Mascara Monday: Lancôme’s Définicils Precious Cells mascara giveaway!!

| July 12, 2010 | 219 Comments

Hi lovelies!

With me being sick and all, I just didn’t get around to reviewing any mascaras. But don’t you worry, mon…I’ve got a lil’ somethin’ somethin’ for ya.

TWO lucky ladies will have the opportunity to score Lancôme’s Définicils Precious Cells mascara.

Remember when I reviewed it here? I’m still lovin’ every bit of it and my friends at Lancôme want to treat TWO lucky Clumps gals with the opportunity to try it out.

Leave a comment telling me your favorite Lancôme product 
(if you can choose) AND your email address in THIS POST ONLY.

Zee Rules:
-International friendly! From London to Liberia and from Tallahassee to Thailand!

-Contest ends  Monday, July 19, 2010 at 12:00 pm EST
-Have you won a giveaway within the past 6 months? Give someone else a chance, homie. 
-Winner will be selected at random
-Family members/personal friends of B are not eligible
-In the event that a winner does not respond in 3 days, another person will be selected

Ready, set…go!! If you have any questions, email me at Good luck!

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Comments (219)

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  1. Lunachique says:

    I have actually never tried a Lancome product before so I would sure love to try this! @Lunachique on Twitter

  2. Tamara says:

    The infamous bifacil … i try to conserve it, but when I do get to use it … o m g


  3. Linda says:

    I just bought the Oscillation Powder Foundation today and I have to say I love it's vibrating application. So much fun! Although… I tried Hypnose Volume Mascara (it came with the free gift that started today) and I liked that too… and since I am a big fan of mascara and eyeliner I'm gonna have to choose Hypnose… XD Those are the only things I've ever tried with Lancome.


  4. Imani says:

    Hey B! I love, love, love Lancome Juicy Tubes! I've been hooked since I got a sample at the counter last year :D Sun bronze is my favorite.

  5. L. Michelle says:

    I have Lancome mascara that I have had for a while that was free from Sephora. I LOVE IT. It really makes my short lashes pop.


  6. t3rpGurl says:

    I always go to Sephora before work to use the Juicy Tubes Jelly lips gloss. The shine is perfect and it lasts


  7. kelliegonzo says:

    hey girl! you know my favorite lancome product would be their nail polish :D the last one that i tried was the purple one that spaaaaakkkkllleeeddd like the sun <3

    kelliegonzoblog at gmail dot com

  8. Mia says:

    I don't think I can narrow it down :)

  9. Tiana says:

    On my starving college student's budget, I haven't been able to splurge on any Lancome yet. BUT! I've heard so many glowing reviews on this mascara, I've been dying to try it!


  10. Becky says:

    My favorite Lancome product are the Juicy Tubes.

  11. LovintheBlessin says:

    I love the Pure Empreinte Masque, it makes my skin so beautiful, people stop me on the street to ask me about my foundation, and i tell them its just healthy skin!

  12. Karen E. Duncan says:

    My Lancome favs are Definicils Mascara and Color Fever Lip Glosses but I love their skincare too. Lancome has been one of my favorite cosmetic lines for years!

    MakUpDiva (at) gmail (dot) com

  13. Millie says:

    I can't afford to buy the products myself but I loved my mom's cleanser "Galatee Confort".
    snowleopard_al AT hotmail DOT com

  14. Fay. H. says:

    I love Lancome's Hypnoses mascara! I haven't found anything better than it, but the steep price is a turn-off for me. I haven't bought another one… =(

    Email me at digital_syren at hotmail dot com

  15. Lisa N. says:

    My favourite Lancome product is their juicey tubes gloss!

    email: lisang91 AT hotmail DOT com

  16. Step says:

    I've only tried the Virtuose mascara but I enjoyed it quite a bit. Someday I will splurge again!

    email: infa1 (at) cheerful (dot) com

  17. Lyly Anne says:

    well i've only ever tried their sample mascara, and it starts with D, i forgot. but yeah (:

  18. Mary O. says:

    The only Lancome product that I've tried are the Juicy Tubes, but I LOVE them!

  19. JoJo says:

    I have yet to try a Lancome product.
    I am very anxious to try one of their mascaras though. I've heard great things!!! I have semi-long lashes with some volume (slightly lucky, I know) but I LOVE LOVE LOVE dramatic lashes for everyday!

