MBFW-Swim 2011: Swimwhere Anywhere Pool deck show!

The world renowned  Raleigh Hotel in South Beach, Florida is most known for its beautiful pool. I’ve never seen anything like it. Despite Miami being my birthplace, I pretty much get an F for not knowing a lot of what Miami-Dade county has to offer. Locals generally stay away from the South Beach area so I always feel as if I’m transported to another city when I head down Collins Ave.
As Nikki New and I emerged from backstage for Mara Hoffman, we found ourselves right in the middle of a runway. Literally!

Security practically pushed us out of the way as models pranced their gorgeous selves right passed us.
Turns out that Swimwhere Anywhere was having a show right IN the pool.
Aww, how cute is he? And I’m not talkin’ about the kid. He’s cute too but uh…yeah. :)
My favorite pieces…
Girlfriend to the right is killing me with her adorable cut and shades. Fierce, honey, fierce!
And I think she was a spectator, but man oh man, I was lovin’ her dress.
I can be such an outfit paparazzi when I want to be. Sheesh.
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  • Michelle’s Ethnic skin care

    I'm so jealous right now (not really).

    Gorgeous suits and bods to go with them. Now all I have to do is fit in one of those bad boys LOL (next year baby!)

    I'm a New Yorker so I don't get to the beach really. I guess that's why I haven't rushed to get bikini perfect.


  • Perla

    I Loved The Black Dress!

  • Miss Moon the Brooklyn Geechee

    I do believe that I spy with my little eye an America's Next Top Model Alum… the third picture, I think that's Heather from Cycle 9 (She's the girl who has Asperger syndrome)..

  • B

    Michelle—> Girl, I'm from Florida and have never had the ideal bikini body. Where I'm from, thick (and healthy, of course) is in. 😉

    Perla—> Isn't it fierce?

    MMtBG—> Woooord? I think I watched that cycle. Can't remember anyone though. #iSuck

  • Lex aka Elle

    I feel you on that staying away from touristy sections when in Miami LOL! That's how I am in Orlando. We stay the hell away from International Drive.