FOTD Friday: Vegan make-up and Captain Planet

Okay soooo even though this has unofficially been Green Week, don’t you think for one second that I won’t be reviewing and featuring more eco-friendly and green conscious products. It is becoming a way of life for me and I simply HAVE to share everything that I’m learning with you cool cats.

Now don’t hate me for saying it but if you haven’t heard of Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, you’ve been living under a beauty rock. I’ve featured them on Clumps of Mascara before. Remember those polishes I snagged at The Makeup Show NYC? Yeah giiiirl…. I’ve been giving their pigments a whirl and oh oh oh oh oh ohmigosh. I actually hate that Usher song but it was so appropriate right now.

Pretty, uh? Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics is 100% vegan and PETA-approved. Ah-mazing!
Although I only used 3 of the shadows, I just had to show you swatches of all 5.

They are vibrant and just stunning. No ashy-ness here, brown girls! I started off with Ginger as my base colors.

And since I was feeling a little extra,  popped Nori in my outer-V.

When I think of orange and green, I think of the FAMU Rattlers, one of the finest HBCUs (historically black college and university) in the country. Nope, I didn’t go there but I grew up in Tallahassee, Florida where the Rattlers and FSU Seminoles (boooo!) run the entire city.

I lined up eyes with Physician Formula’s gel creamLiners. LOVE those. They are paraben-free and will replace my MAC fluidlines. Bye bye MAC. And then there is Lorac’s 3D lip gloss in. Remember that time I featured on of the shades here? I really love these green glosses. Free of synthetic ingredients and great staying power? Yes ma’am!

I donned my cheeks with Tarte’s Hotel Heiress.

Yep, I ended up purchasing it and LOVE it. That will definitely be replacing MAC’s Sweet As Cocoa. Sorry MAC. Don’t take it personal, kid. Yay for orange and green lids!

 And it still looked good after a sweaty work-out.

Super impressed! You can grab the loose colour concentrates for $10 for a 2.5g jar. And I will definitely be reviewing the Physician Formula’s gel creamLiners. Nail polish of the week is Zoya’s Kelly.

Who remembers Captain Planet? *nostalgic sigh* Those were the days.

Off I go for a super long weekend. I’ll be volunteering and hanging out at the Tom Joyner Family Reunion at the Gaylord Palms. And  I may hit the beach. Enjoy your Labor Day, U.S. of A kids.

Love yooooou,
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  • Joanne_

    Goooo Noles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love being a Seminole! :>)

  • Cocoakeke

    Great post Brit! Can't wait for the PF gel liner review, I'm hoping that they have great staying power.

    Capt. Planet's cartoon used to be a Saturday staple in my house. Along with the Smurfs, He-Man, and other faves. That's when I first realized that Whoopi G had such a signature voice…remember she did Gaia (Mother Earth)?

    Love your blog!

  • L. Michelle

    Oooooh I am loving that Nori color!! I need you to come to Texas and give me a make up session…no really. LOL

    Have a great weekend!

  • NotUrSister

    you coulda played the captain planet theme song and can you bring that Lorac lipgloss home so i can have it…and whats with the Miami colors you are from Tallahassee i am with Joanne GOOO NOLES….ummm thats it


  • B

    Joanne_—> I guess if I went there, I'd have team spirit too but I didn't so boooooo noles. 😉

    Cocoakeke—> They really really do. I'm wearing the purple one today and absolutely love it. I'm going to see how they work as bases too. Whoooa, I didn't know Whoopi did Gaia's voice. Fo realllls?

    L.Michelle—> Let's see, I'm booked this month but next month I am completely free. LOL, don't play…I'll book a flight in a minute. :)

    The Annoying Sister—> So sit down somewhere. You soooo ain't havin' that gloss. Well, I'll think about it. You'll have to get me a new Hello Kitty pillow though. Let's see how many games the Noles actually win this season. Hahahaaaa!!

  • Mona

    thank you sooo much for this review. i'm in the process of finding green makeup & your review helps a great deal. enjoy your holiday weekend =)

  • Askmewhats

    Such wonderful colors and very pigmented!Happy weekend B!

  • Anonymous


    I saw this eco-friendly nail polish remover, and thought of your Green Week. It's called "PeaceKeeper's Eco-Easy" and it uses sugar beets, rosemary, and spearmint. I just read about it, and I thought you might take a look at it. The profits are donated to women's health advocacy and human rights organizations. Maybe if you get a chance, you could look into it?


    PS: Love your site, and your e-personality. Stay fly!

  • Trisha

    Holy moly! I didn't expect those swatches of the eyeshadow to be so awesome. Pigmentation like crazy! I want them.

  • airbrushmakeup

    It's a big help, I am invited to go to a wedding and the color is blue. Heroic eye shadow is perfect for the occasion.

  • Michelle – Ethnic Cosmetics

    Your eyes look fabulous! And I'm feeling all of those colors except the Heroic. That one is too blue for me but I would be interested to see the Ginger and Nori blended.

    I started buying natural mineral makeup from a company Style Essentials. I have a ton of new colors so I'm going to do some experimenting myself! How does Green Apple sound?


  • Expanding Beauty

    Lovin' the green cosmetics review!!!! I'm on the hunt for a great green mascara, currently I'm using physician's formula which is alright for an everyday oomph but not quite there when I'm going for more drama, I had to let go of my l'oreal voluminous, they test on animals:( so if you find one please let us know!

  • Miss Yaya

    J and I do the intro to captain planet now and again… don't judge lol