  20. Jamies says:

    I LOVE their Concealer! its the best in town yo! :D

    to bad I don't own it and instead my best friends mom owns it. T_T

    - Love Jamie ~

  21. Aryana says:

    I adore Lancome's original definicils mascara and would love to try this new variety! :)


  22. brolston4 says:

    So far I've only tried their Juicy Tubes lipgloss, which is amazing! Thanks for this awesome giveaway :)

  23. Silverstargirl says:

    I m ur follower as Silverstargirl.
    i follow u on twitter as Silverstargirl2.

    I love and adore Lancome Products, so cannot choose one. anyways i love their lip colors. they are so nice and smooth thats the best part.
    now i would love to try that Lancôme's Définicils Precious Cells Mascara. :)

  24. Crystal K. says:

    I use the lancome cils booster xl everyday. This is the first lancome product I have honestly tried and I love it! It works wonders for my short lashes. I have heard great reviews about lancome's mascaras, but i have never had the chance to try one out. I'd love to try their lancome definicils precious cells. I'm a huge fan of mascara just because I love to see my eyelashes pop :)!


  25. LOVEKITZY says:

    i was definitely hooked on their juicy tubes for the longest time! (email:

  26. Angela (SparkleMidori) says:

    definitely the makeup remover

  27. constellations7 says:

    I am in love with the lancome juicy tubes! i got a gift set for christmas with a variety of them, and i'm hooked. i would love the opportunity to try out some more lancome products!


  28. Niika says:

    my favourite lancome product is Teint Miracle Lit-from-Within foundation

  29. My-Linh says:

    I love Bi-Facil makeup remover and Hypnose Volume mascara, though both I've only had in GWP form. :)


  30. Amour says:

    Currently the only Lancome products I do have are lipglosses (I adore lipgloss) so I'd have to say of all them it has to be the Seal & Shine top coat in Gold Sparkle. It's not really heavy so when applied to the perfect lipstick it doesn't weigh it down and adds that perfect bit of sparkle.

  31. Anonymous says:

    My absolute favourite is Fatale mascara. Or it used to be my favourite. It's a shame they discontinued it. It was absolutely magic, the best mascara I've had. And believe me I had tons of mascaras:-)
    krisztab at gmail dot com

  32. vvaffe says:

    Hi there! I really really like Lancome mascaras, I think they are the 'top' of make-up products. For me, Lancome Hypnose is the best. And I also enjoy Juicy Tubes, yeah!

  33. indigo. says:

    The Bifacil. I know it's almost cliche to say it, but the stuff is amazing. I found it in my mom's bathroom and it was the first, and best, makeup remover I've ever used.

  34. Malcaj says:

    I've never used any Lancome products but I always wanted to try the Juicy tubes and this mascara.

  35. Sarah Hussain (Innocent122) says:

    I m ur follower
    Sarah hussain(Innocent122)

    My favorite Lancome product are the Juicy Tubes.

  36. Sadi says:

    New follower Sadi.

    I love their makeup remover

  37. FustyLuggz says:

    I have tried, and enjoyed, the Juicy Tubes. I've always wanted to try one of their mascaras because I always hear good things about it.

  38. Nicole says:

    I love a Lancome lipstick. They tend to be very pigmented. Some of them can be a little dry but others are rather creamy. Seems to depend on the color I guess. Thanks for this opp!

  39. Sunshiney says:

    My only lancome product is La Laque Fever. I bought it around the time of my wedding and really love it. But I would love to try more :)sarjus@ gmail. com

  40. Crystal says:

    I love Lancome's Bi-Facil eye make-up remover. It is totally awesome!!


  41. Alefiyah says:

    lancome hypnose mascara is awesome! I got a sample and never got round to buying the full tube.. would love to try this :)

  42. antithesis says:

    my favorite is EASILY bifacil!

    invrtdreflection at gmail dot com

  43. Anonymous says:

    For the longest time, I used the Nivea eye-makeup remover, until my bestie got me the lancome bi-facil eye makeup remover. I haven't looked back since!
    First time entering and an avid follower. Power to ya, B!



  44. Rachael says:

    Definately any of their mascaras; I love them so much but can't justify the $$$. Juicy Tubes lipgloss are also the bomb!

