Beauty Review: BH Cosmetics 120 eyeshadow palette, 3rd edition

Prepare to be mesmerized. I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen so many tiny eye shadows in one sitting. BH Cosmetics have recently debuted the 3rd edition of their 120 color palette.

No need to adjust your computer’s settings. I waited for a super sunshine-y day here in Central Florida to photograph these shadows so that I could display their true awesomeness.
 While I haven’t tried the 1st and 2nd editions, I think the main difference are the color options. The 3rd edition has bright AND neutral/night time color options whereas the 1st and 2nd editions seem to fall moreso on the brights side.

What BH Cosmetics says about the palette:

• One 

• Long

• Super‐fine

• Feels 

• Easily

• Includes 

• BH

Allergic to talc or mica? This is not the eye shadow palette for you as these shadows contain both.

Bottom line? I’m impressed! This palette is truly the best of both worlds. Every color you could ever need would be here. The mattes are rich and pigmented and the shimmers are adhere beautifully to skin without looking washed out.

The palette contains two plates that sit on top of each other. To reveal the one at the bottom, simply locate that little purple ribbon…

And gently lift…

You won’t damage your shadows with this simple action, but over time, I can see an accident happening. I think I would much prefer a flipping action…you know, kinda like a book. That way both palettes are in place and can be moved with ease. By removing one palette, my clumsy self is liable to accidentally knock it over. Which has happened one too many times in my beauty life.

*moment of silence for products that fell from the bathroom counter and died*

Other than that, I find myself dipping into this palette more than any other palette in my stash. The neutrals are perfect for work and the brights allow me to channel my inner rockstar on the weekends. Yeahhh baby! The shadows fit snuggly in their spots, so if you’re a depotter, I don’t think you’ll have much luck with depotting these kids.

Pics of the palette in natural lighting.

Indoor, no flash…

Some random swatches from the brights…

Not bad for a single swatch and no base, uh? A few of the mattes are frosty, but nothing that a good solid creamy base can’t take care of. I love that for every other matte shadow, there seems to be a similar color in shimmer. Such is the case with the two reds that are in the palette. One is a matte and the other is a shimmer. Genius!

From the neutral/night time palette…

I know, I know…neutrals and night time shadows are on opposite ends but this palette seems to cover all such colors. It goes from the matte browns that I love applying in my outer-V for work to the rich and highly pigmented chrome-esque shadows perfect for smoky eyes. Very well thought out, BH Cosmetics!

But you know what I would have liked to see? A mirror. All of their other palettes seem to have one. I tend to take palettes with me when I travel and when you’re fighting for a mirror with 3 of your sisters, a mirror attached to a palette is a necessity.

The palette retails for $34.95 and you can snag it from the BH Cosmetics website here. As far as getting bang for your buck, I think you’ll get it with this palette. I know that over $30 may be a little steep for some, but considering that you’re getting 120 shadows….it really isn’t a bad deal. Especially if you’re a newbie to the make-up world or just itching to find some inspiration.

Of course I’ll be cranking out several looks with this palette. I’m also going to do a video review so brace yourself for that. Y’all know how I am when I do videos. HA!

So what do you think?

Your fellow nail polish junkie,

Check out the blues look I did using my BH Cosmetics palette.

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  • Crystal

    those look great! thanks for sharing :)

  • Anonymous

    Thank you so much for doing this review. I have been waiting eons since I found this on their site for someone to do a review. I thought that the UD Naked palette would suit me just fine but I think I need to add this one as well.

  • Michelle – Ethnic Skin Care

    Bittany, you got me all hyped up with the gorgeous colors until I saw TALC. As Florida would say Dayum Dayum Dayum!!

  • Erica

    This looks lovely! However, the price seems to be turning me off, but eventually I'll probably get it, LOL 😀

  • Askmewhats

    gorgeous palette, I am sure you can play up with a couple of looks with this 120 e/s palette!

