Amor de Lacquer: Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics’ polishes

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Ohmigoodness…I can NOT believe I am just now reviewing OCC’s nail polishes. I’ve been eye-ing them for over a year now. I blame Scrangie. Do y’all follow her blog? My goodness…good ole’ Scrange will have you foaming at the mouth over her beautiful nail polish swatches.

And so when I went to The Makeup Show NYC this year, I made it my business to run over to OCC and get get myself acquainted with a few of the polishes.

You ready?


I have a thing for chartreuse polishes. They are just so striking to me. Wasabi is was a wee bit watery for me…hence the sinking of it in my cuticles. But it’s awesome nonetheless! I don’t have OPI’s Who The Shrek Are You, but I think that they may be dupes.


The pictures shown do known give Anime justice. It is a seriously bright neon pink. If I’m going to wear a pink on my nails, it needs to be loud and bright like this. Anime is sheer and it took a good 3 coats to reach some level of opacity.

Swamp Thing

Want to know the truth about Swamp Thing? I don’t really like it. It’s such a weird color and it just doesn’t compliment my skin well. I knew all of that before I got it. But it’s still slightly attractive to me in some way. I can’t explain it. It’s just so….weird. And here I am thinking I had never seen a color like this before until Yaya from My Own Judge reminds me that MAC’s Dirty Olive is a dead on dupe.

Er uh…she’s right!


Shazaam! This looks like a fo real chalkboard. Remember those chalkboards back in the day? I was one of those kids that would have to clap the erasers after class. Don’t y’all judge me. I was a bit of a teacher’s pet. I LOVE this green. It’s a little watery though. Or maybe my application sucks. Not sure which one is true. Still a stunning green !

While Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics is most known for their lip tars, I think their polishes deserve a bit of a look too. I found them to be a wee bit watery so they require small strokes at a time. I used 3 coats for each look and they wear pretty well too. You can snag them for $8 a bottle over at And yep…they are big 3 free!

Your fellow nail polish junkie,

  • Askmewhats

    I think they're available locally! I've seen them around online! the shades are gorgeous B!!!!

  • Mz. More

    I am in love with Swamp Thing and Chalkboard. Such unique colors!

  • gio

    Wow, I love these colors, they are so beautiful and bright!

  • Jourdana

    Those are so cute! I'm in love with Chalkboard, I too was one to clap the erasers after school, I get ya girl!
    I'm gonna have to buy a bottle :P!

  • B

    Thanks lovelies!!

  • Rani

    I sooo have to get "Swamp Thing"!!!

    I totally missed your original post on Mac's "Dirty Olive" so a year later, I go and check out the review and fell in loooove with the color! It has been a must have on my wish list for awhile.

    Flash foward to the last couple of months and I can't find it anywhere! So to now see someone has created a very similar color I am geeked! Thanks for the review!

    Hmmm…now my new search is $8 for nail polish. Lol.

  • Polish Earthgirl

    I LOVE Chalkboard! Does Wasabi compare to Who the Shrek are You? at all?

  • Milan

    I have Swamp Thing and Chalkboard. I actually like Swamp Thing…it is VERY weird. Which drew me to it. I've only worn it once…last summer while on a camping trip (yes I did my nails before a rugged camping trip…don't judge me) but that may be why I liked it. It felt woodsy and "dirty" and seemed to go with the whole nature/camping thing. Its not something I would wear all the time though. I also have MAC's Dirty Olive but have yet to wear it. It is a dupe. I'm just drawn to different/unique polish colors. Chalkboard looks great on you! Love it!


    I LOVE chalkboard! I want it right now :) And swamp thing is oddly appealing to me as well…