  45. LJ says:

    I really love their Bi-Facil eye makeup remover. I also love that it comes with most of their gift with purchases, so I hardly ever have to actually buy it.

    lauraebier at gmail dot com

  46. Gin says:

    Bi Facil! (With Juicy Tubes as a runner-up.)


  47. Farrah says:

    I have never tried any of the Lancome products:( So I would love to have a opportunity to try this out:)

  48. Lynnette R. says:

    I love the Lancome Lipsticks! They last forever and they go on really smooth!


  49. Anonymous says:

    I love Lancome Hynose Drama mascara!

  50. Vanessa S says:

    I love Lancome mascaras….They definitely lengthen my lashes!!

  51. Tialuv says:

    Hiyyee!! Love your blog first off.

    My favorite Lancome product would easily be the Maquicomplet full coverage concealer. Talk about some good quality stuff. Love Love Love it!!! My mommy used Lancome for years, so of course I do now.


  52. bayctygrl says:

    I love the Lancome Bi-Facil
    Double-Action Eye Makeup Remover

    hippopurplemonkey at yahoo dot com

  53. Lindsey says:

    I like Bi-Facil Double Action Eye Make Up Remover!

    Lindsey.huber @

  54. natasha1821 says:

    I have never tried any of there products. But I would love to try this.

    rnatasha1821 at yahoo dot com

  55. Stacy says:

    My fave Lancome product is the original Defincils. I've only used the mini tubes that come in the gift with purchase but I think it's the bomb!

    And btw B….change that contest end date to read July 19th. June 19th has come & gone. LOL :)

  56. wittydreamer says:

    I love the juicy tube lipglosses by far one of the best products ever!! I always love your blog B!

  57. Shawnta says:

    I love Lancome's Hypnose Drama mascara.

    @SBailey7 – Twitter
    Shawnta Howard Bailey – Facebook

  58. Anonymous says:

    I love Juicy Tubes!

    Crystal S.

  59. Annelise says:

    Lancome Hypnose is fantastic… but not as great as Clumps of Mascara and Miss Fancy B! My email is :) Thanks for this fun giveaway!

  60. Annie1 says:

    My favourite Lancome product is Definicils, Non Waterproof, Black Mascara!

    The best mascara, hands down!

    I'd be interested in trying this though ;-)


    nancyrobster at gmaill dot com

  61. BrooklynShoeBabe says:

    Poême Eau de Parfum is my favorite Lancome product.

    My email address is rakisha dot white at gmail dot com

  62. LilyBiscuit says:

    I love their mascaras, but, for my super dry eye area I buy Lancome Progres eye cream (when my budget lets me)….when I don't use it the difference is major :) Thanks!

    vac924 at gmail dot com

  63. G says:

    I really love pretty much all their mascaras but i still haven't tried this one out! :) oh and i also like juicy tubes, especially the one in fraise.
    Thanks for the giveaway B!

  64. Jess says:

    I've only ever tried the Definicils mascara, but I loved it; it was amazing. Definitely want to try this one too!

  65. Les'Nspired Expressions says:

    Hi! Lancome as always been a bit pricey for me so I've never tried it. Wld luv 2 try his tho… gotta luv mascaras.. Thanks for the contest!

    Have a beautiful day and hope you are feeling much better!

  66. Les'Nspired Expressions says:

    Hi! Lancome as always been a bit pricey for me so I've never tried it. Wld luv 2 try his tho… gotta luv mascaras.. Thanks for the contest!

    Have a beautiful day and hope you are feeling much better!

  67. Tess says:

    I love so many Lancome products that it is difficult to pick a favorite. Everything I've used – and I've used everything – it great. Right now I'm loving the Magnifique fragrance.

    E-mail is

  68. Happy says:

    I have to be honest Ive never tried Lancome products. Heard good things about em though. and I love Arlenis Sosa. She is beautiful. my email is happyhubbs at gmail dot com

  69. Anonymous says:

    i haven't tried any of theire beauty products, but i got the Oil control cleansing gel for Christmas, and i love it so much!

  70. Angela says:

    I haven't had the opportunity to try any Lancome products, although I have heard a lot about the Juicy Tubes. I would love to try this mascara.

  71. Tracy says:

    I have not tried any of their products! Only because the price is quite steep. I would love to try this mascara =]

  72. Apple Juice says:

    My favorites are Lancome Hypnose mascara and Lancome Bi-Facil make up remover!

