Green Beauty: Lavanila healthy fragrance and body butter

I’ve had my eyes on Lavanila products for quite some time and I am so glad to finally be able to share them with y’all. But first, the etymological nerd that is me hasto tell you about the name LAVANILA. It comes from the country of Madagascar. Their native word for vanilla is lavanila. Apparently the best vanilla comes from the island of Madagascar. Pretty cool, uh?

The brand was started by Danielle Raynor and Laura DiGirolamo, both beauty lovers who were frustrated with the perfumes that aggravated their allergies.

And so together (with the help of chemists, of course) they birthed a healthy fragrance.

Call me crazy, but I wasn’t aware of all of the synthetic ingredients that were put into fragrances. It’s amazing how divine a fragrance can smell using Mother Earth’s treats.

The Healthy fragrances are come in 4 different scents and they are all formulated without

– Sulfates
– Synthetic Fragrances
– Synthetic Dyes
– Petro-Chemicals
– Phthalates
– Triclosan

Lavanilla Lavender has notes of vanilla, lavender, rose absolute and violet leaf. Mama Clumps would fall for this as she loves anything with lavender in it. A 1 oz bottle of eau de parfum spray will run you $38 and the 1.7 oz bottle goes for $58.  While the vanilla scent does seem to be a little overpowering, I will say that Lavanilla has turned me into a perfume snob. I don’t think I’ll be looking at mainstream fragrances the same.

And then there are their body butters.

Oh la laaaa….

I don’t usually pull out body butters until the weather gets cooler, but I’ve been making an exception for this kid.

These are perfect after a warm shower or bath as they melt right into your skin.

They are divine, I tell ya. Non-greasy and the scents last. And just like their big sister, they are formulated without all of the nasty stuffs.

The body butters also come in the same 4 scents as the fragrances. Retailing at $12 for a 2.75 bottle and $25 for a 8 oz bottle, I don’t think it’s a bad steal for my ladies who prefer to use products free of synthetic ingredients. And you have to be a lover of vanilla because all of fragrances and body butters have strong notes of it. I have never been the biggest fan of smelling like a cookie but it is starting grow on me.

Lavanila will see me again as I totally plan to try their healthy deodorant and healthy sunscreen. Loves it!

Have you tried any of their products? Whatcha think?

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  • bianca

    I just saw this brand at sephora yesterday. I tried the vanilla grapefruit fragrance – it smells gorgeous!

  • Jubilance

    I got the vanilla grapefruit rollerball perfume last year and I love it! Light fragrance but yummy. I've also tried a sample size of the body butter and I liked it, but I haven't purchased a full size bottle.

  • Amina

    I've tried the body butter.It smells really good! It wasn't moisturizing enough for my super ubber dubber dry skin…but overall it is a good line :)

  • Chai

    this is always one of my top splurges when I head into a Sephora! Love this line…and I'm a big sniffer when it comes to all things lotion/deodorant/perfume, etc., and their lavender situation is soooo nice!

  • Atiyah

    Whew lawd i love their vanilla coconut. I tried it for the first time in a puse size lotion and you should see me trying to stretch it out. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT

  • Miss Moon the Brooklyn Geechee

    I've been using their Vanilla Coconut for a few months now… I love it to death.

    I am "thisclose" to swearing my allegiance to LaVanilla… they just need to come out with a fragrance oil!!!

  • Nerd Girl

    I LOVE this stuff. The vanilla rollerball is my fave. Love it!

  • Anonymous

    Hey B! Please do try the deodorant I'm soooo curious about it, I've never tried a natural one before.

  • I think it is great more companies are being proactive about what they put in their beauty products and fragrances. I think we will see natural fragrances gain a lot more popularity in the future.

    • Brittany

      I totally agree!