Physician’s Formula Powder Palette review and giveaway!

Y’all know how much I adore bronzed cheeks..especially in the summer time. For someone who doesn’t wear much on her cheeks, this gorgeous little bronzer works perfectly for me!

You ARE familiar with Physician’s Formula, right? They are one of the few natural/organic drugstore brands in the market. With my acne prone skin acting the way it does, I’ve been taking the paraben-free route lately and my skin does not flare up as much as it normally would. Hollaaa!

You can snag this kid for $13.99 at your favorite drugstore. The mineral glow pearls come in 4 different shades: Translucent Pearl, Beige Pearl, Light Bronze Pearl, Bronze Pearl.

…oh wait, what’s that?

Pshht, y’all know how I feel about beauty rules. I break them. My brown skinned self rocked it. And rocked it well, I might add.

 And for quick touch-ups, the palette has a darling little mirror and brush at the bottom.

I can dig it. 

I know a lot of you gals have been wanting to take baby steps into the natural skincare route but don’t want to spend a lot of money on it.

Need help starting off your collection? One lucky winner will win the following in our Shimmer Bronze giveaway!

-Pearl Palette
-Bronze Booster Shimmer Bronzer
-Shimmer strip

Leave a comment telling me your skin type (oily, combo, dry, acne, sensitive, etc)
AND your email address in THIS POST ONLY.
Zee Rules:
-For U.S. and Canadian readers only
-Contest ends  Wednesday, August 3, 2010 at 12:00 pm EST
-Have you won a giveaway within the past 6 months? Give someone else a chance, homie. 
-Winner will be selected at random
-Family members/personal friends of B are not eligible
-In the event that a winner does not respond in 3 days, another person will be selected
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  • Anonymous

    I am medium skin tone :)

  • Sarah@Glossicious ♥

    I have dry / sensitive skin type and medium skin tone with neutral undertone :)
    Email :

  • brolston4

    I have combination/oily skin that's somewhere between light and medium, hahah.

  • Shawna

    Med Skin Tone/Normal Skin Tpye

  • Trevor

    i have a medium skin tone whit combo acne skin

  • Anonymous

    Hi! I have a Light skin tone with combination skin and acne!

  • littlemissblahblah

    I have medium-dark skin tone and i have normal skin type. :)

  • Imani

    Dark skin tone and combination skin!!!

  • Bri

    I have normal to try skin, and a dark skin tone 😀

  • Elizabeth Dang

    I have normal skin that can be a bit sensitive sometimes, and is dry in the winter. Oh, and my skin tone is light to medium =)

    I love physician's formula!

  • Grace

    I have combination skin. My forehead and nose tends to get oily.

    I love Physician's Formula and I would LOVE to try these products. They look gorgeous! It looks great on you B :)


  • Lisa N.

    I have dry to normal skin

    email: lisang91 AT hotmail DOT com

  • Tatted*Sparkles

    Oh my gosh…been wanting to try this! I have combo skin, oily/acne prone t-zone with dry everything else…light/medium tone. And my email is

  • brittany b.

    i have oily/acne with light skin tone!

  • Victoria

    I have tan oily skin with acne =(

  • lipton|TEE

    I have combination skin

  • Anonymous

    I have combination/dry skin that's also super sensitive :/ meh. oh and my skin tone is light to medium (when i tan lol)

  • indigo.

    I'm in the combination family mixed with a lil' acne. ;P

  • treneece

    combo skin type;

  • Posh

    hi hun. combo skin type;

  • Nicole

    Oily skin type with light to medium tone. BUT the older I get the more it changes. Seems I can't use heavy duty oil removing cleansers anymore as it causes more oil to produce…yay.

  • Sunshiney

    I have a combo skin type and now a tad bit acne prone on the cheeks. It gets flustering when I randomly break out! My skin color is medium – in the Halley Berry color. :)

  • Amour

    B,I'm with you many rules are made to be broken especially beauty/fashion ones. I've learned to make the most "taboo" things work for me.
    My skin type is oily; no if, ands or buts about it. Extremely oily.

