A Sunburned Reminder…

Dear Brown Girls,

We do get sunburned. I have the worst one ever and summer JUST begun. I’ve been spending a lot of time outside and it looks like my every day moisturizer just ain’t gonna cut it. My face is about 14 different colors right now with my nose being the most burnt.

It ain’t a good look. Learn from me. Of course I’ll be talking more about brown girls and the sun in the coming weeks. Including how to heal and repair the skin if you’ve been a victim like me.

I was born and raised in Florida so you would think I would know better. *guilty sigh*

Enjoy your weekend! Clumps will  be back at it on Monday and I’ll finally be reviewing NYX’s Doll Eyes. Only took me 12 years to get to that. Hahaaaa!!


  • Erica

    So – does this mean we will be getting sunscreen for brown girls reviews soon? I need this, because I am using Clinique, and I notice a definite white/gray cast after I apply 😉

    Hope it gets better soon!

  • Jazz

    Black girls definitely burn. I went to jamaica earlier this year , and I came back with peeling skin – Sidenote my tan was gorgeous once my burns healed. I can only imagine my skin if I hadnt put on some sunblock

  • Ma’at

    Shame Shame B, I use cetaphil's moisturizer with sunscreen. Works like a dream, non-greasy and no burn yet.

  • FabDiva20

    I hope your skin gets better soon girl! I'm so going to take your word for it and use sunscreen more often.

  • B

    Erica—> Yes ma'am! But in the meantime, check this out: http://www.clumpsofmascara.com/2008/07/brown-beauties-and-sun-protection.html.

    Jazz—> I love love love JA. I never tan beautifully though. My skin is always a hot uneven mess after I burn. :(

    Ma'at—> It's not me! I always use sunscreen…I guess my stuff just doesn't work as well as it used to.

    FabDiva—> Thanks sis…and YES, learn from me!

  • Keedah @Diary of a Style Addict

    Ive burned since I was a little girl. I got the worse one when I went to Africa and decided not to use sunscreen (I was in the motherland after all!). Well being so close to the equator my whole face, neck and shoulders was burnt and peeling. Not a cute vacation look.

  • Alana

    I didnt know that black ppl could get sunburned. never happened to me. Maybe I should get some sunscreen and aloe vera just in case

  • Imani

    Girl, your nose looks like my arms did a week after I got back from the beach! That burn was no joke. I didn't even realize that I needed to reapply sunscreen :/

    It is a good awareness tool though. A lot of people were surprised by my burn! Black girls get toasty too 😛

  • lisa

    well i learned to start using sunscreen regularly a few years ago when i had to fade hyperpigmentation on my face from acne scars. i didn't realize how discolored and burned my face was from being in the sun all the time without sunscreen, until i changed my habits. now i never leave home without sunscreen on my face. the one that i use is a combination daily moisturizer/sunscreen, so it's very convienient, and it doesn't leave my face ashy. i use neutrogena healthy defense untinted daily moisturizer.

  • Askmewhats

    oh no B, that's a bad burn! I never go out under harsh sun without sunblock!!!