  73. Jenna says:

    I love Lancome juicy tubes
    jennabarson at gmail dot com

  74. Ezzie says:

    I adore the lancome artliner. Even though its' staying power is just eh, i love the wand design :D!
    xoxo.ezzie at gmail dot com

  75. Perla says:

    I Hope You Gett Better B, Well Its Hard To Choose
    Which Products I Like The Most
    I Have It Narrowed Down To
    2 Items. One Being Lancome Juicy Tubes,
    And The Other Being Rénergie Lift Makeup SPF 20 I Know I'm Young And Dont Need A Anit Aging Make-up
    But That Doesnt Mean I Can't Start Early. I Know Yoou Said One Be Giiirl I'm A Big Fan Of Lancome So I Could Just Narrow It Down:)

  76. Jess says:

    i sadly have never bought a lancome product, ive always wanted to try one though, their either too expensive or i can never go out & buy one. see i live it rehoboth delaware & what we have here is mostly drugstores, so i have to resort to rite-aid or walmart for my makeup products, dont get me wrong, i love drugstore brands but ive never tried any makeup other than drugstore brands. but if i had to pick one, i would say lancome hynose, that mascara looks great on your lashes.

    sincerely, jessica
    my email address is

  77. donna says:

    I love the bifacil eye makeup remover. Takes off even the heaviest stage makeup. It's a total staple in my makeup bag.

  78. Suri says:

    It has been years since I've used Lancome, but I really liked their cleansers. I also love Bifacil but I don't really buy it because of the price. I may treat myself for my birthday! :)

  79. Havilland says:

    Juicy lip gloss tubes & Tresor.

    Feel better soon!


    @HavillandSavage – Twitter

  80. Kathleen L says:

    I love The Bifacil makeup remover. It's perfect. AND Juicy Tubes.
    It's too hard to choose between them! :)

  81. Aisha says:

    Hey Chica, My all time favorite product is the Bi-Facil makeup remover. It tops all other brands!

  82. Krystal says:

    Ive never had the chance to try any Lancome products so I think this will be a great start!

  83. Anonymous says:

    I loooove their eyeshadows and blushes. Only have a few though, and they were presents.

  84. Anonymous says:

    I love their Mandarin Sky blush! Haven't had a chance to try their mascaras yet, waiting to finish off my current tube before I go looking for another.

  85. Anonymous says:

    double action eye makeup remover! its expensive so im super frugal with using it. but it is worth the money!

    dell891011 at yahoo dot com

  86. Zoe says:

    I never had the opportunity to try any of their products. I just find it hard to believe that a name brand is worth the price you pay. But maybe this mascara will change my mind?

  87. Verloren says:

    I love the mandarin sky blush

  88. Verloren says:

    I love the mandarin sky blush

  89. Claudia says:

    My fav product is the artliner eyeliner! It's the best eyeliner ever!


  90. Melissa Ann says:

    Has to be Hypnose Mascara! Cant live without it!

  91. Jo says:

    I love Lancome Tonique Douceur! Best toner I've ever tried :)


  92. leslie says:

    I love Lancomes'Aplum blush.I wear it everyday!

  93. dswelzel says:

    I'm loving Lancome's Lacewood lipstick on a daily basis. It's THE perfect neutral for me! Never did try one of their mascaras, though. I hope I win one so I can finally try it. If not, I'll need to pick one. Might be difficult since they've got so many!

  94. Gia says:

    I would say bifacil makeup remover. I like things that are gentle on my face but get the job done. Pefecto. Hopefully, i get to give this mascara a go.

  95. Fweenix says:

    I have never tried a Lancome product so I can't really tell you what my favorite one is, but I've always wanted to try one of their mascaras! In fact, every time I go into a Sephora, I touch the ÔSCILLATION mascara wand button and imagine…

    Anyways, my email is! <3

  96. Rachel says:

    This mascara is by far my favorite Lancome product. Not far behind is their eye makeup remover.

  97. fisiwoman says:

    Enter me please! I love Juicy Tubes Jelly lips gloss!!!

    Ana Belén R.M

  98. Anonymous says:

    I dont' have tried any Lancome product, but this would be the perfect first time!

    MªCarmen, jnb_88 at hotmail dot com

  99. -Blythe says:

    ~~~I have only tried their eye makeup remover and I love it! I would love to dip a bit more into their makeup line and this is the perfect opportunity :)


  100. npc6693 says:

    Unfortunately I don't own any Lancome products….but I'll sure like to try it. Enter me, please! npc6693 at

  101. Anonymous says:

    I've never tried any Lancome products. Although, I would love to try this mascara.
    (Please excuse any double comments. I kept getting an error message.)

