Acne Sucks: Alba Botanica Natural ACNEdote Deep Pore Wash

Welp…it looks like I’m having another one. And it’s bad. I’m assuming it’s just my skin wanting to attack me for whatever reason. I’ve been drinking my daily 64 oz of water and taking my daily vitamins. Then again, my dermatologist has prescribed me a new cream and perhaps my skin is having a reaction to that.

So I stopped using it and switched over to Alba Botanica’s Natural ACNEdote Deep Pore Wash.

An all natural acne cleanser? So up my alley!
It’s not every day that you’ll run into an acne cleanser that DOES NOT contain harsh ingredients. Which is kinda loco because if your face is already breaking out like mad, the last thing you need are unnecessary and super harsh ingredients. Especially if your skin is sensitive.

But leave it to Alba Botanica to change the game. Please oh please, darlings…tell me you’re familiar with this brand. If you’re like me, you may have passed them by in Whole Foods or your favorite health food store. But girlfriend, the next time you are mindlessly shopping, check them out!

My skin has been absolutely loving the wash. Check out what it does NOT have.

The fact that it doesn’t have any artificial fragrances has me dancin’ in the streets. Since it contains willow bark extract, (which is a natural source of Salicylic Acid) it has a natural and earthy smell that I find pleasant and not too overwhelming.

It also contains lemon balm and parsley extracts. Those kiddos act as natural oil blotters…which, I love! So yep…to my sista girls with oily skin, this wash may be up your alley as it cleanses your skin thoroughly but doesn’t over-strip it. It’s like the perfect balance. Yin and yang, homies.

I’m also digging the consistency of the wash. It reminds me of castile soap in that it feels water-based. But it doesn’t have the richest lather. Which definitely isn’t a flaw in my book.

Has this dramatically changed my skin and cleared up my acne over night? Nope. But then again, what does? When you suffer from acne, you know you have to be patient. Has it kept the oily pores at bay while thoroughly cleansing my skin to prevent more pimples? Yeppers! And for that I will forever love and shout to the rooftops about the awesomemess of this cleanser.

And it’s only $9.95 for a 6 oz bottle. Not bad at ‘tal. The ACNEdote line also has a scrub, moisturizer, gel and astringent. I am so on it.

Any Alba Botanica fans? The lip balms look dreamy. I think I’ll scoop one up the next time I’m in Whole Foods attempting to say no to the vegan chocolate chip cookies.

Which, by the way, I always fail at. Womp!

Peace, love and healthy skin!

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  • Ethnic Cosmetics

    Hey Lady-

    This sounds like a good one. Thanks for sharing. I'm going to have to try it for myself. It would be a good compliment for the customers of my Blended Naturals line.


    • Corey

      I really wish I had taken a “before” picture of my skin before using alba, bc I would have definitely shown lots of people!! I have NEVER seen this much improvement in my skin from any other product, including acutane!! I’ve had terrible acne since high school, and I’ve tried proactive 3 times, berts bees, neutrogena, clearasil, topical acne creams, you name it. Since the very first day I used alba, I have woken up each morning looking better EVERY day! I am pale with very big, red scars, and not only do I wake up with maybe one pimple a day (as opposed to about 15), but my scars get smaller evey day and I can now go out without makeup!!!!!! This facewash has literally changed my life.

      • maile

        I too can say the exact same thing as you have about the alba botanical ACNEdote complete line of skincare…. I have not been on accutane however, i was seriously considering dumping my money into it just a month before giving this face wash a go. The next week I went back and picked up the entire collection, the moisturizer, the toner, and spot gel. I was using an exhausting and ritualistic skincare line called Mario Badescu, and I swear it was just making my skin do nothing and may have even made it worse! I suppose all one has to do is compare the ingredient lists of the brands and its obvious the chemicals and parabens and everything else that shouldnt be going on my ultra sensitive skin was in the Mario line…. FAIL!
        I have had the worst skin ever in just this year, from lack of sleep and using crap products apparently as well… I had major hard deep perpetually reforming cystic whiteheads an acne along my jawline and under my chin near neck and along the ear area for about 7 months and within 10 days literally the Alba has diminished it all. I am in disbelief and feel so greatful for something so simple to come along and change my life as well… I think I may write the company and tell them how amazing it is to wake up with clearer more refined skin seriously every day i keep using their products. I cant complain not even a bit, maybe some drying around the t zone but that is from over oily skin i have that the products are doing their job and nothing the moisturizer cant help supplement the right ammount of needed balance.
        Insane how good this stuff is…

  • Cooki

    I am going to Whole Foods TODAY! I hope this will be a lifesaver. Thank you so much for sharing.

  • Laura

    the best way to get rid of the acne is to do a hormones treatment with pills. no birthcontrol.. but a real treatment. kisses! (selfexperience)

    • Joy

      I’m considering testing my hormones and going of b-control and trying the non hormonal IUD as a other form of b-control to see if that would rid my acne to. I’ve tried just about everything, Accutane, b-control to help with acne, organic acne treatments, staying away from foods that cause acne, exercising. Acne Does Suck.

  • Charlotte

    I love how you write the way I'm sure talk, it's like having a great little conversation everytime I read your blog!

    Thanks for the tip!

    Any more acne busting favorites!?

  • B

    Awww, thanks Charlotte. That's my journalistic style. :) Check the Acne Sucks tab on the main page. I've got a whole series about acne!

  • Kristi Oliveira

    I just bought the line today in Wal-Mart! Who knew!!

