FOTD Friday: Adventures in eye shadows

Boy, I tell ya, sisters…eye shadows just have NOT been showing me love these days. I’ve really been craving the color magenta with blue undertones. I blame in on The Falsies‘ packaging and NYX’s African Queen. I decided to pull out a color I haven’t touched in ages! MAC’s Pink Pearl pigment.

 Just look how that baby glows.

I used it in a FOTD Friday a good 2 years ago.

But mannn, I don’t know what happened but it just did not work for me this time. I think it’s because I used my beloved NYX Milk pencil instead of that rich red Artifact paint pot.

The outcome…

Can you say FAIL ten times fast? Someone out there is about to try it…ha! But seriously, I wasn’t a fan of this look. I will definitely be trying it again with a red or pink base.

Then I figured that I would play around with my Black Opal palettes. And look what happened…

Somebody say FAIL twenty times fast. At that point, I just figured it wasn’t meant for me to be rocking shadows and so I just settled for taking pictures of some of my new NYX palettes.

I love the color options in this palette. It’s the perfect blend of neutrals with great pops of color. But I was disappointed in the color payoff and at how chalky they were.

So I pulled out something a little more exciting.

Wow…sers! Check out the swatches….

I love that purple in the middle but you know what? I’m not sure about wearing these babies on the lid. I would straight up try and scratch my eye ball out if if a speck of glitter fell in. I may give it a try.

But not for quite some time since it appears that eye shadows aren’t liking me these days.

What have you been rockin’ on your lids these days?

Have a great weekend!

  • Amour

    Hey B, That MAC Pink Pearl pigment is beautiful but those milk pencils are going to be the death of all shadows. I still don't use one because people don't understand the blending it takes to get passed all that white and then you have to try and cover it up with color which simply mutes out your shadows to nothing. The lose all their vibrancy over that white base. I'd say go with a strawberry milk or even something more pink like MAC's Fabulush.
    As far as those Nyx palettes are truly amazes me that they can make single shadows with such great payoff but the palettes are a mess. I have the Champagne & Caviar and was royally disappointed that I wasted my money. And those glitters…well I've gotten a glitter in my eye from the UD Pony box palette and it was the worst experience ever!!1

  • Karumira

    I was really disappointed with the Mysterious Brown Eyes palette too :( I only use the matte brown and the two purples. Also have the smokey eyes palette and that one's not too great either.

    I'm all about metallic eyes this summer. Bronzes and golds :)

  • LaShan


    I am so sorry for your recent eyeshadow failures but I must say I am happy to see that others have failures too. I hate to have a color inspiration but it just doesn't work when I put it on my face. IT happens to the best of us.

  • Danielle87

    Aww man….that sucks : ( I was in Ulta a couple days ago and saw that NYX glitter palette. I didn't buy it because that's not something you could wear often. IDK maybe you will inspire me to buy it once I see how you rock it : )

  • yummy411

    ugh i hate broken shadows! i have an nyx glitter palette. i havne't done a lot with it, but it really surprised me that they held their own.. you've reminded me to break them back out!