  • CutieCakes

    Love it! I have the 2nd edition palette and I absolutely adore it!!! So versatile, and SO many colors…def worth the buy.

  • sojazzy1

    Love the review! As a newbie I will definitely be trying out this palette! Im actually kinda excited about getting it lol

  • Donna

    What annoys me about these palettes is all the red, pink, orange, and yellow – compared to the green, blue, and purple shades. Who wears all those red, orange, and yellows? When you shop for your average e/s singles or palettes, what shades do they normally come in? How about green, blue, or purple! I'd be super pleased with the neutral palette underneath, but wish for the colorful palette to have half the crazy brights and twice as much of the normal shades.

    Anyway, this is the reason I haven't purchased one of these mega palettes. I'm too annoyed with those shade options.

  • Bri

    Hmmm…i think I might have to invest in this palette! Which edition is your favorite?

    BTW, your moment of silence for the deceased beauty products made me laugh so hard. It is tragic, but the way you put it made it pretty funny 😀

    xo, Bri

  • B

    Donna—> I guess it depends on how much you dabble in brighter colors. Make-up artists, newbies and folx who love colors don't mind the red and orange options. I do wish there were more purples though. :(

    Bri—> This is my first edition, lovely. And girl, yes..loosing eye shadows is just so so sad.

  • Donna

    B, I have a bad habit of exaggerating. I'm an older woman (47) and when you get to this age sometimes the skin on the brow bone starts to droop a bit, so if I highlight with a pearly white, or silver, or glittery pink which many of the palettes on the market have as their brow bone highlight colors, it just makes that droopiness stand out even worse. My point is, I actually use orangy or reddish shades almost every day on my brow bone. Using light but matte shades, or medium shades with a little shimmer will make that saggy brow bone recede a bit, and then I look good!

    So I wouldn't mind a palette with a few orange, especially peachy shades, or reddish, especially matte or light shimmer medium pinks would be a plus to me. But hells bells! This palette has half it's colors in orange or variations of red-orange and yellow-orange. And while there seems to be quite enough green, most of them are that horrible yellowy green. Blech! I'd like them to rethink their color scheme a bit and remove a good half of the oranges and most of the yellowy greens, add in many more blues, bluesy greens, violets, and purples. Then I'd be rushing to buy it for myself and as gifts for my sisters and nieces.

  • Diana

    I am currently waiting for my palette as we speak! i am very excited! Especially for the bright matte neon colors. I love to use color especially because i have that punk rocker fashion style so those bright greens yellows and purples are excellent! Even if you are not as bold to wear a full lid of Green, accents of bright colors, for example bright blue, can go great on the inner corners of your eye. In my experience buying highly pigmented neon shadows, for example MakeUpForever and MAC shadows, become a very expensive habit hard to keep up with! SO this palette is PERFECT for the young bold struggling student!

    • Brittany

      Yessss! You’re going to love this palette.

  • karen

    hi, i would like to ask you, comparing with coastal scents palette, are they the same ? in terms of texture, pigmentation ?

    • Brittany

      For the most part, they are.

  • SaNovia

    Hi I just ordered the 88 matte palette and the 88 shimmer palette and I got them both plus a free eyeliner for 37.07 because they are having a major sale..Love Love Love these colors…can’t wait to try them with my new primer and brushes!!!

  • Daria

    This was a great post. I’m so glad that you thought about taking an image of the back of the palette, so that readers can see what the ingredients are. I was considering ordering this palette, but I’m allergic to some of those ingredients. I’m very glad that I looked at this site before purchasing one. For those who have allergies to some makeups, beware that the ingredients listed on BHCosmetics website are NOT accurate!

  • ashia

    lets be honest here. I’m very advanced in makeup so to say..but i ordered the 88 neutral palette from bh and i was so happy all the light colors from cream to sandy brown, when applied all the the same ashy color..but i will say the high pigmented burgundy and brown reddish colors show up BUT!!!!!!!!! PLEASE BE ADVISED>>>>>>>>>USE PRIMER.