Clumps’ Turns 3: China Glaze giveaway!

Have y’all seen China Glaze’s Poolside collection? It’s insane.


My review hasn’t gone live on yet trust but trust and believe that the summer will not end without my review. This is one collection that you NEED in your life. Haven’t scooped it up yet?

Now is your chance! Two lucky winners will each win the Poolside Collection. This is a time sensitive giveaway that requires teamwork.

Here’s what you gotta do…

If you currently follow me on Twitter, get one of your girlfriends to follow me as well. Get your friend to tweet me saying, “My friend @_____ (your Twitter handle) and I want China Glaze!”

If selected, both you and your homegirl will to win the Poolside Collection. Friends don’t let friends have a busted mani and pedi. Holla!

-All ladies, all over the world can participate in this contest
-Contest ends Thursday, June 10, 2010 at 12:00 am EST
-Winners will be selected at random
-Family members/personal friends of B are not eligible
-In the event that a winner does not respond in 3 days, another person will be selected

Email with any questions.

Good luck!

  • Girlfriend

    I am not a tweeter or what ever the term is but I follow you on youtube and facebook. Am I a bad person because I will tweet just hoping to win? These colors are fabulous and I love the name "Poolside Collection". Happy Clumpaversary! Good luck everyone!

  • B

    Awww, thank you, lady! Twitter isn't for everyone so I completely understand. And no, you shouldn't feel bad at all. 😉 If it makes you feel any better, I have a huge YouTube giveaway going on and daily giveaways on the Facebook page. XOXO

  • kukaberry

    Nooooo I have twitter and I'm a polish fiend but none of my friends wear polish :-( Most of them are boys…lol Oh well, I guess I will be purchasing this one from Sally's.

  • kelliegonzo

    i love these polishes! i would enter but i already have them <3

  • Simple Beauty

    I Entered The Contest!


  • Melva

    I just got my twitter a few weeks ago and I'm still not sure how twitter giveaways work. Do you have to follow us too or we just follow you? How will I know you saw my tweet? Ugh this is why I FB lol

  • Devo

    haha, i totally agree with Melva. i dont know how to use twitter, please let me know how we will know to. please thank you :)!

    ps. thanks for what you are doing, and happy anniversary!

  • MartianDelights

    lol — I am a sad girl, I don't have any friends on twitter lolz !