  • PhreakPhantasia

    I have combination skin.

  • Rai

    The bronzer looks great on you!

    I have Normal/Combination Skin.

  • Girlfriend

    I have Physician's Formula mascara and eyeliner (enjoy them both). I would love to win the bronzer. I have dry/sensitive skin and a rich skin tone aka dark brown – I just learned that term today :). If I don't win I will add it to my list of things to try. Thanks lady, you are always helpful

  • Girlfriend

    Lol! I forgot to add my email

  • Erika

    OMG. I love Physicians Formula. Have you tried their gel/creme liners? They are amazing. I bought mine at CVS for like $12.99 or something, but I just saw them at Target for $8.99.

    So, I'm already a PF fan, but I'd love to try out these little goodies.

    My skin type is combination. But this summer it's been a little more on the oily side (though this only happens in the summer/spring/hot months)

    I have light skin, but not supremely pale (some yellow undertones).


  • marta

    I have combination skin

    whiteroseofpapa215 at yahoo dot com

  • Kizzy-online

    My skin type is oily, acne prone and horrible! lol

    Kizzy at

  • Beauty2TheBone

    I am combination skin

  • SimplyMe

    I have combination skin, dark skin tone.

    Keep up the great work!

  • Fay. H.

    I would love to try out more of Physician's Formula's products! I just got on the makeup train, winning this would let me experiment with make up more. I have sensitive skin that gets super dry during winter and breaks out during summer.

    Fay. H.
    digital_syren at hotmail dot com

  • Anonymous

    skin is "dark" i normally wear mac nc50 (if that helps)


    i have SUPER OILY skin (like its so oily after i wake up that i can literally swipe my finger along the bridge of my nose and cheeks, then take the oil off of my finger and wipe it on a brown paper bag and that spot will be see through. :seriousface:)

    anyway my email addy is:


  • Anonymous

    My skin is medium..oily in some places..not so oily in other places.

  • Angela

    My skin type is oily with a medium dark tone. Thanks!

  • Lora

    B- I'm a neutral yellow-toned lighter-end-of-the-NC25-spectrum with skin so oily it borders on greaseball. :)


  • kamikak

    Medium toned normal/slightly combo. Thanks!

    kamikak at msn dot com

  • Neya

    acne/sensitive here. Although when its healthy i'd just say "normal"


  • MochaMakeupLover

    I have dry, sensitive skin.

  • L. Michelle

    I (usually) have normal skin unless I put too much product in my hair! LOL


  • Chi Princesa

    I have dry skin.

  • LilyBiscuit

    I'm very oily~~~ since about age 12! I'm the mom of two now and still have the same oil issues. I love this brand, but, haven't tried these products yet. Thanks!

    vac924 at gmail dot com

  • Shari

    I have oily/acne prone skin with a medium dark tone.

  • Sarah

    I have combination skin. It drives me crazy sometimes! :)
    Email: psarahdactyl(at)gmail(dot)com

  • Niika

    i have oily skin

  • npc6693


    npc6693 at gmail

  • Jen

    Let's see… I have dry flaky skin that turns into an oil slick after an hour. *sad* I don't know what you call that? But that's what I have. LOL
    Color wise, I have light medium skin, with yellow undertones.


  • Lisa

    normal to dry skin (especially around the T-zone), medium skin tone, some acne.

  • myolie

    i am combo, light/medium skin tone
    e-mail: msmaichoco(at)gmail(dot)com

  • taylo292

    For the longest time I thought I had oily acne prone skin because that's what my sister had and I would have breakouts as well. However, after getting into beauty products and researching and talking to professionals I have realized that I don't have acne prone skin. I do have Combination/Oily skin and I was only breaking out because I needed a better cleanser!


  • Jackie

    I have combination/oily skin that is acne prone.

  • CY♥

    I have combination skin thats mostly oily =/ but I work with it.

    sweetscribe4 [at] gmail [dot] com

  • leperlenoire

    I have oily, acne prone skin.

