FOTD Friday: I got Savannah on my mind

It’s time for another travel edition of FOTD! I’ve taken you to the Bahamas, NYC, Miami, Los Angeles and beyond. If you haven’t noticed yet…I LOVE to travel. A lot. Every weekend, I think about about a city I want to go to and jet there. Which is almost ridiculous because I’m discovering that Orlando has a lot to offer beyond Mickey Mouse’s house. And since I plan to do little to no traveling this summer (a sista has to save some pennies, know what I mean?), you’ll be seeing a lot more in my own backyard travels.

But in the meantime…let me take you to a quaint Southern city called Savannah, Georgia.

I love the South. There is a certain kind of home-y feel that I get when I visit Louisiana, North Florida and South Georgia. Sometimes I think I can make it in the big city (failed that mission when I moved to LA..ha!) but when I really think about it, I think I am really made for Southern living. This Memorial Day trip was taken with the family. I don’t remember ever going to Savannah before but Mama Clumps keeps telling me that I went once with my Girl Scout troop. Did y’all know Juliette Gordon Low, the founder of Girl Scouts was from Savannah? Any other former or current Girl Scouts?


Mmkaaaay, moving on! The trip up to Savannah from Orlando was almost 5 hours. Shooooot! This was my first time taking I-95 N in all of its hellish construction. First thing I did when I arrived was take a tour. Which I kinda had an attitude about. I’m like, “Forget a tour! Let’s just walk around.” But I ended up really enjoying it.

Savannah has some of the most beautiful buildings I have ever seen. This coming from a modern girl in a modern world. I never really had an appreciation for older style buildings and homes until I saw homes like this.

and this…

That home was considered a single family home. Can you believe that? It’s huge! It was later turned in a school. I found so much beauty in the homes and surroundings that I tried to be Ms. Photographer with everything.

Now because I’m not a good listener, I was so wrapped up in photo-taking, I missed A LOT of details and history. One time for multi-tasking!

Savannah was established in 1733. And the buildings show it!

The detail on this church is just breathtaking. And don’t these shutters tell a story?

We passed a lot of homes that had little plaques on them just showing how old they were.

And how cute is this itty bitty house? Interesting color.

What’s North Florida and South Georgia without Spanish moss? I grew up around this stuff but never really saw its beauty until now.

Moss is a living plant and doesn’t harm the tree that it grows on. In case you were wondering. :)

Savannah is also home to one of the oldest African American Baptist congregations in the United States, the First African Baptist Church.

The tour guide told us that there were tunnels in the church that led to the Underground Railroad. My mouth was left hanging open because although I kinda knew that (African American History was my major in college), it was just so moving and emotional for me to see that. Talk about being a true history nerd!

After we hopped off of the tour bus, we roamed around the city and ran into an outdoor market.

I purchased the most beautiful glass earrings for Mama Clumps. Actually I bought them for myself but in attempts to be selfless, I figured she would like them too. 😉 We went down to the riverfront.

…and enjoyed the breeze.

And then there’s the food! I was still on the road when the family went to Paula Deen’s restaurant. *insert fuming emoticon* We headed over to Tybee Island and ate at The Crab Shack. I’m not the biggest seafood fan so I can’t properly judge that spot. Savannah Candy Kitchen on the other hand…*faints*

This place was amazing! Every kind of old skool candy was there. They literally passed out samples of everything! I had the BEST peanut brittle. I had my first grit cake at The Bohemian and that was seriously the best tasting meal EVER! The flavors, the richness, the boldness, oh my!

We had a slammin’ breakfast at J. Christopher’s where I had an egg white omelet with avocados, spinach, tomatoes, grits and a side of buttah.

The latter I left sittin’ there but that omelet was delish! The last dinner of the trip was at Garibaldi’s Cafe which didn’t impress me too much. The food was decent but the service was the pits.

It’s hard to do Savannah in a weekend. My sister and I missed jumping on a Ghost Tour and I didn’t get to stop by any boutiques or shops. Another reason to go back!

Have you ever been to Savannah? From there? Want to visit?

Off I go to Miami this weekend. This upcoming week is Clumps’ 3-year anniversary Week. There won’t be any formal posts or reviews. Instead there will be giveaways totaling up to


You excited yet?

Have a great weekend!

  • Ope B

    Um I had to comment on this post because I'm a former girl scout (we do exist!) and my first and only memory of Savannah Georgia was the yearly girl scout "pilgrimage" there. It is absolutely divine! Thanks for taking me down memory lane!

  • Christine

    Savannah is one of my favorite places in the entire world! I went to Tybee Island for my birthday last year and I think I'm going to treat myself to another trip down there for my birthday this year (August) — except this time I want to stay in a hotel in the historic district instead of on the island :)

  • Cheri V

    Omgosh Im a former Girl Scout too!
    And I def need to get traveling. Im a NY transplant to North Central Florida and to be honest Im not that big of a fan. I guess its cuz Im just not accustomed to wide open spaces and not having random men accosting u on the streets to buy anything. Lol.
    I think Im def gonna have to get the famz on this traveling thing to raise our spirits tho. Thanks so much for the virtual guide B!

  • Vivianne

    My grandparents have lived in savannah all my life, so i recognize EVERYthing you posted. I love it there!! but the real question is:

    Did you spot Ruby?? She is my favorite Savannah girl!!

  • B

    Ope B—> OMG…yay!! I know there are more of us out there. 😉 I had SO much fun with Girl Scouts. I want to be a Troup Leader one day.

    Christine—> I thinking about putting Savannah on my "birthday trip" for next year. I also saw a lot of brides and bridesmaids out there. Savannah is such a girls weekend out kind of place!

