Giveaway! $150 in Maybelline goodies!

Last night I totally teased the Clumps Facebook page with this giveaway. If you ever want to know what Clumps has going on BEFORE it actually hits the dot com, the Facebook page would be the way to go. And we’re just mega silly over there. The other day we were reppin’ our favorite football teams. Because you know…sports and beauty CAN mix.

Okay, I’ll quit stalling. In honor of this season’s Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Maybelline is giving one Clumps of Mascara reader the following…

 The FALSIES by Volum’ Express Mascara, which I reviewed here.

Aaaaand….The Eye Studio Collection, Color Plush Silk Eyeshadows, Color Pearls Marbleized Eyeshadows, Color Gleam Shadow, The Pearls by Color Sensational Lipstick and Lip Gloss

The entire prize pack retails at $150. Whoa momma! Here’s how you can win it…

Leave a comment telling me one of your hobbies
 AND your email address in THIS POST ONLY. Do you sew,
play the sax, swim, read, volunteer? Tell me! Do not 
forget to include your email address!

Zee Rules:
-For U.S. residents only
-Contest ends  Thursday, September 30, 2010 at 12:00 pm EST
-Have you won a giveaway within the past 6 months? Give someone else a chance, homie. 
-Winner will be selected at random
-Family members/personal friends of B are not eligible
-In the event that a winner does not respond in 3 days, another person will be selected

 If you have any questions, email me at Good luck!

  • Pascha

    Hobby: Scrapbooking.

  • Redbonegirl97

    My hobby is baking cupcakes. Tangerine is the fav.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  • LolaKinkz

    My biggest hobby is reading. I read everything fiction, nonfiction scifi romance I cant get enough lol.

  • Anonymous

    Hey B! One of my favorite hobbies is writing! I have been slacking on it major, cheating with fashion! Want to merge the two! But I love to write poems, short stores, journal, rant, etc! I wonder how I can merge the two together! What do you think? Oh my e-mail is :! This is an awesome contest!

  • Anonymous

    sadly, my hobbies is shopping for shoes. i love shoes, shoes are my friends.

  • sunyblack

    My hobby, at the moment, is interior design. I am completely redocorating my home and I've actually discovered that I looooooove it! I was never the domestic type, but now, I'm all about home decor, appliances, and accessories, all for my home.


  • Anetra Gibbs

    My hobbies are Graphic Design and baking. I love creating eye-catching logos and baking and coming up with delicious cupcake flavors!


  • Rachel

    I love Maybelline! My favorite mascara brand! I love to do DIY projects… refinishing random furniture, creating a jewelry stand out of a mannequin head… whatever strikes me as fun, cheap, and easy!

  • Kriss Daniels

    Hi dear…
    Hehehehehe this is Kriss from facebook ..teasing you lastnight about this giveaway…about when and what….LOL So here I am ..
    My favorite hobbies are cross stiching..which I love to do especially for family and friends during the holidays,making jewelry like earrings and braclets and such…I also do that for holidays alot for people as well as for self. But I just love to give to people and make them makes me happy to make them happy.
    I am also now starting just recently getting into this Konading stamping nail art. That is so much fun. I love girly stuff. I wish I had a daughter to do those things with..I have sons. They wouldn't like it if I put nailpolish on them LOL .
    Anyways…those are my most favorite hobbies as of now.
    My email address is :

    Would love to win this! Thank you for the chance.

  • Archivist2008(Cheryl)

    I was taught to crochet at age 9 by my mother. During this time it was a way to keep my sisters and I out of trouble and with 5 children and a single parent my Mom could not afford alot of recreation for us. My mom taught me the basics and I would then go to the library near my home borrow crochet books and further learned. I made items for relatives and classmates. Today I am the owner of Purple Butterfly Crochet Collection, taking my hobby & passion to the business level. (Hope that you will visit me, busy getting Fall/Winter items on deck).
    THank you!

  • Archivist2008(Cheryl)

    I was taught to crochet at age 9 by my mother. During this time it was a way to keep my sisters and I out of trouble and with 5 children and a single parent my Mom could not afford alot of recreation for us. My mom taught me the basics and I would then go to the library near my home borrow crochet books and further learned. I made items for relatives and classmates. Today I am the owner of Purple Butterfly Crochet Collection, taking my hobby & passion to the business level. (Hope that you will visit me, busy getting Fall/Winter items on deck).
    THank you!

  • cyn

    My volunteers are volunteering, blog reading, and watching tv re-runs!

