Clumps Turns 3 Winners List!

My nephew and Clumps’ 3rd anniversary model Addaeyomi thanks y’all for the love and support shown last month!

As promised, below is the winners’ list. Please excuse the delay. It took longer than expected because I had a hard time tracking down a lot of the winners.

If your name is listed below and you have NOT received your product, don’t worry…it’s a comin’. Remember there’s only one me and a TON of winners and I am doing my best to fulfill winnings and get them in the mail. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email me at

Congrats to our winners!!

Site winners:
Tracey in Alabama
Alesia in Texas
Allison in Orlando
Michelle in Canada
Bridget in California
Shalonda in Tampa Bay
Tracy from Michigan
Crystal from Ohio
Jessica in Virgina
Latisha in Wisconsin
Danielle in California
Breanne in Indiana
Elizabeth in Georgia
Ashley in New Jersey
Helen in West Virginia
Meg in Georgia
Kate in Delaware
Chai in Brooklyn

Twitter Winners:
Michelle in Australia
Richa in Australia
Tara in Massachusetts
Andrea in D.C.

Facebook Winners:
Anu in New York
Asheera in Kansas
Ja’Nelle in Virginia
Geri in New Jersey
Tralese in Ohio
Wendy in Minnesota
Cassandra in Michigan
Stephanie in Mississippi
Katie in Los Angeles

YouTube Winners:
Crystal in California
Naomi in Winscon
Kheisha in Georgia
Jocelyn in Florida
Katrina in California
Idette in California
Kebia in South Carolina
Eve in Georgia
Sun in Washington

And congratulations to Anu in New York who was the winner of the Clarisonic Mia. I enjoyed reading ALL 420 entries from that contest.

If you’re pouting because you didn’t win anything, pick up that lip, suga. I’ve got 3 more International friendly giveaways.

Stay tuned!

  • tara williams

    Yay! I'm a winner! Lol xoxoxo thanks sweets! Hope ya feel better soon! TARA.

  • Stacy

    Congrats to all the winners! You had an amazing celebration and gave away some amazing prizes!!!!

  • Clarisonic

    Congrats to the Clarisonic Mia winner and to all the winners who participated. Thanks for making Clarisonic a part of this awesome giveaway. Happy 3rd Birthday. Cheers!

  • Crystal Prado

    Thank you sooooo much for my prize. It just arrived the other day and I had fun playing with it already. Everything you did for everyone was phenomenal and really showed your true character. You put a lot of effort into making this anniversary spectacular and it was nothing less than that. Your hard work brought a ton of smiles and I hope that you will always see that and hear it from you followers. This was a blast and I had fun the whole time. Thanks again for everything that you did.

    And don't change no matter what anybody tells you!

  • B

    Tara—> Thank you so much, sis! And congrats on your win!

    Stacy—> Thanks for your video. I really did almost drop a tear on that one.

    Clarisonic—> You guys rock!! The end! :)

    Crystal—> I'm so glad you got and and you're enjoying it. Doing all of those giveaways was a ton of work but the love and support I get from Clumps readers makes it all worth it. Next year will be bigger. Thanks for hangin' in there with me. :)

  • Redbonegirl97

    Dayum, I guess better luck next year.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  • Eve

    Wow! All those winners. Yeah, it must have been a lot of work! Im one of the youtube winners and I love in Virginia, but it says I live in Georgia. Lol! I wish! I would love to live in the south. Your nephew is gorgeous. I'm in awe of his hair and he looks just like you. He could easily pass as your son.