  102. Juliana. says:

    Juicy Tubes and blush subtil shimmer in mandarin sky!

  103. Vanessa says:

    I only own one Lancome product, which is an eyeshadow quad with a gorgeous shimmery pink color. I LOVE it!

  104. Jan says:

    The only product i ever tried from lancome is their juicy tubes..loved 'em..Hope I win :)

    jan dot krish at gmail dot com

  105. Zofiana says:

    i've never tried a Lancome product but it will be a good time to start :)

  106. Lizzy says:

    I love the Bifacil make-up remover (just ran out of it actually *tear*) and I have a couple of their eyeshadow quads which are very rich and pigmented. I would buy more of their products if I had the money!


  107. Elizabeth says:

    I have never tried Lancome products and I REALLY want to. I've read your reviews and it makes me excited to try them!! :D


  108. bianca says:

    I'm a big fan of Lancome's Juicy Tubes. I would love to try this mascara! I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

  109. Bianca says:

    My personal FAV is Lancome's Juicy Tube in Touched By Light. It's lovely =)


  110. JcanAlena79 says:

    I adore Lancome JuicyTubes!!! Having a quality, natural product is important to me. My email addy is

  111. Rui says:

    The Dual-Finish Versatile Powder Makeup :)

  112. Grace says:

    lancome bifacil is my fave product!


  113. Sabrina says:

    I haven't tried many Lancome products, but I LOVE the Juicy Tubes! I am a true mascara fan and would love to try this one!


  114. Bree says:

    I am addicted to Lancôme's Dual Finish powder foundation! And I've been wanting to try the new mascara ;-)

    intlbreeze at gmail dot com

  115. Mattea says:

    I've never used Lancome before, but I've heard such good things about their mascaras that I hope this would be my first if I won. :)


  116. brandi says:

    Lancôme's color design blush in copperazzi.

  117. Tope says:

    I've actually used a lancome product, but just about everybody who uses this mascara says that they love it, so i want to try it out too.

  118. Mimi says:

    Ooooh! I never win anything so I'm putting my name in the pot just in case! LOL. That and the fact that I have a 6month old NYX mascara in my make-up bag that I don't like! My fav Lancome product is actually a perfume….Poeme. LOVEDED it!! need to get a new one soon!

  119. Shaima812 says:

    Hi ,

    My favourite products is Lancome Juicy Tubes and HYPNÔSE Custom-Wear Volume Mascara

  120. Caitlin says:

    I'm a poor college student… so I can't afford to even try Lancome!

  121. Yao says:

    My favorite Lancome product is the La Laque Fever. I love the color, the texture, the applicator, everything!

    My e-mail is primafacielike AT yahoo DOT com.

  122. STYLEEZTA says:

    My favorite is Lancome HYPNÔSE
    CUSTOM-WEAR VOLUME MASCARA! Pricey but worth it :D
    email styleezta at gmail dot com

  123. SH says:

    I never tried anything by Lancome (don't have the money) but would love to try this!

  124. AtelierGal says:

    My fave Lancome product is BB Kiss, created by Aaron de Mey. It is such an intricate little crayon that can be used dry & wet.

  125. Arue says:

    Please enter me! ^^
    My favourite Lancome product is my precious juicy tube! Love it!

  126. beautyvanity says:

    Thank you for this giveaway!
    I have so many favorite Lancôme products:
    perfume: Miracle
    Eyebrow: Modèle sourcils
    Mascara : Hypnôse Drama
    Lipgloss : Laque fever colour Crazy Clementine…
    I would like to try the one you are offering. My mail is :

  127. anhela says:

    I adore the Dual Finish power foundation, I've been wearing it for years! Great product with levels of coverage depending on what you need. Love it!

  128. Clara "Fizzbit" Leet says:

    I'd have to say my favorite Lancome product(s) are Oscillation Foundation and Effacernes Waterproof Concealer! Flawless coverage!

  129. havewrench2 says:

    I LOVE Lancome everything, it would be hard to pick a favorite. I would love to win this mascara!

