I’m on vacation!

It’s the time again…I’m going on a vacation. It’s a family vacation to Washington, D.C. We usually go to some tropical island so this is a different change. Posts will be slow but if you want all of the details of my trip, you can follow me on Twitter and my travel blog.

Ciao bellas!

  • Elle

    Nice! I wish my family took fam vacays during the summer, but then again we never did growing up =( But I did take my summer vacay here last year and had a ball. We stayed a week and I swear it was the fastest week of my life. It was cool to show my babe all of the historical sites and be a tourist in another state, ha! Being from FL there are tourist everywhere so it was nice to turn into one for a week. Also loved all the public transportation and free stuff to do.

  • Ms. Lisa

    You're in my town. Looks like you brought the heat with you :) Enjoy the city. It has LOTS to offer. And shame on you for not knowing that we had a baseball team. Go Nats! If you get a chance, try to make it to the National Harbor (about 15 minutes outside the city…you should be able to take a water taxi from Water Street, SW) and the Inner Harbor (30-40min) in Baltimore.

  • Umm Amirah

    Oh wow a true change of pace. The Chocolate city..hmmm

    Places to EAT:
    Founding farmer (GWU Metro)
    Cake Love (U street and Silver spring Metro)
    Mama Ayesha's (woodly park)
    Mr. Chens-organic chinese (woodly park)
    anywhere on 18th street (world fair)
    Red Velvete Cupcakes- 7th street (Verizon center)
    Ketchup (National Harbor)

    Places to Visit:
    Smithsonian- Shackler museum, Natural history
    The Spy Museum
    The Newseum
    Georgetown (New Apple store)
    Pentagon City ( Metro station)
    The Washiongton Monument (get tickets prior)
    The Botanical Gardens
    Senate tour (contact your FL Sentators)
    The White House (near my job)

    Take lots of Pics and stay hydrated

  • Redbonegirl97

    I need to head to DC and see friends. I haven't been there in almost 20 years.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  • Charlotte

    Oh DC, my favorite city!!!

    Have a blast and stay cool…it can get HOT really fast.

    The Smithsonian of Natural History is amazing and a favorite and even though it's not super luxe it's a family tradition to always go to Phillip's Flagship for the seafood buffet!!!


  • Angelica

    My hometown!! Place of birth and favorite city!! have fun:)

  • LA Beauty BEAT

    I live here. All the comments gave great advice. Try out Eatonville, Busboys and Poets and the Newseum. Hopefully it will off a little. If you get a break tweet me and we can meet up.

  • Askmewhats

    sweet B! Enjoy your vacation! You deserve this!

  • CY♥

    you're in my areaaaaaaa!!!!!! maybe we'll see each other?! HA! enjoy it & stay COOL cuz its HOT!!

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    enjoy your holiday..wish i can be there like you…