How do you store your rings?

Super random question, but I get it a lot! My YouTube fam is funny like that. I’ll spend 8 minutes talking about a mascara and half of the questions will be like…

“Where did you get that ring from?”
“You have a lot of rings. Do you spend a lot of money on them?”

Hilarity. Truth is, I don’t think I’ve ever spent more than $10 on a ring. I have over two dozen of them…which doesn’t seem like a lot to me. Don’t y’all judge me…

 So how do I store these kids? On my wall!

I’m a huge lover of extra large and colorful costume and cocktail rings. I store them on a ring sheet that I got for a whooping $3 at this groovy two story discount boutique in NYC called Earrings Plaza.

3/4ths of my rings come from my seasonal trips to the City. Looks like it’s time to re-up.

Do you wear rings? How do you store them?

  • Perla

    I Love Big Statement Rings!

  • xin

    that's a huge collection compared to mine! I only have a few and I am not a big fan of rings as they really irritate my skin alot :( especially when it is fitting

  • ShanSoPink

    I have a hard time finding rings because my fingers are so big I wear about a 9/10

  • Askmewhats

    I love wearing jewelry rings and I just store them in a case, yours look way much better!

  • LaNeshe

    You have a great collection. I don't wear any rings other than my wedding ring most of the time.

  • gio

    You have a very nice collection. I like rings but I have only a few of them cos it's hard for me to find some that fit.

  • Ezzie

    Love the rings! I have a few rings that I usually store in a little glass bowl, but I tend to misplace them quite often 😛

  • Bri

    I adore rings! I have a lot of jewelry, but they're on my hands on a daily basis. I store them on one of those multi-purpose jewelry racks from Icing by Claires [they rest on these top loopy thingies haha]. So yeah!

    Xo, Bri

  • littlemissblahblah

    I love your rings!! What store do you usually buy those rings? :)