    Cheri V—> On my honor, I will try!!! You know, I can be the same way about Florida even though I was born and raised here. But give it a chance. There is sooooo much to discover. Seriously! Spend a weekend just riding around and you'll be surprised.

    Savannah—> OMG, I looooove Ruby! I forgot she was in Savannah. I didn't see her. :( How sweet is she though? Loves her!

  • Stacy

    Never been to Savannah, but it looks just beautiful. I may have to go visit. I'm on a quest to find a new place to live once my daughter graduates in 2 years. I have no destination in mind, just not north. lol!!! My friends and I have been taking roadtrips to scout out places for the last couple of years. I think I will have to add this to the list.

  • Brandiss

    I live here in Savannah and I love it here! The downtown area, where you were, is one of my favorite place to go… can't forget the beach!
    But anyway, I'm glad you enjoyed your stay here. I've never ate at Girabaldi's Cafe, and probably won't. But there are some amazing restaurants and cafes around here.

    Hopefully you'll be back to visit again and tour some more!

  • Special K

    OMG I'm from GA and I've NEVER gone to Savannah. It is actually the TOP place that I really, really want to visit in Ga. So historic, yet romantic!!! Maybe I'll have my dream date soon in Savannah or maybe I'll just plan a trip for yself there (time wits for no man… and neither do I, LoL). Anyways B, I totally lost my SD card with the pics of us from the Atlanta Natural Hair Expo :-(

  • Lavendar

    We're always passing through GA on our way to Live Oak, FL, but never stopping and enjoying the area. Savannah looks like a great place for just me and the hubby to vacay. It's now officially on my list of places we must visit. Thanks so much B, and the pics are fantastic!

  • B

    Stacy—> If you're looking for a new spot to live, I would definitely consider Savannah. It has such a special kind of charm. And if you need some action (or a Sephora lol) Atlanta is day trip away.

    Brandiss—> Man, I'm so mad I didn't run into you. *pouts* I'll be back! I would love to get a real deal tour from a native. :)

    Special K—> Savannah is such a hidden treasure, isn't it? People who aren't from Florida and Georgia know more about it than folx who are down the street from it. Hilarious! And yesss, it is such a romantical place. But also a spot where you can go with the girls and have fun. Did we ever take a picture with my camera? I'll go and check. I'll be back in the A soon so we'll have to link up again!

    Lavendar—> If that's your real name, I will squeal with delight because that's beautiful! Anywhoovers…I pass through Live Oak to get to Tallahasee. So you take I-95 N to I-10 W? Hot stuff! Definitely venture off a bit to stop by Savannah. :)

  • Courtney Nichelle

    As the sister who did get to go on the trip because i am a college student with two jobs*BOSS*i am sure the trip would have alot funner(YES I MADE UP A WORD JUDGE ME IF YOU MUST) if i came along

    thats all

    Courtney Nichelle

  • B

    Courtney—> Sit down somewhere, woman. You aren't the only college kid working 2 jobs. I did it and so do other chirens so it ain't the norm. I will say that our trip was quite drama-free. Not sure why but hmm….hahahaaa!

  • Lavendar

    Girl I wish that was my real name! Besides the fact that purple is my absolute fav, Lavendar is the little girl in the movie Matilda. Man that is my joint….I love that movie and the dancing Cheerios scene. I fell in love with the beautiful little girl and the name. And you got it…be on the I-10 by 10! That's our motto! If you run into the Nelson's (and there are oodles and oodles of us from Live Oak on down) those are most likely my peeps, as my dad had 13 brothers and sisters!

  • Lavendar

    And BTW, I'm Andrea….definitely not as fab as Lavendar. LOLOL

  • Jourdana

    Oh wow! Your pictures are gorgeous! And I can just imagine the deep sense of meaning you got when you heard about the Underground Railroad spot being there. I love learning about african american history (thanks in part to my mother and growing up in Maryland which has huge history involving slavery). I've only had the pleasure of driving through Savannah on the way to pick a friend up and drop her off. I'll definitely have to drop in for a weekend! Thanks for sharing your trip with us!

  • Jenica

    Ok, sooooo I'm a former Girl Scout AND a major lover of the city known as Savannah, GA. I first went when I was around ten years old and have been in love ever since. THe city, the food, the people, the river…everything is always absolutely amazing! Hop forward about ten years later and my boyfriend and I skipped a few days of classes to go to the Saint Patrick's Day Celebration in the city (btw, did you know that Sav. has the third largest Pat's Day in the country?) and literally had the time of our lives! The entire city is partying! Policemen were setting down their beers to go break up fights, it's that much of a party. I'm convincing everyone I know to go at least once in their life!

    But Savannah really is the most beautiful city I have ever been to and I love every bit of the history ingrained into the city's culture.

  • B

    Lavendar—> OMG, I loved that movie. Lavendar was such a cutie. With those huge classes. Dang…I need to find out if that movie is on DVD. I've never been to Live Oak…only driven through to get to Tallahassee. 1-10 at night is like a horror movie. I zoom in and out. HA!!

    Jourdana—> Yes! You have to visit. Us history buffs get a huge kick out of cities with so much history.

    Jenica—> Yesss, I heard they had a huge St. Patty's day celebration. I've never celebrated it before but I would love to be at Savannah's. Sounded totally awesome!

  • Anonymous

    So glad you went to Savannah! I lived there for 4 years. Amazing place. Did you know Savannah is also home to one of the only Gothic style Synagogues in the United States? If you ever go again, try to find Angel's BBQ and Zunzi's. They're some of the best local restaurants: as in not on most tourist's radar. Glad you enjoyed your time in Savannah! Jealous and wishing I could go back. :)