The Makeup Show NYC 2010 *pic heavy*


This will be one picture heavy post, kiddos. Instead of breaking up the show in installments like I did last year, I decided to do one big ginormous post of my experience. And of course I’ll be doing a ton of product reviews.

This year was all about networking with fellow beauty bloggers! And boy oh boy did I run into a lot of them. A lot of my fellow beauty bloggin’ sisters are really my friends. I love these girls even though I only see them a few times a year.

Recognize any of your favorite bloggers? Like last year, Make Up For Ever was runnin’ thangs.

And for good reason too. Their new HD blushes (picked up one)

And aqua creams (picked up one)

…are nothing short of amazing. Expect reviews on both. Inglot was also in the building.

I wasn’t as geeked up as I normally am over Inglot. Maybe the thrill is gone or maybe it was the 502 people that were crowding their booth. I managed to snap a shot of some of their mascaras.

I didn’t pick them up but I wonder how good they are.

I then strolled over to brands that I really wanted to try out. Brands like Mario Badescu.

This brand had me at hello with the Drying Lotion that I can’t stop bragging about. I’ll be reviewing them a lot more on Clumps. And for very good reason!

Ahh, body art is always a huge thing at the Makeup Show. One minute you could be standing to your homegirl and the next thing you know a lady like this rolls up on you.

Make-up is such art, uh?

While I was busy attending my best friend’s law school graduation in Florida Saturday afternoon, my college girlfriend Krys represented Clumps at the Blogger Preview. Krys is silly like me. I was telling her how crazy it would be if an iPad was as big as MacBook and could be used like a phone.

Uh, maybe you had to be there.

I missed a great deal of the seminars thanks to my inability to stay at one place for more than 3 minutes but I did snag 4 polishes from Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics.

Stay tuned for reviews! The super talented Eve Pearl came out again this year.

Did I miss anything?

Probably. More reason for you to stay tuned to see what other adventures The Makeup Show brought!

  • In Her Makeup Bag

    This is awesome! You look GREAT, by the way! I wish my hair would ever look that fancy. :)

  • Gorgeous.

    That looks soo fun! Did you have to buy the MUFE blushes and stuff? I really want to try that HD blush. I tried some at Sephora and LOVED it. :) Can't wait for the reviews!


  • alee*!

    Last night I was reading Milly's blog over at pearlsandpoodles, and she had a vlog of her NYC trip, and when she was recording the makeup show you were the first person I saw. LOL. You sounded extremely happy 😀 I thought ur enthusiasm was cute lol !

  • B

    Makeup Bag—> Thank you so much, darling! That hair do of mine took a good 24 bobby pins to look fancy. HA!!

    Gorgeous—> I did! I got the HD blush in #1. Still playing around with it but so far I'm loving it. A little bit goes a loooong way.

    alee—> OMG, thanks for letting me know! I remember meeting her but didn't know her blog name. Glad you told me because now I'm following her. She rocks!

  • Nikia

    you look so pretty! You must've had a blast.

  • Traci

    Thanks for the review. Seems like a fun event to attend! I think I must be the only person who has not tried Makeup Forever products. I will have to remedy that! :)

  • In Her Makeup Bag

    Aw, thanks so much! For only a buck you can't go too terribly wrong.

  • Noire Tropical Beauty

    Hey B!
    Nice meeting you at the show this year!!
    Looks like you had lots of fun!!!!

    I certainly did!!!! I too love the MUFE HD blush and actually wore # 3 at the show!!!


    Nerissa aka Noire Tropical Beauty

  • Mz. More

    Looks like you guys had a ball. I'm so mad I missed it. I had prior engagements :/

  • Nasheikah

    Doign big things !!!and looking good as always ! thanks for stopping by my blog ! please follow me !

  • VexintheCity

    It was fab meeting you Britters! xx

  • HomeGirl Quel

    Looks like SO much fun! Thanks for sharing. Your BFF has the cutest fro ever! And so shiny! I need the deets on what hair products she's using STAT! Is she a blogger?

  • Milan

    Sounds like you had a ball! Great pics! Can't wait for all those product reviews.

  • lcf

    OMGaaash I love that picture of us! I'm SO glad I met you sweetie! xxxooo Lianne

  • Umm Amirah

    B…saw you from a far. Too shy to speak and take a pic. BUT I did have a great time. Can't wait till next year.

  • SanTara

    I'm so glad we met,i think your an amazing woman(so full of light). sad i didnt take a pic with you :( next time!!