Guess who’s baaack?

I’m back!

I know, I know…I really should have never just dropped off of the face of the e-earth like that, uh? My bad, y’all. I took a much needed withdrawal from the innanet. I SO needed it. Not to mention I started an evening/weekend job and OMG, I completely failed in the time management department.

But I’m back now and I have SO much to share with you. Here’s what reviews you can look forward to in the coming weeks:

  • OCC lip tars. Yuuuum….
  • Clarisonic Plus
  • My annual visit to the dermatologist. Has my skin improved since last year? Pshttt.
  • Orly’s Plastix collection. Sick of mattes yet?
  • CoverFX foundation…I think I found a winner, y’all.
  • Mario Badescu skincare products
  • Huetiful Hair steamer. Amazing!!
  • Zoya’s newest polishes
  • CoverGirl Queen’s concealers…SO brown girl friendly
  • Make Up For Ever’s HD blush
  • An eye shadow palette that has 120 shadows. Wow…sers!

…my Twitter fam has asked me to review my new Android phone so I think I’ll be doing that too. Yep, after 2 years and 3 Blackberrys, I have broken up with RIM and so in love with Android!

That’s not even half of it. I will also be hosting, co-hosting and volunteering for several events (that you’re invited to) in the Central and South Florida…including Shecky’s Girl’s Night Out in Miami! And I’ve got a lot of giveaways lined up.

OH! And I’m actively posting on the Clumps of Mascara Tumblr blog. It’s just random shots of products, events and looks. Not to be confused with my travel blog which is also on Tumblr.

So yep…I’m back and ready to par-tay! How have you guys been? Try any new mascaras? Have any products you think I should try?

Enjoy your weekend and see you for Mascara Monday!

  • Enitan

    yay! i was beginning to get withdrawal symptoms B!

  • Anonymous

    Glad that you are back! :) Any chance that you'll be reviewing Maybelline's "Falsies" mascara soon? I bought it a few days ago and I really love it..makes my dark brown eyes "pop".

  • FabDiva20

    YAY your back! Have you hauled anything from MAC's Dare To Wear? I've been hearing great things about the Dare To Wear lipglasses and makes me want to try one.

  • L. Michelle

    Checked out your travel blog, you just inspired me..but ummera…you've never been to TEXAS?? *side eye* We've GOT to reconcile that!!!!

  • B

    Enitan—> Awwww, I'm glad you didn't forget about me!

    Anon—> BAM! I love that mascara.

    FabDiva20—> I've been eyein' the lippies. Gimme That has to be mine. But why are they so 'spensive. Lawd!

    L.Michelle—> I knowwwww, I can't believe I've never been either. Must.Book.Trip.Now!

  • Nikkia (Silver Lips)

    Welcome Back ! you have been missed! Glad all is well

  • B

    Thanks Nikkia, darling. I haven't been blogging but I blog hopped a bit and those MUFE lippies you posted=faint.

  • Bflybeauty

    Oh I can't wait to see some of these reviews! Love your blog!

  • Girlfriend

    Welcome back!You were missed.

  • Dontay’s Wife

    B…… Welcome Back!!!!!!
    girl everyday I was logging on to see if you posted anything new and to my surprise on Sunday afternoon I log on and there you are!!!!! Cant wait for all the new reviews:)

  • Polish Earthgirl

    Good for you for takin an internet break! We all need one once in a while :)

    Glad you are back, girl, and I can't wait for some of those reviews! xoxo

  • Anonymous

    I can't wait to see your review for CG Queen concealers!

    I've been wanting to venture into using concealer in my makeup routine and I wanted to know if it would be worth my money :)