Adventures in Summer Shopping

I’m not much of a shopper. I know, I know…it just doesn’t seem right but I’ve never liked going from store to store for many hours at time. I usually only go when I NEED something and even then, I’m out within an hour. I blame my Mom for spending hours in department stores when I was younger. I swear I spent half of my before I could drive life in Sears and Dillard’s.

And even when I do go shopping, I make a bee-line to the clearance racks. Virtually everything I buy is on sale!

When I was in D.C. I copped this oversized shirt.

It wasn’t even on sale. That never happens! And the other day, I got the cutest wedges at Target for $9!

Oh yes…they’re cute and comfortable; a must have for a size 10 flat footed sista like myself.

But I’m a wee bit lost when it comes to shopping for other outfits for summer. I’ve got several maxi dresses, bermuda shorts and tanks but I really want to step my game up in the fashion department. I have to dress professionally during the week but on the weekends I want to look hot!!

What are styles are you rockin’ this summer?

  • natasha1821

    I like floral this summer. And crop tops, and racerback tanks. And a nice pair of sandals.

  • Expanding Beauty

    get a nice breezy pair of white pants. I have several one linen, one boot cut denim and a skinny jean in white. They are great alternative to jeans and feel very summery

  • izumi

    LOVE those wedges! how high are those heels? i find myself trying to stay away from anything taller than 3in (though i do have some hotttttt 4in heels if i do say so myself) for those "nights out".

    hm.. i dont' know THAT much about summer fashion 😛 i do keep seeing commercials about "dressing up your shorts" from, something like macy's? i forget. so much for effective commercials 😛 hawhawhaw.

  • Askmewhats

    how about Floral dresses? and more of those hot sexy wedges? Aawww so exciting! You loot hot everyday dear!

  • kermitfrog70

    I'm not qualified to give fashion advice, but just wanted to say that those wedges look sooo cute on your feet. Absolutely adorable!

  • Friday

    I feel you on that time limit, mine is 45 min tops. I know what I need and it's always a snatch and grab mission :)

  • ChiChi

    A 10, huh? I might need you to let me come look in your closet. LOL

  • Sophia

    Cute shoes! Being 5'2, I need all the height I can get! Haha. I've been hearing that turquoise is the summer color. Have you heard any of that? I'm trying to figure out how to incorporate it into my wardrobe/makeup. Ugh. Any help?

  • mrsaleg

    I'm lovin…

    1. Floral and nautical stripes.

    2. I have a romper and dress that look like a medium wash jean material but are made out of breathable, light fabric. The jean look is very in…jean tops, jean summer dresses (seen alot at my Ross), cropped jean jackets with floral dresses, jean shorts. Keep in mind the jean look is in, but dresses, rompers, and tops arent jean material, they just look like jean.

    3. White bottoms…shorts, capris, skinny jeans

    4. Simple racerback tanks with a little bit of detail.

    5. Rompers, Rompers, Rompers!!!

    6. Cute "not so" gladiator sandals. (Simple but cute)—gold, silver, black and white are must haves.

    7. Summer dresses that are above or at the knee.

    …that's all I can think of right now. :)