FOTD Friday: Super bright lip and freeze pops

A few days ago someone asked me what my favorite color was. Are you kidding me? How…in this world full of beautiful colors can you choose one to be your favorite?

Green is remarkable. Yellow is stunning. Blue, brown, black, silver, fuchsia, turquoise, magenta, periwinkle, cream and chartreuse are just gorgeous. And I have to choose just one as my favorite? It’s so not happening.

My fascination with color was the inspiration behind this look. Well, that and me trying to be a copycat and do a lip like Selita’s. Hers appears to be a little darker than mine. But I did *pops collar* what I could.

Whatcha think?

As always, I started the look out with grooming my brows and priming the lids. Even if I don’t intend on wearing eye shadow, I still like to out a neutral base on my lids if I’m going to wear liner on the lower lash line.

I didn’t feel like wearing eye shadow so I opted for a pop of color on the waterline and a cat eye.

I am alllll over felt tip eye liners now. I am finally getting the hang of them. Sometimes. I mean some days I screw up royally and then others…flaw freakin’ less.

I used MAC’s Girl About Town lipstick and Make Up For Ever’s glossy full couleur in Violet.

I’ve had that gloss for a while and while it’s a bit pricey ($19…dayum), I LOVE it. It smells good, lasts forever and gives my lipstick an extra POP without streaking. And it’s long lasting!

And bam….

Uh? Wha? Brown girls can’t wear what? Uh?

It’s been “No Nail Polish Week” in my hood.

It’s been nice rocking the natural nails. And don’t act like you’ve never had a freeze pop before. They are full of sugar but ridiculously refreshing. Takes me back to summers in Miami!

My skin is finally calming down. I’ll post ugly breakout posts soon. You know you care. :) Off I go, ladybugs! Enjoy your weekend!

Peace homies,
  • Askmewhats

    Girl! You rock the super bright lips for sure and I love your eyeliner!!! The blue one is gorgeous!

  • ~tHiAmErE~

    you look good in bright colors,hun!

    it gives you a very nice glow!^_^

  • Adrienne

    Go on girl!! Look at you rocking such beautiful colors. You give me such inspiration to be more daring with my makeup.

  • princessvalecia

    cute as always!

  • gio

    You look gorgeous! Love the lip color, it's so bright!

  • SweetsQueen

    Wow. That looks great. You did it right!

  • Jamila

    Sick! Just beautimous darlin'! Your locs are lovely!

  • Ethnic Cosmetics – Michelle

    LOLOL! you are hillarious Britt. And Yes I rock the freezer pops. Still! The kids love 'em and so do I.

    Right next to freezer pops is ice cream sandwiches. Yes!


  • Lele

    So gorgeous. It's all your fault I only planned to buy Girl About Town then before I knew it…a palette and four shadows jumped into my shopping bag. I wish I wasn't such a shopaholic.

    • Brittany

      Hahahaaaaa! It ain’t my fault. But let me know what kind of looks you come up with. :)

  • Carmen Y

    Awww Britt…you're a beauty :-)

  • Martha

    I *LOVE* that blue liner on the bottom! I did a trial run of it to see how it'd look on me and I ended up doing a whole blue eye look and now I'm plotting and scheming to find a place to wear it! I blame this on you 😛

  • Kym

    BBBEEEEEAAAAUUUTIFULLLLLLL Ma'am!!!!! U r working this Look!

  • Kym

    BBBEEEEEAAAAUUUTIFULLLLLLL Ma'am!!!!! U r working this Look!

  • Janie

    I love this look. Not much make up and a simple look. I'm looking for a stable, felt tip eye liners, and what you have used in this tutorial seems like a great one. May I ask what brand this felt tip eye liner is? Thank you!

    • Brittany

      I used Stila’s felt tip liner. NYX has great one as well.

  • Yaaaay! I can comment. It actually looks better than Selita’s because yours looks more glossier.

    • Brittany

      Yep! I’m finally over at WordPress. And beyond lost. Hahahaaaa!

  • I like this look, the blue and the pink compliment each other in a bright hue way.

    Yess for brown girls and bright colours, they look so rich and beautiful on our skin


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