Beauty Review: COVERGIRL LiquiLine Blast Eye Liners

Remember when I was trying to sell my left leg to buy excited about COVERGIRL’s newest eyeliners?

Check this out!

Here’s to hoping their performance is as beautiful as they are. Chow!
First things first…here are some stats on the kids.

  • They retail for $7.99. And of course if you catch a buy 1, get 1 free sale…holla!
  • The amazing Pat McGrath, P&G Global Creative Design Director was one of the masterminds behind the gorgeous shade palettes.
  • These liners are infused with silicone to help keep them long lasting. 
  • They come in 6 shades; the three shown in this post, a silver, brown and black. 
At a glance, I thought that the three that I tested would all have the same finish, but it looks like Violet Spark  is matte.
Blue Bloom and Green Glow take on a bit of a creamier and semi-metallic finish. This is definitely my preference! In fact, out of all of them, Blue Bloom is my favorite.
 I think Green Glow is too cool for my skin tone And Violet Voltage in all of her matte-ness is a bit of a pain to apply. It takes a few strokes on the waterline to get it to really stay. But by then, you’re in tears!

On the opposite side of each liner comes a smudger tip.

I never really smudge my liner unless I’m going for a sultry night look but just to show y’all how easy it is, I gave it a whirl…

Now for some swatch tests. I do these tests each time I try a new eyeliner. I figure if they can stay put without budging on my hand, then they’ll do even better on my waterline.

Funny how Blue Bloom practically disappears because check it out after an 8 hour workday and jog outside.

Boo yah!

So are the liners worth a try? I think so. Blue Bloom is a must have. I’ve been wearing is daily since I got it!

Have you tried these kids yet?

Your fellow nail polish junkie,

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  • Zoffe

    Those liners look awesome! :)
    I love bright metallic liners!

    Now they just need to make CoverGirl available where I live, haha :)

  • em

    I wish we had covergirl where i live.. we have max factor which basically has the same products but the price is super high (well EVERYTHING here is)! The false lash effect (aka, lash blast) for instance costs 17 euros.. you dont wanna convert that to dollars you'd be shocked lol.

  • Kearea’

    i would love to try them, but have to do more research cuz i heard covergirl tests on animals..

  • Amour

    B I actually just purchased 3 black ones to take the place of my UD 24/7 zero (although nothing can take it's place) from Ulta. Right now they are only $5.59. So I was glad to catch them on sale. I think I'm going to break down and get the brown and blue one, and maybe the purple one because I like the finish.

  • Anonymous

    Yo B,
    You wrote the three shown, a silver, brown and black.
    I see blue, purple and green.


  • MiMi

    Yo B, I got the Green and Purple one. I really really really like that the purple is matte and I can't wait to try the green one.

  • Stacy

    @ Anonymous- she was saying there are 6 shades total, the three shown, plus silver, black & brown. Her wording was correct.

    @ B – this is probably the dumbest question ever, but are you actually applying to the waterline or just below the lashline? I have one of the similar L'oreal HIP pencils and I've never even used it yet. I can't really tell from the pics. Help me out please.

  • AcademyofGlam

    Loving the metallic blue. Will definitely try these liners and might recommend to my clients.

  • ladyish

    I just got these in at my store and when i did a swatch test with them they really didn't come off. I think it has to do with how hard you press when you draw the line. I haven't seen the green being sold in canada, but i guess thats a good thing. I love greens but it woulda looked terrible on me lol

  • B

    Glad you ladies are loving these!

    Anon—> Stacey is right. :)

    Stacey—> Not a dumb question at all. I'm applying to the waterline. Loves ya!

    ladyish—> Heyyy, don't say that. You can rock any color!!