  • Carmesha

    I have combination skin

  • K&T Makeup Artistry

    I have combination skin however I am only oily in my Tzones

  • K&T Makeup Artistry

    I have combination skin however I am only oily in my Tzones

  • K&T Makeup Artistry

    I have combination skin however I am only oily in my Tzones

  • K&T Makeup Artistry

    I have combination skin however I am only oily in my Tzones

  • Anonymous

    combination normal/oily skin with acne eventhough I'm 40+

  • Expanding Beauty

    I'm dark skin tone with oily skin, acne prone.

  • tara

    I'm medium-dark skin toned (half black, half white. woot!) i have oily skin

  • MiMi

    Bronzer junkie. Right here. No shame!
    combo/sensitive – med (caramel-ish) skin tone

  • Janda

    HEY! I have Normal/combo skin
    Chocolate skin tone

  • Tara

    I'm medium-dark skin toned (half black, half white. woot!) i have oily skin acne prone skin.

    p.s. sorry i'm commenting again! delete my other comment if you can because i accidentally left my email out. lol kind of important, right? XD

  • Gaby

    Hi! My skin type is dry!

    Thank you! =D

  • Mocha Mish Mash

    I have dry/sensitive skin.

    mochamishmash @

  • Anonymous
  • Lesley

    I Have Oily Skin. Tends To Break Out Easily.

  • claudine b.

    I am somewhere between oily and combination skin.


  • Ying
  • Ms. Dorita

    I am a medium-dark skin tone with normal-dry skin type.

  • Anonymous

    my skin color is dark chocolate and my skin type is oily and sensitive…eeek

  • Ala

    I have extremely dry, alligator skin :(

  • Angela (SparkleMidori)

    I have oily skin.

  • MissNIa

    My skin tone is medium-dark. I have combination skin, which also happens to be very sensitive.

  • Anonymous

    Ehhh Combo skin!!

  • Anonymous

    light combo skin.

  • Perla

    Im Kind Of Lucky Because I Have Normal Skin But In The Summer Its Dry!

  • Natasha.Ann

    My skin type is oily, somewhat acne prone, and my eyelids can be sensitive to non-mineral eyeshadows.

  • Anonymous

    I am asian and i have oily skin.

    love your blog + videos!

  • Anonymous

    i have dry skin for the most part. my nose gets oily but other than that i would be dry. i dont have acne but i do get the occasional blemish. never tried physicans formula so i hope i win so i can try them out :)

  • Alice

    Normal and extremely sensitive

  • Asia

    Hi, and thank you for making another awesome give away :) I have combonation, slightly sensitive skin. I have medium skin tone

    My e-mail address is

  • Michelle

    I have VERY oily skin and am dark skinned toned.

    My email address is sgoofi at hotmail dot com

  • Stephanie

    I have dry skin and I have a light skin tone. My email address is :)

  • Rachael

    normal to dry… medium skin tone!

  • sojazzy1

    My skin type is dry.

  • Felicia

    I have a deep oily skin type

  • Sonee

    Hey mama!! My skin is oily and I get frequent flare ups..

  • Shiloh

    Hi, B~
    My skin tone is medium-fair with plenty of freckles and sun damage (hyper-pigmentation.) My skin type is combination/aging. As in adult acne with some fine lines and crepeiness around my eyes.
    I just tried the PF eco-mascara. I like it because it isn't too hot here, and I dry it with my hair dryer on cool, lol.
    Rock on, sister.

  • Anonymous

    I have mostly combination skin, drier in the winter, olier in the summer.
    Love that I found this blog!

  • Anonymous

    I have combination skin, that seems to favor the more oily side during the summer.

  • Anonymous

    I have comnination skin, that gets oily in the summer but pretty dry in the winter


  • bianca

    I have combination skin that's recently started moving more towards dry-ish.

  • Tara

    Just found your blog and love it! I've got combo skin with acne here and there. Thanks! Email:

  • Duana

    I'm medium-brown with dry and acne prone skin thanks!

  • B.Good

    Oily/acne prone skin.


  • A

    Normal skin.

  • It looks so neat (and bumpy!)My skin is combination, but leans more towards dry most of the time.