  130. Leya says:

    My favorite Lancome product is the Hypnose mascara, I've used it for a while now. I want to try they're other products as well but i always fear to since i dont want to spend money and be dissapointed. They're make up remover is amazing as well.

  131. Adrianna says:

    My favourite Lancome products are the Juicy tubes ! Just adore them <3

    My email:

  132. Mrs. Fruticienta says:

    hi! i looove genifique! it's magical! and i would like to fall in love w/ precious cells!
    mi mail is veronica.ewk(at)

  133. Anonymous says:

    I love the Teint d'idole foundation….it has perfect coverage for me! Actually I love all things Lancome, especially Juicy Tubes!


  134. Shortiee31 says:

    Lancome hypnose mascara for sure!

  135. Anonymous says:

    My favorite Lancome product is the
    Définicils High Definition Mascara. I've only used the sample size and I love the way it lengthens and separates my lashes.

  136. Silvija says:

    lancome apskritai yra mano mylimiausia firma, jau vien kvapai ką apie tai sako, ypač klasikinis Tresor….mmmm… jį priimu dovanai kasmet ir nė kirk nesigailiu.

  137. Jerzeegrlone says:

    I love all Lancome products, but I have to say my very favorite is Defincils

  138. AnnaYJia says:

    My favorite product from Lancome is Juicy Tube ^^ They are so sweeeeeeet and so adorable .

  139. P. Cruz says:

    I've always wanted a Lancome mascara, or foundation, or anything. :)) I haven't tried anything from this prestigious brand before, but I'm sure whatever I will try will be awesome.

    My email's at

  140. Anonymous says:

    I love the juicy tubes lip glosses!
    It's a product that's so important to my daily make up routine!

    thelancomefan@(AT) live (DOT) com

  141. Anonymous says:

    I love the juicy tubes lip glosses!
    It's a product that's so important to my daily make up routine!

    thelancomefan@(AT) live (DOT) com

  142. xxnataliethaoxx says:

    My favorite two Lancome's products are the Duel finish powder, and the Hypnose Drama volume mascara
    Email me at

  143. Pez says:

    My favourite is Ôscillation by Lancome. It's the best!

    I found your blog via Lancome on Facebook!

  144. Nova says:

    love this mascara! works great and makes lashes feel wonderful…

  145. Jana says:

    Love, love, love Lancome's dual finish versatile powder makeup. Its SO versatile-provides minimal to full coverage and can be used two ways, dry or wet! Also a great deal…whats not to love! Been using since I was a teen, looks as good now that im heading towards middle age. Perfect for any skin type-I highly recommend it!


  146. Rachel says:

    I have never tried a Lancome product before (in my country, they are all marked up like crazzzzy) so I cannot comment. I would love to have some chance to see for myself and at least try more than 2 products to be able to choose my favourite one though T___T.

    Anyways, that's why I would love to participate in this. My email is

    Thank you lotssss for this opportunity!

  147. Anonymous says:

    Teint Idol!!!!!!! Ill never switch my foundation!

  148. caterina says:

    My favorite Lancome product has to be the definicils mascara! I've had my same mascara for almost a year! I love it so much that I don't know when ill let it go! Since your review on this new mascara was amazng I would love to try it!

  149. fatooma says:

    I love the juicy tubes!


  150. Anonymous says:

    My mom got me hooked on Lancome products a long time ago. Now I can't leave the house without their mascara, lip gloss, or a spritz of Miracle or Tresor (my favorite fragrances ever!). Email is, found you via Facebook :)

  151. Anonymous says:

    i've never used this mascara and i would love to try it!!!
    thanks for the giveaway!!!

    email :

  152. LadyMay507 says:

    Duel finish powder is THE BEST!

    ladymay dot ryan @gmail

  153. Arielle says:

    i love the juicy tubes. i'm a huge gloss junkie and they're one of my favorites.

  154. Mary says:

    I like La Laque Fever ultimate lasting full color lipshine.


  155. Birdie S. says:

    I adore the Génifique EyeYouth Activating Eye Concentrate

  156. min sin says:

    Lancôme's Définicils Precious Cells mascara

  157. Angie says:

    I love all of the Lancome mascara I've tried. The waterproof Hypnose is probably my favorite — talk about staying power! I just wish I could afford to buy more of it. I love Lancome, but I also like paying rent and eating :)

  158. anamaggie says:

    My favorite is the Hypnose Drama mascara!! This delivers those dramatic, non-clumpy long lashes!!!
    I haven't tried the Definisils yet! I really want to try it out! :D

  159. Andrea M. says:

    Lancome's mattifying face primer…love it for my oily skin!

