COVERGIRL is rockin’ my world

There are a lot of cool happenings goin’ on in the COVERGIRL world. First up, next month these LiquiLine Blast eyeliners will be hitting stores and I can not WAIT to try them out.

How gorgeous is that green? And that purple…*faints*  I first saw them reviewed on An Indian’s Makeup Blog and her review had me thinkin’ those liners are so promising. Yes, even us bloggers get swayed by other bloggers. LOL! Stay tuned for my review of those.

And in other CG news…
On my flight back from Washington D.C., I finished Queen Latifah’s most recent book.

O.M.G…now y’all already know how much I LOVE her, but this book really sent me over the edge. I’ve gone from ‘Yeah, she’s cool’ to straight up adoration. I felt as if she was talking to me. I was inspired, laughed, cried and felt so motivated. I’ll be back with a complete review on that but in the meantime, snag you a copy from Amazon. If you find yourself in a “What should I do? Where should I live? Who am I? Who do I want to be? I want to live but don’t know how” kind of rut (story of my life!), this book will realllly inspire you.

Speaking of Queen, check her out with the 5 winners from the Persona contest.

These talented ladies beat out hundreds in search to find the best female hip hop talents across the country. It’s a darn shame that I can’t flow, y’all. Congrats to Naakira, Gina, Shea, Amber and Christel. Check our their profiles and listen to their flows here. Such fabulous chicks they are!

And since we’re talkin’ fabulous chicks…COVERGIRL, in partnership with LeSportsac, has created a limited edition cosmetic bag collection inspired by COVERGIRL LashBlast Length Mascara and my cousin (in my mind, at least) Pat McGrath, makeup guru and Global Creative Design Director for P&G Beauty.

I pretty much need that cupcake bag in my life NOW! Every purchase of the new cosmetic bags ($28 – $62) will come with a mini-lookbook with six custom beauty looks from Pat and a free LashBlast Length Mascara. Tres cool! Start a shoppin’ here.

  • Tira

    Oh gosh, yes! I need that purple in my life.I can't wait.

  • Jazz

    umm B, Those liners are already out in my area. They have been out for a few weeks now. I actually have two – the blue and the grey one. Girl , they are so pretty on, and they are cheaper than my loreal hip liners just like this. These are a must have in my collection. Now I want a new makeup bag

  • B

    Tira—> You and me both, sista!!

    Jazz—> Why you got to brag, homie? LOL!! I'm rather jells. I live in Florida and everything takes 290 years to get here. *pouts*

  • Trisha

    ALL of those colors are awesome, but especially the blue, purple and green. I WANT THEM!

  • Ali’s Nail News

    I want the bags!! There are three I would love to have, but the one I want the most is already sold out! Do you know how often they get new stock in?

    By the way, I just started a nail blog, and need followers. Feel free to follow if you'd like. :-)

  • ShakeupYourMakeup!

    I am loving the look of those eyeliners, but of course, the display was empty at my Walgreens! I guess I'll have to scout out a few more! :)

  • BrooklynShoeBabe

    Queen Latifah is my absolute hero because she really made it on her own principles. She didn't really change her personality one iota. I also can't wait to try those eyeliners.

  • Jazz

    @B – LOVE living in a big city -or close enough to a big city that we get the newest stuff. You should come back to the chi , then you can go to florida with new stuff

  • Ugochi @ Beauty 365

    those liners are soooo pretty. gotta check those out!