Clumps’ Turns 3: Blast from the Past

When Clumps first started up back in June of 2007, I never intended for it to be a “beauty blog”. To be honest…my blog was the first and only blog I read for quite some time. I used the blogspot to post pictures of my ventures into make-up. And I was ridiculously obsessed with MAC. I’ll be doing Blasts from the Past all Anniversary week.  Check out this Blast from the Past. Who remembers the C-Shock collection? Memories!

So guess WHO went to the MAC store 2 days ago and walked out empty-handed?

…..and it was so difficult. I went in the store and played around with C-Shock and absolutely LOVE the colors. So so soooo much. One of the Make-Up Artists was sooo nice and he helped me decide what colors to get WHEN I get the money. As much as I am starting to love make-up, I need to be more responsible with my money. I am now broker than broke because of my impulsive MAC runs. Welllll, you live and sho nuff learn. I tell ya that much.

I found a pic of myself that I took on New Year’s Day before I went to some party:

You’ll have to click on it to see the eye make-up. I’m feelin‘ the design and will re-create and name it soon. Pretty HOT colors. Wait….here’s a close-up.

Not bad for a beginner, uh? I love the gold. Definitely gotta do this one again.

…..sooo, while I found so much success with parrot eyes, I have to keep in mind that designs like that are JUST for fun. As much as I’d like to, I can’t go walking around everyday with 6 different colors of make-up on my eyes. Sooo I’m in the process of finding everyday looks. Something subtle, but noticeable enough that you can still say, “Hey! Her eyes look nice.”

Here’s what I created:

Do you see the three colors? (remember you have to click on the photo to get a better view) I like it!! And look how good the colors STILL look even after I spent 2 hours out in the sun at the beach…not only was I in the water, but I was sweatin’ somethin’ serious out there and the color is still on.

Here’s what it looks like after I got all cleaned up and refreshed my face:

And one with a smile….

And how ’bout JUST the eyes?

Noooot bad, hmmm? I could have blended a little better, but not bad at all. I think this is a great “everyday” look. I’m also noticing myself feeling like I HAVE to put on my Studio Fix everyday. This is exactly what I did NOT want to do.  I don’t want to become dependent on it and feel like I NEED it. I think that’s a problem. I should feel just as confident without make-up as I feel WITH it. That’s really important to me.So to bring myself back down to earth…..I’m not wearing any foundation this upcoming week. Which shouldn’t be too hard.
ETA: OMG, how terrible is that look? This was before I knew how to apply eye shadow for my eye shape. Ah well…we all start somewhere, uh?
  • Elle

    LOL! Well I still don't know how to apply eye shadow for my eye shadow and sadly I haven't felt the need to learn =( I just have no time to put on make up in the morning, I barely have time to put on my clothes, ha! BUT I will say I have spent many moons at MAC spending my hard earned dollars on stuff I had no clue how to wear. I guess that's why I read your blog to one day figure it out =) Congrats on 3 years Clumps!

  • Redbonegirl97

    @Elle – me too. I still can't do it all that well. I try to play around but I end up using a bottle of eye make up remover.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  • FabDiva20

    @Elle and @Redbonegirl97 it takes practice and patience to learn how to apply eyeshadow properly. Hope you girls will master it. Any girl can do it!

    YAY! Congrats on 3 years girl!! So happy for you!

  • beautylogicblog

    congrats on your 3 years mama, you are amazing. I'm so happy i finally got to meet you during the makeup show, although for a short time. Hugs,

  • WooHoney

    Wow. Three years? You are truely a blogging queen! LOL. I really like what you said about wanting to feel just as confident without make-up. I admire that! Do you still strive to meet that goal or did you just fall to hard for make-up over the years? Me, I fell hard for make-up in my early days and have never looked back. I am totally dependent on my "face" of make-up. I can't go without it… Also, I wear lots of shadows but I don't know the PROPER way to apply it based on the shape of my eye… I just apply and hope for the best. ;D ha ha. lol

  • LolaAM

    My, how far we've come. :-)