Mascara Monday: Clinique High Lengths mascara

As we get closer to the 100th mascara, I’ve been trying to crank out the most requested mascaras. Clinique’s High Lengths has been on that list forever. Think it measures up?

Clinique High Lengths mascara
Price: 3 out of 5 ($14)
Packaging (Brush Wand): 5 out of 5
Overall: 3 out of 5

What it claims: 
Stretch limp, lifeless lashes to lengths beyond your wildest expectations. And wow – eyes look noticeably wider, fully energized. Our curved, fine-toothed comb finds the tiniest lashes and brings them out of hiding. Ophthalmologist tested and appropriate for sensitive eyes. (source)
The truth: That wand is the best!
What I loved about it: Check this out…

This wand is absolutely perfect for separating and lengthening. Loves it!
What I didn’t like: I would have liked a little more volume but I was so impressed with the wand that this little flaw didn’t really bug me.
Overall: We all know how much I LOVE mascaras with comb wands. From Maybelline Lash Stylist (RIP) to Rimmel Lash Maxxx, I just adore the separating power that the they provide. High Lengths is no different. If you have wonky go everywhere with no direction kind of lashes (ahem…me), this would be a great mascara for you. If for no other reason than to ‘train’ your lashes. I find that regularly using mascara wands with combs can really get those lashes to act right…with prolonged use, of course.

As far as the formula of the mascara, it’s good. Not good great but good okay. I wish I could have gotten a little more volume but it just wasn’t there. I did get a good amount of length though. But still…not as much as I expected. I think you’ll get more if you wiggle through the lashes and hold before applying each coat.

And as far as coats….2 should suffice with this kid. More will send you straight to Clumps City.

Lashes without mascara
(did not curl lashes)

Lashes with 1 Coat

Lashes with 2 Coats

Mascara from a distance

Some perks about this mascara? It is allergy tested, 100% fragrance free and doesn’t smudge. I mean, at all. Although it did great in the Florida humidity, I would love to see a waterproof version of this mascara. Or even a clear one. Oh the possibilities! 

Would I recommend it?: I do. If for no other reason than the wand’s awesomeness. I think it’ll suit ladies with wonky lashes that need a bit of length and volume just fine.
And lovers of Clinique High Lengths? 

A crazed mascara reviewer,

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  • Nicole

    The wand does like nice, but I can't justify spending $14 on it! It has to do it all for me to spend that much. I'm pretty lucky, I've got pretty nice lashes and most mascara's do the trick. =) Thanks for another mascara review!!

  • sheridan_amazon

    First off I love your mascara reviews B. So informative. As for this Clinique brand I can tell in the pic the potential for a first class ticket to Clump City. It looks like 'okay' results. I doubt it'd drag me from my Lash Blast or L'oreal Voluminous.

  • AJ

    I absolutely love high lengths. until I found the Falsies, it was my go to, even at the price. I found you get even more length if you take the wand up and out, sort of like a U shape when you comb it through your lashes. it gave a lot of length, and showed well against my eyeshadow (my lashes tend to disappear when I doll my eyes up). I would have gladly dropped another $14…that is…until I met a purple tube at Walgreens, and the rest is history. :)

  • Giselle

    i love using this mascara after my regular mascara. but i just use it on the tips for length, and its pretty darn good like that!

  • lydiajoy

    I'm so glad to see you reviewing this mascara. I've been trying to figure out whether or not I want to try this one out, and I'm almost entirely convinced. Thanks!!


  • Anti

    Man this looks interesting. I have about ten kajillion freaking lashes and they fall out constantly (and itch while they do it, too) so I’m really into the lighter formulas right now.
    My main problem is flaking, I blame my retarded eyelashes. What’s the verdict on that?

  • My mother bought this and I tried it out and really enjoyed it! Would totally recommend!