The story of a fierce red lipstick

Once upon a time, in B’s beauty boudoir, lived a little red lippie.

I know, I know…you think you’ve heard this story before, uh? No no, my loves…gather around as I tell you about the awesomeness that is COVERGIRL’s Cherry Bomb.
With a name like “Cherry Bomb”, it has to be ….THE bomb, right? Girlfriend, it is all of that AND more. While I am often mesmerized by the gorgeous packaging of higher end lipsticks, I can’t deny the high performance that is drugstore make-up. Cherry Bomb is no exception. You see, for around $5, you can snag a lipstick rich in pigment, abundant in moisturizing agents and complete with show stopping abilities.

Is that too red for you? Nonsense. There is no such thing. It is my attempt to get women all over the world to rock a red lip with pride. I want to go on a tour called The Cherry Bomb Tour. I want to toss out this lippie to women in Kenya and Kentucky, Portugal and Paris, Bath and Birmingham, Toronto and Tulsa. This lippie…

…is KING. Er…Queen.

Any questions?

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  • Britney

    How do you get color to stay on your inner lips?

  • B

    Sometimes I use a lip liner as a base for my lipsticks. I didn't in this case so I had to keep Cherry Bomb in the purse and re-apply after eating and drinking.

  • Anonymous

    How did you apply this Lippie? I see a lipgloss wand. Do you carry that around to apply your lipsticks?

  • Stacy

    Awww, Kentucky – tear**, someone does think about us. LOL!!! That looks so good on you, but I'm sooooo scurred of red. I do have a red Tarte lipgloss that I was brave enough to wear out of the house once. It has yet to make another appearance. I'll rock blue, green, purple, orange and yes even RED on my lids, but the lips, ummmmm, not so much.

  • "B" Beautiful

    Awesome…love red lips. Coincidentally, I rocked my Loreal's Cherry Freeze today with my MAC Currant Lip Liner…to work at that. Typically I go for nudes to work but today I just felt like it:) So I did! (Red lips are so liberating!)

    BTW….huge fan of all your work!

  • "B" Beautiful

    Awesome…I just love red lips. Coincidentally, I rocked my Loreal's Cherry Freeze lipstick today with MAC's Currant Lip Liner…to work at that! I have a very conservative job and usually go for nudes, but today I felt like red…so I did. Red lipstick can be so liberating!

    BTW…I have been following your blogs, YT, and FB fan page 4 ever but never commented. I am a HUGE fan…what an awesome spirit you have.

    Keep up the great work!

  • Felicia

    YOU ARE SO-O-O-O-O MUCH FUN!!!!! I'm sold !! It looks good on you!! Can you suggest a lipliner for "da bomb?" While you're tossing out lipstick during the tour, we want to have our liner ready!! Love your blog!!

  • B

    Anon—> Yep, I was touching it up with Maybelline's Platinum Pink. It gave it a glossy effect without changing the color TOO much.

    Stacy–> Kentucky rocks! I've only been once but can't say anything about it. :) Red lips takes some time and my job is not done until I make you feel confident about wearing a red lip. Bwahahaaa!

    B Beautiful—> Yay for wearing red lips to work! I usually wear neutrals to work too but every now and then I HAVE to wear some red. :) And thank you so much for all of the love. I really appreciate it. Clumps is my baby!

    Felicia—> Thaaaanks!! Milani has a lipliner called Bonfire that I absolutely LOVE!

  • Lisa

    You are right…Cherry Bomb is the bomb! I'm inspired! I've been trying to rock a Clumps-inspired red lip but my girls assure me I'm still safely in the bronzey browns. I'm off to try Cherry Bomb or one of the other Cover Girl lipsticks. If B and Queen Latifah can do it, so can I!!!

    Wait a minute…Queen's always rocking neutral lips. What's up with that Cover Girl?

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