have a nice day <3