FOTD Friday: My Summer 2010 Look

It’s hot, y’all. Like…REALLY hot. I’m from Florida and I still complain about the heat on a regular. I refuse to walk around with a face of make-up that will end up melting in 2.3 minutes. Not to mention my skin tends to do 10x better when I don’t put anything on it. For an everyday look I’ve been doing my basic facial sunscreen, liner, mascara and gloss. That’s it!

But every now and then a girl has to get jazzy. So I’ve found my no fuss, sweat-proof and simple summer look. And it’s starring one of the sexiest blushes EVER!

This highlighter came from MAC’s To The Beach collection and I’ll be honest…I really only purchased it for packaging sake. Which so isn’t like me but even I can fall victim to pretty packaging every now and then.
Okay, so don’t hate me but this look is uneventful. But it’s simple and when I’m rushing in the morning and it’s already 80 degrees at 8:00 a.m., that’s what a sista needs. But even this is a rarity. My skin tends to flare up something serious in the summer time. I get clusters of pimples all on my cheeks.

Well hello hyperpigmentation and sunburned skin! Less is more with my skin but when I do a little something more, here’s the route I take.

I prep my eyes with my old faithful L’Oreal HIP creamy shadow in Witty. I use it as a base AND an eye shadow. Then I whip out Lancome’s Vintage…

…and apply it right in the outer-V.

Then I sweep a white matte shadow from my Coastal Scents 88 eye shadow palette under the brow.

I grab Eyeko’s Grafitti pen in Navy and Urban Decay’s Flipside to line my eyes. I top the eye look off with the ever so fabulous Maybelline The Falsies mascara.

After dapping just a bit of Iman’s Luxury Radiance Liquid Makeup on the cheeks, I take that On the Beach and sweep it from my temples down to my cheekbones.

 That’s some serious shimmer, baby!

Wham, bam, thank you, ma’am! That look takes no more than 4 minutes to do. But 5 if you’re jammin’ to an old Spice Girls song.

And then I apply the ever so wondeful NYX African Queen.

I LOVE this lip gloss. Get it in your life STAT!

And off I go! With a look like this I can only be going one place. Can you guess?

LOL! Me and my dramatics. This is what happens when you apply nail polish 2 minutes before you fall asleep. Talk about an epic fail! That’s Sally Hansen’s Xtreme Wear in Purple Potion.

B being B…

I just can’t seem to part with this Hello Kitty necklace turned rusty rearview mirror charm.

HK is my homie!

Have a fabulous weekend,

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  • Abigail

    love the blush! love your blog!! keep it up!

  • gio

    Very pretty!

  • Ms. Lisa

    I like that blush too. Right now, I'm using my bronzer brick for my entire look. LOL A lil shimmer goes a long way. I have that Sally Hansen nail color and love it. I too get those "designs" on my nails from trying to polish close to bed time.

  • Amour

    B love this look it's very soft and everyday wearable. Of course the polish is an amazing color I must have that in my life. The blush is nice but no shimmer for me I already have the shine from…well you know so i'm trying to get my hands on MAC's Coppertone and Plumfoolery.

  • Makeup by Kim Porter

    Very pretty. I love the mermaid highlight powder as a blush.

    I agree with you about heat & makeup. I envy woman who can do it. I just can't. I sweat way too much.

  • sel

    don't think it ain't hot in nc too, girl. got in my car the other day and the thermometer read 107. ONE HUNDRED AND SEVEN. so needless to say i've hardly worn makeup all summer either.

  • Miss Mandii

    Love the look – quick, simple and no fuss. We can't be drowning in foundation in the summer heat!! By the way, love the bedsheet manicure! ;P

  • npc6693

    OMG…That happens to me ALL the time. I call it the "Morning After Bad Nail Job." But I always convince myself the next day that it's not so bad by saying in my mind "you just added a lil texture to your nails" LOL SMH.

  • Connie De Alwis

    you look hot! I always love a pop of color on the lower lash line for summer looks :)

  • Ugochi @ Beauty 365

    love the eyeliner!