    My email is

  • ambellina

    I love to read anything! I also consider painting my nails a hobby :)

    thanks so much, have you tried the maybelline fashion week nail polishes? Grand in green totally rocks

  • Jessica

    Hobbies! Ha, in my free time, I like to sleep! And play w/ my camera, so I guess you could count that! :)

  • Anonymous

    I play volleyball.

  • Kriss Daniels

    Omg..I can not believe I left out one of my favorite hobbies…
    Baking and cake decorating. I took a couple classes for it and just love it. I made a couple cool cakes for my kids bday's and I think I have pics of them on my fb page too in my photos if you want to see them.

  • DistantDreamer

    Hmm, Hobbies… painting my nails, reading, photography, and music.

  • antithesis

    playing in makeup, of course

  • LaToya

    hobby….hmmmm….participating on message boards…reading blogs…stalking fotkis…and tweeting. LOL

  • Andrea

    My hobbies are scrapbooking and crafting.

  • Kristin Cameron

    I like to do artistic things, like paint, draw, sculpt, etc. I also like to make hemp jewelry.

  • Sarah

    My hobby is crocheting. It makes me feel like a little old lady, but I love it!

  • Amanda

    Wow, awesome giveaway!

    My most interesting hobby is working as a crew member for a hot air balloon pilot. Lots of fun!

  • Kizzy

    I love to read! I just got a Kindle, so I'm super excited!

    onlineKizzy at

  • Anonymous

    My hobby is photography!


  • Imani

    Hi B! One of my favorite hobbies is blog stalking 😛

    Does that count as a hobby? I love reading interesting blogs. Whether they be about nail polish, hair, or politics– I like them all and I try to read them every day.

  • Brittany

    I enjoy reading and keeping up with media and pop culture.

  • auroragyps

    My favorite hobby, that I haven't done in years, is playing RPG's like Dungeons & Dragons. I'm talking about the original pen & paper tabletop games, not video games. I played off & on for about 265 years, but sadly, since I moved I haven't been able to find a new group to play with, but I hope to find one eventually.

  • NewRibena

    Reading, sewing, crocheting are my favorite hobbies.

  • Anonymous

    Hi there Mz B. 😀

    I'm a crafter at heart and when I want to unwind it's more a matter of whatever I can grab first.
    Needlepoint, bookbinding, needlefelting, polymer sculpting, crochet, dripping paint and ink everywhere, calligraphy…

    Fun stuff!

    Other than that, I also indulge in collecting recipes.


    I also indulge in

  • Alice
  • Token-Black-Girl

    My Hobbies are running half marathons, cooking, and painting.

    Thanks for all your awesome giveaways!

  • Tara

    I LOVE to read…and play tennis.

    tarajeannerat (AT) gmail (DOT) com

  • JazzaBelleTress

    Well since I've been unemployed I've found that I really do enjoy volunteering! I know it sounds corny but I have been active in organizations that encourage positive self-esteem within black girls. If I could find a handsome, good, wealthy man to wife me up I would do this full-time lol

  • hellosarah

    i do aerial yoga

  • Shelly

    My hobby is baking. I love to find new recipes and tweak them to my liking then surprising my co-workers with a treat the next day.


  • Kayla

    One hobby of mine is shopping and putting outfits together for myself and my friends. It's just so fun to go out to the mall and bring home new clothes with my friends! Retail therapy legit works ;D

  • BrooklynShoeBabe

    rakisha dot white at gmail dot com

    My hobby is answering surveys. I'm a sucker for earning points for gift cards. It has come in very handy. Before I had children, I used to scrap book but most of the arts and crafts I do now involve my two young ones. I also enjoy reading, blogging, and long walks on the beach. lol. (I threw that in because I was beginning to sound like a want ad.)

  • Sharontina Brightman

    Hey name is Sharontina Brightman…I have MANY hobbies so I'll tell you a few of my favorites.This one is weird..but I consider it a hobby,I LOVE to network!..especially through social media platforms because it gives you access to so many people that share common interests!I also love to sew!!I started when I was about 13 and I even made my jr prom dress:).I also draw,I love to do portraits of people who inspire me.I just love to learn and try new things so it ulimately adds hobbies onto the list! email is .If anyone shares any of the same hobbies as I do,feel free to contact me so we can talk about how much we enjoy them!…see..there goes that networking thing again ;)..Have a blessed day everyone!Xo..

  • Anonymous

    Is sleeping considered a hobby?

  • cynthia

    Nothing better for me than reading and baking, preferably at the same time.