  160. Diana Cote says:

    I love Lancôme 'Teint Idole Fresh Wear' 18 Hour Shine-Free Makeup with SPF 15.
    The Skin looks great and feels light.

  161. lauracamargojs says:

    I love Effacernes Concealer. I have really bad dark circles and that's the only thing that does the trick.

  162. dayna says:

    My favorite Lancome product is BI FACIL eye makeup remover! I was never able to take off my eye makeup without burning and stinging until I found this stuff.

  163. PB&J says:

    It's hard to top Définicils. I've always loved this product.

  164. PB&J says:

    It's hard to top Définicils. I've always loved this product.

  165. PB&J says:

    It's hard to top Définicils. I've always loved this product.

  166. PB&J says:

    It's hard to top Définicils. I've always loved this product.

  167. Anonymous says:

    Same here, I always try out lancome products at the counter and various places, but never get the chance to actually buy them, I have heard rave reviews about the mascaras and WOULD LOVE, I MEAN LOVE TO TRY THIS OUT, and KEEP it.:)

  168. Linda says:

    I adore Lancome! My favorite product is Le Crayon Kohl – I use the Black Coffee, as well as the discontinued Bleu de Jim. This gives you a rich color along the waterline without it running.

  169. . says:

    the bifacial eye makeup remover is a definite fave

  170. Anonymous says:

    I LOVE LANCOME…BUT, I WORSHIP Lancome's MIRACLE…it is the perfect perfume YEAR-ROUND!!

  171. Sicamica says:

    Lancome Fresh Wear foundation, that works well for my oily skin all day!


  172. Calicogirl21 says:

    I like Lacome's matt lipstick in Pink Preview :-D
    Would love to try this mascara out!

    ~ Nikki

  173. Anonymous says:

    the only lancome product that i've tried before is the concealer and i can't say that i'm a big fan. but i would love to try out their other products!

    bittersweet11687 [at]

  174. Crystal N says:

    I love all the beautiful colors in the Lancome eyeshadows!

  175. Anonymous says:

    Who doesn't love Juicy Tubes?! Definitely my favourite product!

  176. Peggy says:

    I love lamcome's juicy tubes! :D

  177. Anonymous says:

    Aw this is so awesome of you! I personally love the Lancome eye pencils. They are so smooth and long-wearing!

  178. suzie says:

    i love JUICY TUBES! and definitely their eye make-up remover and toner. <3

  179. liz says:

    I LOVE the Aquatique!

    It makes all the line smooth out on your eye lid. It makes each color the true color too! The colors don't change when they get on your lid with this stuff. They are the true color! It is AMAZING!! Love, Love, Love!

    mrslizwyatt at

  180. Mina says:

    ♥★✌☺☃☀♥★✌☺☃☀♥★✌☺☃☀♥★✌☺☃☀♥★✌☺☃My favorite Lancôme product is the Artliner. I love the brown and navy blue colors, and the felt tip is makes it so easy to line the eyes! I have been wanting to try their mascaras because of the so many great reviews, but never had a chance so far. I think this could be a great opportunity for me to finally try it!
    ✉ My email:

  181. Amelia says:

    I love the artliner and juicy tubes lip gloss. Sorry I couldn't pick just one. Thanks for the chance to win. Good Luck to everyone! =)

  182. Chili says:

    Tonique Doucer, the alcohol-free freshener. It feels amazing on my skin! :)

  183. Brenda says:

    I love the Definicils and the Bificils remover….

  184. Anonymous says:

    Hm, I'm gonna have to jump on the bandwagon and say Juicy Tubes are my favourite!! I don't know, they don't feel sticky, AND they last a super long time!

  185. kawaiistar1128 says:

    Juicy Tubes

  186. Angela says:

    I love their Definicils Mascara! My email is

  187. luCy says:

    I love Lancôme's le crayon khol noir!

  188. CoriLee Photography says:

    I just got introduced to Lancome and oh my goodness! I LOVE the Foundations! I've been in search of "my perfect foundation" and I finally found it!

