FOTD Friday: 4 ways to use Make Up For Ever aqua creams

This week’s look is brought to you by Make Up For Ever and the letter “O” for Ohmigoodness, I need every single aqua cream in my life now. Okay…I’m getting carried away. Let me start from the beginning.

There it was. The Make Up For Ever booth at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week-Swim. After attacking waiters with food on silver platters patiently waiting our turn, Nikki New and I headed over for our appointment. Nikki thought that I would be the one getting the make-up but heavens no…she would be the easel, I would be the annoying sidekick shrieking at the beautiful application of each aqua cream.

While Nikki and her fabulous make-up artist talked about the look they were going for, I walked around being nosy.

Okayyyyy, forget about things you would do for a Klondike bar. What would YOU do for that make-up kit? Icy eyeballs, it looks amazing!

I headed back over to the gals to see that they’ve already applied #21, a vibrant turquoise aqua cream on the water line.

Nikki already had on turquoise eyeliner so instead of removing that, our artist (whose names I SO forgot) worked right on top of it. Next up was #20, an intense blue that I should have had in my life yesterday.

She applied that right on the lower lashline. #12, a muted gold that looks ah-mazing on brown skin. It almost reminds me of MAC’s Indianwood paint pot.

That went right on the lid. This worked perfectly for Nikki because she has those beautiful deep set eyes.

Nikki’s face was buffed with HD foundation…

And guess what the make-up artist used on her cheeks? Remember that #10 deliciously orange aqua cream that I used on my lids last week? Who knew that could work as a blush?

Gorgeous! And then she used #25 super gloss on her lips. I LOVE this chocolate gloss. I need that in my life too!

Stunning, right?! Oh…forgot to show you the fourth way you can use an aqua cream…

In your hair! Shut…up. That’s #8, a tomato red. So freakin’ cool!

Have you tried MUFE’s aqua creams yet? Which ones are you lovin’?

Have a great weekend!

  • Isis

    *outta lurkmode*

    I'm diggin Make Up Forever…that Aqua Blue is the truth…but I love Nikki's hair!!! I twisted my hair like that last summer but her color makes it look extra fab.

  • B

    Yay for a lurker popping up!!!

    Nikki got like 10 compliments on her hair. It was gorgeous!!!

  • Askmewhats

    wow Never see these cuties! they are super bright and wonderful! I can wear it alone and look fab!

  • Miss Yaya

    I feel like y'all are my Floridian cousins now! Nikki looks supa dupa fab. Lovin the side twist. Remind me I'm overdue for a trip to the M I A please?

  • Amina

    Nikki looks amaazing! I love her hair and the make up!!!

  • Happy

    on the hair! shut up is right! and nikki eyes llok great with the blue. oh and she has great lid space

  • gio

    Nikki looks great! I love the hair and the makeup is beautiful. Those colors look so bright and pigmented!

  • Nikia

    These aqua creams are calling my name! Taking a trip to Sephora trip today!

  • Trisha

    I want it, I want it, I want it. Ugh, this Aqua Creams look delish.

  • UrbanGlamGyrl

    wow, what a beautiful look. i'm going to play around this weekend and see what i have that i can copy this look with because it is too urban glam!!! me likey a lot!

  • Tatted*Sparkles

    oh wow!! looks awesome..gotsta get me some of that!

  • Michelle’s Ethnic skin care

    I do like the shimmery effect but I'm wondering. What's in their products.

    I don't mean to be the damp cloth here. I'm just wondering if they have any kind of parabens in the product???

    I had tried MAC pots several times and while the eye creams don't bother me, their overall face make up is too harsh on my sensitive skin.

    P.S. I still using the MAC honeypot every now and then. I'm not about to throw away good money!

  • Miss Moon the Brooklyn Geechee

    Must… save… money… must…not…go…to…Sephora…. LOL

    Seriously, what a beautiful, fun look for summer. I know that try as I might… I'm taking my tuchus over to Sephora come payday JUST so I can recreate this!!!

  • Kriss Daniels

    How do you apply that too your hair though is what I want to know?

  • I love Makeup Forever! I actually use their foundation! Do they sell their liguid eyeliners at Sephora.. I am officially in LOVE!!!

    • Brittany

      They sure do!

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