  • Reiko

    I'm a competitive swimmer :)
    lisa (dot) hesterberg (at) gmail (dot) com

  • Kandiee

    My favorite hobby is re-making old recipes, so cooking.

    twitter: @KandieeCurls

  • InsideOut Elle


    My more prosaic hobbies are reading and working on my "book-that-will-probably-never-see-the-light-of-day." And of course blogstalking and fiddling with makeup 😉 But my most enduring hobby has to be decorating dollhouses ^_^ The real kind, not Barbie dollhouses. Yeah…nothing like cutting square molding that's only 5cm in in width on a bright saturday morning xD

  • InsideOut Elle

    oh crap….my email is

  • Katrina

    My hobby is singing and shopping. And I can do both at the same time :-)

  • natasha1821

    I'm learning to play tennis (great workout) so that's been a recent hobby of mine.

    Name: Natalie

  • Briana

    My absolute FAVORITE hobbie is creating accessories! I love handcrafting scarves, braclets and earrings. I am a stay-at-home mom of two and creating is my release!

  • Anonymous

    My favorite hobby is listening to music =)

  • Nicole

    Besides makeup & blogging…I love to scrapbook and bake!

  • Jessie Lynn

    I am super into reading! Love it.

    Stay fabulous!

  • Katrina

    I cant believe I forgot to put in my email address. Its not fun being old :-)

    My hobby is singing and shopping. And I can do both at the same time :-)

  • Anonymous

    My hobby is playing bass.

  • CY♥

    my hobbies include blogging, reading, & baking!

  • Carmesha

    My hobbies are reading, watching movies, watching home improvement show, & blogging!

  • Nicole

    Besides blogging and coaching cheerleading/basketball…I my new hobby is running!

  • Jeweled Chavon

    I'm a hobbyist jewelry designer who turned it into a small start-up business!!

    Thanks for such a FAB chance to win!!

  • Megan

    My hobbies include dancing, singing, and reading :-)


  • Kae

    I am such a nerd, I love playing StarCraft 2!

  • Niika

    my hobby is swimming, i love to go to the beach =]


  • Crystalyn

    My favorite hobby is choreographing and dancing hula. Been at it for 20 years :) It's definitely a great part of my heritage.

  • L. Michelle

    I absolutely love to read!!! That has been my hobby for the past 20 years! LOL

  • _____________________

    My favorite hobby is playing the piano.

  • Chi Princesa

    I love to sew!

    cookie74 at msn dot com

  • Mocha Mish Mash

    I like to read and make jewelry.

    Fabulous giveway!!

  • Perla

    Myh Current Hobbies Are Learning To Play Th Guitar, Learning To Sew, Cooking (I Need To Get Better, and I Am Also learning To Do Others Make-up.

  • Anonymous

    I loove reading, writing and music!


  • Anonymous

    Ice skating and knitting.

  • CutieCakes

    As of recently, my favorite hobby is reading. Books from picture books to novels can be so exciting!!!!

    E-mail address:

  • alliev

    ahh dance, ballet specifically =)

    looove you <3

  • Nancy

    Hobby: Horseback riding and knitting

  • Vanessa

    I love to play the piano. It's so incredibly relaxing. But, since there isn't a piano in the dorm, I have to resort to my second favorite hobby, reading!, during my free time. Not that I'm complaining…too much. Hehe. 😀

  • L33

    My hobby is making crochet earrings and scarves

  • Jess Z.

    My hobbies are baking, reading, & helping my friends find their inner divas through make up

  • ashley

    One of my hobbies is art. Painting, drawing, even coloring or doodling are such a great way to release some creative energy and stress. And it's just like makeup but on paper! 😀

    B- you always have the best giveaways!!! Please enter me 😀


  • Steph

    One of my hobbies is window shopping! Unfortunately I'm a super cheapie, but I love going to stores and looking. :)

    My email is:

    Thanks for this giveaway!

  • Richard Larson Family

    Love your blog! My hobby is sewing and crafts. skechy84(at)hotmail(dot)com

  • Mai

    I love to dance, ballet, jazz, lyrical, whatever but it is any form of dance other than modern 😛

    dancinbluegirl90 at gmail dot com

  • Laurence

    One of my favorite hobbies is baking.

  • Elizabeth D.

    My hobby is buying, collecting, and organizing makeup! =X It's seriously my number one addiction! Does this count as a hobby?! Because it's the only thing I can think of that I truly enjoy.