  189. Amanda Yorkies says:

    Hypnose volume mascara and Lancome Bi-Facil make up remover.

    email :

  190. Anonymous says:

    Mine would be the ombre perfecteur eyeshadow primer. I believe that for your eyes to look the best, they need that perfect base to keep it looking at its prime. :)

    hopefully you pick me!

  191. Anonymous says:

    I love their Juicy Tubes.

  192. Dorna P says:

    Since I was old enough to use makeup I have been in love with their Le Krayon Khol eyeliner in Noir.

  193. Anonymous says:

    my favorite product is the alcohol free freshner tonique douceur love this toner, because my skin does not feel taut or dry even if i dont moisturize

  194. Anna says:

    i love the self tanner they have :)
    ann.altima at gmail dot com

  195. Anonymous says:

    I am absolutely loving the BiFacils eye makeup remover! I can't live without it. It takes off all my eye makeup without harsh burning or irritation, I have got all of my co-workers hooked on it! I haven't tried the mascaras yet but I hear the precious cells is a favorite of Julia Roberts, I hope it can work the same wonders for me! Thank you Lancome for the greatest luxury beauty products ever! Sincerely. Courtney.

  196. Anonymous says:

    i love the Oscillation Powder Foundation is my new bestfriend now !!!!!!!!! and i love the mascara hypnose

  197. Anonymous says:

    My favourite product is probably the Ageless Minerale Powder Foundation. The colours are very forgiving, and it's a wonderful, light foundation (that still delivers coverage) for the hot CA weather I'm in.

  198. J says:

    Lancome Juicy Tubes!! :)

  199. Jessica says:

    Lancome absolue is my fav foundation ♥ I love Lancome so much!!

  200. Belinda says:

    i lovee lancome's spring shower juicy tube in Let it rain. Really pretty raspberry color.

  201. Sonja Tompkins says:

    I couldn't possibly pick which product I like best. I love, love, LOVE them all!

  202. jade' says:

    I've never had the money to buy a Lancome product! So would love to give it a try :)

  203. mariaq says:

    my favourite product is the bifacil makeup remover. It works wonder on removing make up

  204. Liv says:

    I Love Lancome's Jucy Tubes just cause I Love lipgloss and this lipgloss is not only super pretty but it dosn't smear off or rub off like the other formulas on the market. I also Love Lancome's make-up remover its great for fast and easy make-up removing I use it when I perform so I can change my costume and make-up fast and easily.

  205. Liv says:

    I Love Lancome's Jucy Tubes just cause I Love lipgloss and this lipgloss is not only super pretty but it dosn't smear off or rub off like the other formulas on the market. I also Love Lancome's make-up remover its great for fast and easy make-up removing I use it when I perform so I can change my costume and make-up fast and easily.

  206. Angela says:

    My favorite are their lipsticks. It's so smooth.

  207. Anonymous says:

    my favorite Lancome product is their definicils high definition mascara. I have tried many other brand but that one works the best.

  208. says:

    Tie: Old Flame lipstick and Definicils.

  209. jjecall says:

    I love everything Lancome!! One of my favorite new items is the new Hypnose Drama! it makes my lashes super long and curl great!!

  210. Karen says:

    I love the Lancome Definicils Mascara.

    karenar22 at yahoo dot com

  211. Amanda says:

    I really can't choose… but probably their Ombre Perfecteur :)

  212. Erika says:

    ALL OVER MAGIC BRONZING BRUSH!!! I couldn't live w/out it!

  213. Nika says:

    I love Teinte Idole Fresh Wear! I've tried wearing that without any concealer and it works great! I love the coverage, I love that it's oil-free and I especially love that the finish is matte :)

    My email add:

  214. Caroline says:

    I absolutely love Lancome's Bi Facil Eye Makeup Remover. It is the ONLY eye makeup remover that doesn't sting my eyes and at the same time cleans very well! I tried a lot of other eye makeup removers including shiseido, elizabeth arden and guerlain and they all stung my eyes :( I got a sample size of the Lancome's Bi Facil Eye Makeup Remover once when I purchased something at Lancome and i fell in love with it instantly. After that, this is the only eye makeup remover I use and own :)

    My email is

  215. Peiyi says:

    I love their juicy tubes (:

  216. clenna says:

    I really like the cologne Poem by Lancombe.

    clenna at aol dot com

  217. Barbara says:

    I used to really like the Hypnose, but I haven’t used any mascaras from Lancome in about 5 years!!! Thanks for such a fantastic giveaway! Feel better!

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