Green Living Beyond Beauty

Last night on Facebook, I declared this week as Green Week! For the rest of this week, all of my reviews will be of eco-friendly, vegan, vegetarian and paraben free products.  Buuuuut I also wanted to show you cool cats some of my favorite non-beauty products that I use on a regular.

Starting with two of my best friends.

My 64 oz jug and apple cider vinegar.
I stopped buying bottled water some time ago. My apartment complex did not have a place where I could recycle the bottles. I felt bad trashing bottle after bottle daily! And so I opted to take the same jug of water with me to work every day. It saves me money and now I don’t feel so craptastic about trashing bottles of water. And I get my daily water intake!

I pour a capful of apple cider vinegar in my water as a habit now. Many moons ago, I read about its health benefits and while I can’t say it has significantly changed anything for me, I actually like how my water tastes with a bit of ACV in it.

And then there are my cleaning products.

I’ve raved about castile soap and while that is my primary cleaner of choice (that and baking soda), I like to use natural dish liquid and Borax for my laundry. Mama Clumps always used Borax and that has always stuck with me. You would be surprised at how much cleaner and brighter your clothes come out with just a scoop of that stuff.

And then there’s food. While I don’t call myself a vegan or vegetarian, most of my meal options are meat-free and lactose free. There are few times when I eat chicken and turkey but I find myself happier with my eating lifestyle when I don’t stay on strict don’t eat this and don’t eat that diets.

1. Took me forever to start purchasing organic eggs. They are almost 4x more expensive than conventional eggs. But with all of the news surrounding eggs these days, I have no problem spending the extra money.
2. Stainless steel weekend water bottle. I carry it with me to stay hydrated and prevent me from buying water bottles.
3. Silk Pure Almond almond milk. A super creamy almond milk that is perfect for smoothies.
4. Earth Balance makes the best vegan spread. Buttery taste without the lactose. Yesss!
5. I buy 2 of these a week. The Spring Mix is my favorite. It is chockfull of arugula. Delicious!
6. Earth Balance peanut butter. Another vegan and lactose free creation.
7. Organic sweet potatoes. I eat at least 4 a week. I am obsessed with them. I even made a vegan sweet potato pie once.
8. Almond Breeze almond milk. I use this milk for cereal and dipping ginger snaps in.
9. Organic bananas. For my smoothies.
10. I saved the best for last. GREEN SMOOTHIE! I drink one a day. It’s a way of life. See my post dedicated to them here.

Do you have any green non-beauty products that you use on a regular?

  • Anonymous

    This is great! As someone with a passion for the enviroment, I'm so glad to see you making these steps for a better world. I gotta use that bottle technique, a lot of people are using it now and although I don't spend a lot of money on water bottles, it's a lot better to use than the water bottles I do use.

  • CCE

    I love Silk Pure Almond almond milk! And I love that it has the same or even more Calcium and Vitamin D than regular cow milk! And no bloating for those lactose-intolerant people like me!

  • GangStarr Girl

    Shea butter! It's one of natures best creations. I've always dabbled with it for my hair and other random skin care needs like scars, burns, etc but with all this talk about glycerin and other toxic chemicals in mass produced lotion and virtually every other skin product we can think of, I just started using it full time to moisturize and protect my skin. It's great for use as sunscreen and it already worked wonders on dark spots and bug bites so I'm going all the way in. Plus, a tub of it costs like 5 bucks and a little goes a long way. I've had my tub, which is about 16 oz, for about 4 years. Seriously. That may change since I'm going full steam ahead but we shall see.

  • Michelle @Ethnic Cosmetics

    Hey Brittany-

    I'm a big fan of Almond Breeze too. Girl, you have got to try the chocolate! You will be dipping ginger snaps in it for days LOL