  • Anonymous

    I like to workout, read, and go shopping.

  • Christine

    I'm a theatre actor! I love acting! Granted, I have been without it for a while since I started college… :(

  • Sarah@Glossicious

    hobby , dont have many but i love to cook , i love to apply makeup and take my own photographs, and trust me my camera loves me. I love to day dream and then work hard to make those dreams come true. :)
    hubby bought a farm land in KY and now my new hobby is watch HDTV all day to get ideas about how to get our farm house build :)

  • PhreakPhantasia

    My hobby is sewing! I love to make stuff for my daughter, my neice, myself, and the autistic kids that I work with.


  • Samantha

    My hobby is doing makeup. Because I work for state government, my job is pretty stuffy so doing other peoples makeup for fun is my stress releif

  • Mary

    I love to fish. I just got back from a week vacation to Manotak Lodge in Canada where I can fish to my heart's content. My husband couldn't go, so I went by myself. It was wonderful. Big sky, beautiful forests, clear lakes, good food and great people. Ladies – never be afraid to have an adventure by yourself. You are stronger and braver than you think, and you will be rewarded!

    mbminx AT gmail DOT com

  • meeyeehere

    I do a little sewing,I make scrabble tile pendants,I scrap book.I go running which is not exactly a hobby but it feels like one.

    Thanks for the chance

  • Ebz

    My favorite hobby is painting my nails!

  • Theresa

    My hobby has always been dancing… ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, EVERYTHING!! I don't get to do it as much as I used to but it's still in me!!

  • Faith

    One of my hobbies is knitting. I love expressing my creativity through the intricate designs and color choices of yarn. It's also relaxing. ^_^

  • Anonymous

    Cool contest!

    My hobby is volunteering I do so at a food pantry, and at church, and I voluntarily take care of my 18month old. :)

    schnelle at

  • Amour

    Aside from doing makeup which is a passion and a hobby I love to write poetry.

  • Rachael

    My favorite hobby is reading, I love to read! I'm in a book club that meets once a month and we all take turns picking a book and a restaurant. Then we meet up at the restaurant for book discussion, dinner, and wine with the girls.
    I look forward to it every month:)

  • Annelise

    My hobby is collecting bouncy balls. Yes. Oh and I guess I like working out and running a bit :)


  • Gin

    My hobby is playing video games!

  • Danielle

    My hobby right now is dancing. I was on a salsa performance team for almost a year and now I'm on a bachata dance team. (if you've never heard of bachata, here's a good idea of what i do: it's not ME in the video, but it's a good idea of what i do) I'm hoping to be semi-pro by the end of the year. :)

    danielle . m . leong @ gmail . com

  • Shawnta

    I have several hobbies but one of my absolute favorites is going to museums & to the theater.

    Broadway Across America is the best!
    @SBailey7 – Twitter

  • ArtsyAndi

    I have too many hobbies but my favorite is probably making jewelry. So fun to come up with new patterns… and even more fun that I get to wear them when I'm done!

  • sheridan_amazon

    My hobby is reading. I love to go on a book shopping spree as often as I can. My email box is full of emails from my reading lists and author monthly updates.

  • Angela

    My favorite hobby is reading. I also like to watch the Food Network and other cooking shows. I'm working up my nerve to make cooking recipes I see on TV a new hobby!

  • Ying

    Reading,bakeing,intern,aaa….so many i cant even count~~!!!

  • Vanessa S

    My hobby is making earrings….

  • ChrLvsBks

    My hobbies are spinning, Zumba and creating art using makeup.

  • Anonymous

    my current favorite hobby rite now? hmmmmmm that would probably be nail art! even tho i suck at doing my right hand lol


  • Asia

    Hi B!

    Thank you for sharing an opprotunity for someone to get all this amazing stuff. One of my hobbies is writing. I plan on using it in my career in broadcast journalism. I wish to use it where ever my life may take me :)
    Here is my e-mail address: : )

  • Blessd1980

    My hobby @ the time (it changes often) is reading. I am reading all the time. I only stop to sleep and read blogs, LOL!

  • JessieD

    My favorite hobby is makeup. Faces are my art <3 Retouching comes in a close second.

  • Anonymous

    I sew a bit, but in my free time I like to do creative stuff, paint my nails, cut out letters from magazines to make a note for my friends, etc ^_^

  • dmoni

    My favorite hobby is reading…. I love to read books that are series. My last one was A Vampire Huntress Legend.


  • Gel

    I read and I have a little online shopping obsession. Does that count?

