Travel Beauty: RCA Home Charging Station

Veteran Clumps readers know that I love to travel. Whether it be up and down Florida’s highways, to New York City, quaint cities like Savannah, Georgia or the Bahamas, I am always movin’ around.

And I’m not one of those people who can leave all of their gadgets behind either. When I travel, I take…

-My cell phone (of course)
-My iPod
-My camera
-My Flip camera

….and all of those kids need to be charged up. So what’s a girl to do?


The RCA Home Charging Station is a travelin’ gals best friend. No more fighting with my sisters over 2 of the 4 outlets in a hotel room. I can charge everything up in one spot.

Granted, I could stand to consolidate. I don’t really have to take my iPod since both my MacBook and phone have music on it. And I don’t have to take my Flip since both my phone and camera can shoot video. And I don’t have to take my MacBook since I can use the internet on my phone, but what can I say? I’m a tech geek that loves options.

The only thing I’m not digging about the station is that it takes up an entire outlet. Which, I suppose makes sense. If it’s going to be charging 5 gadgets, it needs as much energy as possible. Since I try to be energy conscious, I only pull this out once a day on my trip. I charge everything up and then unplug it and keep on truckin’. And of course it can work beautifully in the kitchen or at work but I find it most useful for when I travel.

You can snag it anywhere electronics are sold. has it listed for $23.76 but I spy a listing for it at for $17.54. Score! Get more deeds about the kid here.

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  • TamikaG

    love it! I fee like I NEED this in my life! Thanks for sharing Brit!

  • Cocoakeke hubby is gonna go berzerk when he sees this. He's the king of gadgets.