Amor de Lacquer: Kiss Paint & Stencil Kit

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A lot of you have been asking me about nail art and designs. I SO wish I had the time to do them more often but I have a hard time even polishing my nails these days. I know, I know. So unlike me but I’ve been one lazy lady these days. 

I had the opportunity to test drive Kiss’s Paint & Stencil kit and had super high hopes for it.

Hit the jump to see if it rocked my world. Or…not.

If you’re a newbie when it comes to nail art and design, a kit like this is the way to go.

This one comes with two pages of stencils and three nail art polishes. And it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out how to use the stencils.

BAM! Seems pretty simple, right? To test it out, I used Illamasqua’s hot pink polish in Collide.

First up, the application of the stencil.

And then a bit of white nail art polish on top.

I gently pulled the tab and…

Um…is that it? I was expecting some magic. I tried again with the black polish and another stencil.

Uh? Not so much. I left the stencils alone and tried to play around with the nail art polishes a bit.

The consistencies of the black and white seemed to be a little too watery for my liking. But I managed to crank out a bit of a design anyway.

The kit isn’t priced badly and for $6.99, I thought it would deliver. But nope…between the watery polishes and stencils that you CAN’T re-use, I’m not sure if I would use it again. The good news is, you can always use the brushes with a polish of your choice.

See! There’s always a bright side!

To get more info about the kit, check it out here.

Your fellow nail polish junkie,
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  • Anonymous

    Heyy I have that same kit! They also sell a similar one with blue, green and pink polishes did you know? I think the polishes are ok, pretty similar to LA colors nail art polishes I think, but the stencils.. yeah. Totally useless. But the funny part is, you said they're cheap cause they were $6.99.. And I thought they were cheap when they were like 13 euros at the local store… yeah. I wish I didn't live in one of the most expensive countries in europe! >.<

  • Gigi

    Meh. I'll stick to my regular Konad. :) They come out slightly crisper when you do the stamping.