  • Kym

    Hi B…..
    My hobby is cooking and baking. It's also my side hustle.

    Thanks for all you do in the name of beauty!

  • Suri

    I love to read! I don't get to do it as much during the school year (I'm a teacher). But in the summer I read everything I can get my hands on!



    My hobbies are blogging and reading :)

    styleezta at gmail dot com

  • Anonymous

    Hey Gurl,
    Giveaways! W00t!
    My main hobby, aside from reading blogs, is reading actual books, mostly horror/sci-fi.

  • Ciae7

    I love to Dance. I am apart of a dance ministry at my church! Praise him!

  • Ciae7

    I am apart of the Dance ministry at my church! I love to dance its in my blood! Praise Him!

  • Kathleen L

    My hobby is playing field hockey! Or eating food.. :)

  • ekwan1

    My favorite hobbies are shopping, eating, listening to music, and watching tv. Things that are relaxing and stress relieving. :)

  • DLuster

    Hobby: watching old black and white movies


    My hobby is photography. I love the digital medium.


    my hobby is photography. love the digital medium.

  • Alexandra

    Hey my hobbies are watching beauty youtube vids, and baking!

  • Lavendar

    My hobby is definitely reading, but I also love mixing up spa treatments for my skin and hair.

  • Anonymous

    Hmm, my hobby is reading…second hobby is definitely cooking. Email is

  • Applesaucery

    I crochet. : )

    stuffofthatsort [at] rocketmail [dot] com

  • Angela (SparkleMidori)

    My hobby is reading blogs and writing mine.

  • xoxotara

    My hobby? Finding new types of ethnic food to eat.

    xoxotaratara [at] gmail [dot] com.

  • Lily

    My hobby is drawing :)

    My e-mail is lily [at]

  • Lora

    My hobby for the moment is interior design. Not professionally though. As a high school student I've pretty much used the same few things throughout my life but lately my life needs more space so I've been having fun looking up new furniture, etc. to decorate my room with =)

  • Alexandra

    My two lifelong hobbies are reading anything and everything, and writing fiction (I do that mainly for myself, but I occasionally let others read my scribblings). The two, for me, are so intertwined that I cannot mention one without the other.

  • Giselle

    my hobby is photography!

    giselle (

  • Janel

    Hobby: I LOVE to cook.

  • Anonymous

    Hi! Hobby is writing short stories. :)

    Email –

  • Abigail

    My hobby is brushing my teeth! Sounds extremely weird but I LOVE to brush my teeth!

  • Jeanne

    Hi, my hobbies are knitting, drawing, painting and singing. I aspire to busk in the subways of NYC sometime soon.

    My email is

  • Shai

    hobby is crocheting
    shayshay6@gmail dot com

  • MJ

    My hobbies include keeping up with fashion and makeup blogs, reading anything by dead authors, starting beautiful needlework/crochet/knitting projects and then taking years to finish them, and baking cheesecake (which I am told rivals that of a restaurant actually devoted to the stuff…)


  • ti.mitre

    My current hobby is assisting friends in need of shopping advice (i.e. personal shopper). I enjoy not just shopping for myself but others as well and I have a mean eye for a sale and always carry a bunch of coupons, which makes friends all the more eager to let me help them shop.

  • Anonymous

    My favorite hobby is cooking/baking. I'm on food network all the time, finding recipes I want to try!

  • Danielle

    Hi Brit! My hobbies include blogging ( and volunteering for my sorority. I'm an advisor to one of our local chapters and I'm also the president of our local alumnae club. Between that and my full time job, it keeps me really busy :)


  • Anonymous

    I love playing video games and painting.

  • suga

    My hobbies are reading (founded a bookclub, Booktini, where we discuss books over drinks), blogging, and singing in the shower or the car at the top of my lungs lol

  • Jenna

    My hobby is definitely shopping and looking for deals.

    jennabarson at gmail dot com

  • Jasmine Ford

    My hobby is cooking with my mom because i feel like were bonding.

  • Alex

    Hey B.
    My hobby is listening to music <3
    My email is

  • Vickie Riddle

    One of my hobbies is reading. I love to read about new things, it’s so much fun to learn! vickers_73460 at yahoo dot com

  • Jessica

    My hobbies include reading, collecting perfume/nail polish, and taking pictures of things (mainly food) that look like they have faces in them. :D!

  • Vanessa S

    Making earrings, specifically, feather earrings…

  • Tracey Byram

    My hobbies are reading, shopping and attending music festivals.