  • Thanks so much! I am a Licensed Aesthetician and although I use physician strength products, I also use a natural line as well. I was doing my homework on this acne line and your review of this facial wash has been quite helpful. My clients will be happy:)

  • jordan

    i actually bought this product a few days ago, along with the astringent and face lotion and im amazed. this is the best my skin has ever looked :)

    • Brittany

      That’s wonderful! I definitely want to try the lotion.

  • Derrick

    Hey Brittany:

    I love alba, i’ve tired some of their other products and work great, and I swear by their coconut lip balm its awesome. I just ordered there acnedote treatment online and I cant wait to see how it works. I ordered it from and only paid $7.00 a bottle which is a lot cheaper compared to the $10.00 you pay for elsewere.

    • Brittany

      Ohhh, thanks for a heads up.

  • I love Alba! Ive been using their Acnedote lotion and it really did wonders on my acne prone skin. I thought to myself what took me so long to find this amazing product I would have spared myself from all that stress trying and trying products that only worked ‘overnight’. I definitely recommend Alba to anyone who has oily and acne prone skin.

  • Christie

    Hello. I have been using the scrub mostly for the past maybe 4 months, I recently started using the wash and moisturizer. I must say I still get my breakouts. I’ve discovered my acne is obviously hormonal and haven’t found a total cure. But I must say, I have suffered from very dry/combo & sensitive skin over the years and this doesn’t. Dry or damage my skin at all! I love the scrub because its very fine almost like sand and you get a huge bottle for your money. It leaves my skin very soft. And the cleanser is very gentle. The lotion is a “no shine” formula and works pretty well! They all smell great! Almost citrusy! I also use aveeno skin calming daily moisturizer which I LOVE and I use dickinsons witch hazel as a toner. I’m looking into a good night cream and eye cream! But I would definitely reccomend the alba line. SO affordable and you will see results in the overall balance of your skin! Goodluck!

    • maile

      the lotion says to use overnight as well, so i do, and i think that helps the healing process…. i do however wake up looking like super oily… i dont know if its purging oils out or what, either way i have had the best skin so far of my life from using the whole line for a month now… i too am looking for an eye cream that is natural and effective for dryness and not gona interfere with the alba products and my skins clearing…

      • RCR

        I would suggest trying Burt’s Bees Radiance Eye Cream. It can be found in some drugstores but I bought mine direct from Burt’s Bees website. I reviewed it in my blog here —> (just a small blog, no where near as big as this one lol.) The eye cream is really moisturizing and has mica in it so it makes your eyes appear brighter, and it smells really good for some reason lol. Brittany, I really like your blogs and videos on youtube, there very informative and funny. I found myself laughing a few times at some of the things you said. I liked that you put the mascara on in the videos too. It makes it so much easier to judge for ourselves how the mascara works. Keep up the good work!
        -Random consumer reviews

  • LuBellaCoils

    Hey Clumps of Mascara! I’m glad you found something to help with the acne. I had adult acne. Can you believe that lol? Anyway, it wasn’t until last October that I found my solution. Good ole Apple Cider Vinegar. I did a video on it and several ppl have contacted me telling me it’s working for them. If you find you’re still having problems check out my video. I think it’s titled, “Updated Skin Care Regimen” on my LuBellaCoils YT channel.

    • Brittany

      I use ACV on my hair but never thought to use it on my face. I’ll give it a try. Thanks!

  • Sadface

    This totally did NOT work for me. I have used a Proactive knock-off for about six years. I really wanted to get off the benzoyl peroxide and use something natural and eco-friendly.
    I gave the entire Alba AcneDote line a try using the scrub, astringent, and lotion.
    After almost two months I have an enormous blind pimple on my chin and two other smaller pimples that started out as white heads and got out of control.
    I am very upset and have gone back to my ProActive knock-off. :(
    The smaller pimples are clearing up now after a few days of the benzoyl peroxide. I guess that’s the only thing that can keep me clear.

  • Chloe B

    I just got this at Raley’s (a grocery store, in case you weren’t familiar) in the Natural Foods section (there’s ALLLL kinds of natural stuff) and when I came across it, I remembered you raving about it, and snapped it up! It works REALLY well. I got the cleanser, toner, and the gel. They work amazingly in tandem. I love it!!

  • Joe J

    How frustrating to be in your 40s and still fighting oily skin and breakouts! (Though oily skin does keep wrinkles at bay!) Like many women, I’ve bounced around from one cleansing product to another, trying to find one that deals with oiliness and breakouts without stripping the skin completely and leaving you feel dried out. Shielo’s Complexion Scrub cleans the face well with a gently-foaming gel (it doesn’t take much product), and the skin feels fresh and balanced afterward — not tight and dry. I’ve used it for a month now, and I’m getting good results. And the product is sold at a fair price. I had to buy online at Shielo’s website, since my local store does not stock it. But its worth it – its the only thing that helps with my acne!

  • Therese

    I’ve started using Alba Acne-Dote products since December, and I cannot emphasize enough how much I enjoy using the product AND saving money which I spend for Dermalogica products. Acne-Dote has also simplified my skin care routine, made me use less products, and look happier and younger in the process.

    Cheers to you, girl!

  • Nelly

    So, reading these comments, Im thinking, well, I gotta bk to the whole foods store and pick up a bottle to give it a try cos I was there tdy and actually saw the ALBA product, but did not think much of it since I am on prescription topical gels for my bad breakouts. Really hope it works cos I am yet to see any improvement since I started this new regimen for abt 3 wks now :(

  • Bri S

    I realize everyone’s skin reacts differently, but Citrus Clear has worked wonders for me after only using it twice. It does leave my skin a little dry, but I expected that. Now I can’t even see my pores in my lighted 10x magnification mirror, and Citrus Clear has greatly reduced the slight redness I had around my nose and on my chin.